Free NFL Streaming Sites – How To Watch Online?

Free NFL streaming sites

When I discovered American football, I am curious about how can I watch American football live streaming. Like always, I wanted to watch the NFL but didn’t know where to watch the games, especially on time. I was lucky because one of my friends introduced me to this sport. I was able to ask him for some advice. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the free NFL streaming sites that I think are interesting to watch live.

Know the duration of an American football game and watch on a streaming site is quite simple.

We need to clear up one point because that’s something that made me extremely weird the first time I watched an NFL game. In the rules of American football that I explained to you. I told you that a US football match lasts 60 minutes in total with a half-time of 15 minutes.

So hang on now because what I’m about to tell you will surely shock you. And well, imagine that in NFL, the broadcast of a match lasts 3 HOURS !!! Yes, I did say 3 HOURS! And there you are going to tell me, but why?

It’s pretty simple, NFL is a winning game, and when the ball comes out or isn’t caught by a player, the clock stops. Between each action, there may be 30 seconds of downtime. When there is a fault, there is video refereeing which can take a few minutes. You also add advertising, and you get a total of 3 hours of matches for 60 minutes played.

However, you might be bored of these 3 hours. But don’t worry, I have a solution to avoid boredom and make time go faster. I’ll tell you about it a little further down in the article. Now that you know this detail, I can begin to answer your question: how do you watch free NFL streaming sites?

How to watch the free NFL streaming sites

I am a huge fan of the NFL, and I love this championship. With the advice I’m going to give you, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy NFL games fully. I have studied many possibilities to watch the NFL, and I have selected 6 for you that I have tested.

However, I prefer to tell you right away, some are free, but others pay. You have a whole range of offers, and you can choose the offer or only those offers that suit you best.

NFL game times

In the NFL, the game day is Saturday. Three matches are postponed because they are so-called “important” matches. They are played on Friday morning, Monday morning, and Tuesday morning, all-around 8 p.m. in Washington time. These matches are easier to follow because they are in the evening time. So you can enjoy live streaming at your dinner time. Also, you can go to sleep according to your daily routine.

FYI, there are 17 consecutive days with around 14 to 16 games per day. To find out when the regular season starts, I’ll let you watch my article on the NFL.

The retransmission formats

There are two broadcast formats for following the NFL. The Redone that I will explain to you below and the single match. The single match is the traditional format. You follow one match from start to finish.

The Redzone

It is a format used exclusively in American football. That can translate as “red zone.” The Rezone in American football is the area between the 20 yards and the End zone. It is to signal that a team is close to scoring a touchdown or a field goal.

I watch this format a lot because it’s a theater. When each team is close to scoring a Touchdown, we are directly sent to the game. In this format, you also have slow motion and the most beautiful actions.

To put it simply, it’s a quick format. We go through the matches, and for beginners, the Redzone can be a rather difficult format to follow. For insiders or people who don’t necessarily have a favorite team. I find this format ideal because it allows you not to get bored and to see actions all the time.

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Best free NFL streaming sites to watch

Bein Sport

If you subscribe to the Bein Sport sports channel, I am pleased to announce that you have access to NFL matches. The advantage of watching the NFL on Bein Sport is that you have wonderful commentators. They explain the rules to you, and you can also send them questions on Twitter during games to have a live answer.

I started to learn the rules of NFL and American football thanks to Bein Sport. I have learned many rules from the commentators and find that to be a real plus.

The show is called the NFLextra. It broadcasts all the NFL games in Redzone format and the offbeat games.

For the Playoffs, there is only one match per round. But that’s already great because it’s free. Another advantage is that we have in the comments Anthony Mahoungou (former NFL player) and Peter Anderson. Specialists to comment on the game and understand it better.

The NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is the holy grail for all NFL fans! You have all the NFL games. You can choose to watch the Redzone or a singles game. The subscription also includes a feature that allows you to split your screen into 4 to accommodate four matches simultaneously or three matches and the Redzone. If you have a big TV, this is ideal.

Also, you have documentaries, original programs, summaries of all the matches in 5 minute and 40-minute format. In this time spend all day in front of the TV or the computer.

A second offer is available called the much cheaper NFL Game Pass Essential. It is offered at $59.51 or a little over $4.76 per month (a very good price to take advantage of the theater all season). In this offer, you will find a good part of the documentaries and original programs and the match summaries. On the other hand, live, you only have the Redzone available.

