Why new players should take advantage of bonuses

new players should take advantage of bonuses

Bonuses are common marketing strategies employed by casino owners to attract new players and secure the loyalty of their existing clients. Check to know why new players should take advantage of bonuses. In order to compete with offers from other casinos new bonuses and promotions are put out there almost daily – learn more here.

Different types of bonuses

There are a variety of different bonuses available to players of online cricket betting id, but in the end, they all have the same goal: to attract new players or keep existing players playing.

Sign-up bonuses

Sign-up ice casino bonuses are offered to new clients when they create an account at that specific casino. The bonus is offered to encourage players to sign up and later play for real money.

Cashable bonuses

These bonuses usually go hand in hand with a minimum wage requirement. For example, if a casino offers new players a sign-up bonus of $50 with a 20x bonus wager requirement, the total bet a player would need to place would be $50×20 = $1000. It basically awards players with $50 free play.

Sticky bonuses

Sticky bonuses are similar to cashable bonuses, but with one significant difference. Once it is made, it can never be withdrawn. So in the event that your cash balance runs out, casinos will allow you to continue playing by using these bonuses. They are a great form of insurance should your balances end up in the negative.

Match deposit bonuses

Online casinos offer these types of bonuses from time to time to encourage player loyalty. Bonus sizes are determined by the amounts of money deposited by players. So the more you deposit, the more the bonus offer will be. Some casinos even offer up to 200%-500% in match bonuses just to secure the loyalty of their serious players.

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Free play and free spin bonuses

These are the most common bonuses. The terms and conditions of these bonuses differ according to the specific online casino.

Why should you take them up on their offers?

These days, people have access to online casinos everywhere they go. You do not need to visit a physical casino to play your favourite card games or slots. Bonus offers especially comes in handy when you are new to the online casino scene and do not know what casino would fit you the best.  Every website offers some kind of bonus to new players. So be sure to shop around. Now that you are aware of all the various types of bonuses, you can keep a look out for them. Use these bonuses to familiarize yourself with the different casinos and test their games before you commit.

Bonus offers are also great for practicing your gambling skills before you invest any of your own money. If you are new to online casino gaming but have physically played before, you can win some money if you play a game that you know how to play by using your bonus offer. Players can also rack up the free bonuses and bets, giving them a bigger chance of actually winning money.

Some of these bonuses are definitely worth taking advantage of, as they pose no risk to the player. Technically bonuses are the casinos’ money, so you are not actually losing anything.

So get out there and play for free as much as you can.

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