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During the various lockdowns across the world, people were confined to their homes and encourage not to go out and socialise with their friends. It is a saving grace for many then that online cricket betting id was available to fill the void that these restrictions created. Even before Covid struck through the world, online gaming has always been a great way to build and maintain relationships through the shared love of gaming. Ask any gamer in the world and they will undoubtedly have a memorable experience that they have had with friends or even a stranger. Online gaming creates an environment where this kind of interaction is possible, so it is unsurprising why it is popular with so many people. Here are some of the best multiplayer games you can play.

Dominating this list is the blockbuster of the games industry, Grand Theft Auto V. Known to parents as an overly gratuitous, offensive game, the reality is not so different from this view. However, it is that exact quality that makes the game so enjoyable to play, especially with friends. Given that is an open world sandbox, many of the activities that you can do in real life are mimicked in this game. You can even go to the casino with friends, imitating real-life casinos like the ones that can be found here, and play games like blackjack and even participate in horseracing. The pure freedom that Grand Theft Auto offers makes it a must include in this list.

One cannot make talk about the best multiplayer games to play and not mention Call of Duty. Ever since it blew up in 2007, the game has been one of the most popular and highest-earning shooters in the industry. Call of Duty typically pits you up against other players in a variety of game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy, giving you the tools to best other players in firefights. When friends are added into the mix though, the experience becomes highly enjoyable. Having a group of your friends try to dominate the opposition or survive through wave after wave of zombies is intensely fun, and quintessentially Call of Duty.

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Another giant of the industry is Fortnite. Even if you’re not a gamer, it is very likely that you would have heard of this game. Over the years, it has grown so much that the creators have put $20 million aside for the competitive scene, which emphasises how enjoyable the game is to some people. Unlike Call of Duty, it is a shooter that is accessible for players of all ages and parents especially will have heard about it from their children at one time or another. Fortnite is purely competitive and pits players against each other in the ‘Battle Royale’ format that is becoming increasingly popular these days. In this format, players battle each other until there is only one left standing, so when you do win, the feeling of enjoyment is undeniable. When you play as a squad with your friends, the joy is shared, and it makes for a great social experience. 

Adding these games to your library will ensure that you and your friends have endless amounts of fun for years to come.

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