One thing to know is that all programs are in English. I take the NFL Game Pass Essential because I like the Redzone a lot but be careful there are no playoff matches available on this subscription. I find it a way to have the Redzone at a reasonable price without going through Bein Sport. However, I took my NFL Game Pass Essential.


If you don’t know Molotov, it’s streaming software for watching TV channels. Molotov is almost installed on all smart TVs. It is possible to download it to your computer or your smartphone.

Why am I telling you about Molotov? It offers the NFL Game Pass. The advantage is that if you go through them for the NFL Game Pass, it is $17.86 cheaper for the total subscription. Before Molotov did the NFL Game Pass Essential and I took it home. Now I’m going straight through the NFL Game Pass.


If you are a fan of sports betting and love to watch the NFL, it’s the jackpot! Winamax offers you to watch NFL games for free in exchange for having an account on their site and having made a deposit.

I like to bet on the NFL now and then. So I find it a formula that works well. Winamax does not offer you the Redzone, only the single matches. You cannot put the game on full screen on a computer, only on a smartphone.

I have been watching NFL games and the playoffs thanks to Winamax, and I am very happy for several years now. It even allows me to win a few pennies by betting. I haven’t tested it, but apparently, it works with Unibet.

Non-legal free nfl streaming sites

At the very beginning, I was watching Redzone on illegal streaming sites. For starters, it can be a solution. The only advantage is that it’s free. The video’s quality is not that great, and you always get a lot of ads showing up on your video.

Many people don’t mind this system. Personally, I quit because I always took a little while to find a good streaming link, and I couldn’t take the ads anymore.

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Although I’m not an NCAA specialist, frankly, I don’t watch it and seriously think I’m wrong. It’s a league where you often see big scores and spectacular action. In the United States, some people only watch NCAA Football. They find this championship more interesting than the NFL. In NCAA Football, games are mostly on Saturday afternoons until early the next morning.


ESPN TV channel is one of the best American sports channels available in almost every country. It allows you to watch a portion of NCAA Football games and other US sports. It is a subscription, and it will cost around $14.29 per month.

One solution that works best because there is a shortage of offers to watch NCAA Football is illegal streaming sites. With these sites, you can watch any NCAA Football game you want. It’s the same as for the NFL.

Streaming sites, the main alternative to watch the Champions League for free live

For thousands of Internet users, it’s the same ritual every night of the Champions League. The most prestigious American competitions broadcast since last season.

Worse still, SFR subscribers must also add a fixed amount every month to view the largest American posters. But since the arrival of NFL Sport in the ball of broadcasters, the hiccups are numerous. Black screen, repeated bugs, reception problem, the Channel’s debut in the big league is chaotic. What could be more infuriating for a supporter than missing a goal from his team at a crucial moment of a big game at stake? If football fans are now choosing other means to support their team from a distance, others have chosen to bet on streaming sites.

FAQ of free NFL streaming sites

  1. How can I watch the game live on my cell phone?

Live football on Livestream

Livestream is an app that is available for Android and Windows platforms. You can watch live football for free, and there are also available all the matches and has other types of content such as other sports and sports news.

  1. How to download FIFA 20 for Android?

To download it, you must enter the Android or Apple stores, placing it in the search engine “FIFA 20”. Being a title developed by EA Sports, it placed on the first search site. For iPhone only weighs 152 MB’s, making it easy to download.

  1. How to install Android applications on a PC?

The first step to install the program itself. For that, go to the BlueStacks website and, on the top right, you will see the Download button. Press it to automatically start the download of the executable file to install it. And once it downloaded, start it like any other program.

  1. What is the best soccer game for Android without Internet?

Dream League Soccer is one of the best-ranked soccer games for Android and iOS and is completely entertaining for all ages. It combines gameplay, three-dimensional graphics, and licenses, thus obtaining many leagues, teams, and players.

Conclusion of free NFL streaming sites

So which one is the best streaming sites that show football matches live or lightly delayed? The situation has changed since the closure of the essential Reddit Soccer Streams. Hosted on the Reddit Global Forum, this very popular “subreddit” allowed pirate broadcasters to post their links to follow any football game. The user could then select the Channel and the language of the comments.

But Reddit Soccer Streams, in the viewfinder of major broadcasters, regularly ban from the forum. If Internet users took it upon themselves to put it back online as soon as they deleted it, the portal has been permanently banned from the site in recent months. The subject raises in particular by the Daily Express across the Channel. Football lovers must now find other sites to watch their team’s games in good quality.



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