Creative pre wedding photoshoot ideas to try with your loved one

creative pre wedding photoshoot

Every wedding has to be Instagram-ready. Well, that’s not true, but most couples drool over Instagram-worthy pictures. Moreover, you might want to choose the most creative pre wedding photoshoot ideas with your partner. 


Pre wedding photoshoot poses have become extremely popular in the last few years. Moreover, it is believed that a pre wedding photoshoot helps to bring out the couples in their most whole and best moments. However, these are no longer bound by the general elements. 


The pre wedding photoshoots have come a long way, and couples must bring their best and ideal interests. Moreover, if you’re just your true self, you will be able to create the best image honestly. 


Creative Pre Wedding photoshoot ideas

The pre-wedding photoshoot isn’t a general idea, and they’re going to be there throughout the wedding season. Gone are the days of awkward pre wedding photoshoot poses. You can now indulge in fun and creative ideas. And honestly, they’re going to add to the charm. 


Gone are the days when you had to hold your partner’s hands to get the best click. These poses had only one motive, and that was to irritate you. Moreover, over the years, the pre wedding story concept has gone through a lot of changes. Besides, the couples nowadays make the most of their pre-wedding by cherishing the time spent together. Moreover, it helps to reflect their true bond and nature as well. 


Here are a few creative pre wedding photoshoot ideas that you may want to try with your partner. 


Turn into Mini you

Miniature photoshoots are in trend. You surely want to grab the bandwagon and hop on the journey. The miniature photoshoots are stunning and creative. They’re extremely fun. Also, when you use these unique pre wedding story concepts for your photoshoot, you can be sure of getting the best. These ideas can add to the uniqueness. 


Go filmy

If you and your partner are filmy and total movie-buffs, then this is the perfect idea for you. No matter how realistic or dramatic you are in real life, if you implement these the right way, you’re going to make the most of it. 

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Love old rom-coms? Love fights? No matter what type of movie you love, you can create a movie out of it. Find a movie that you and your partner love and relive the iconic moments from the same. Moreover, never shy away from expressing your love. Pose like the main couple’s pose in the movie. Honestly, you’re going to make one memorable pre wedding photoshoot story concept. 


Attention to food

We completely understand your love of food, and hence, this is the perfect pre wedding photoshoot concept for foodie couples. Why not include them in your pre wedding photoshoot too? If you’ve found a soulmate who loves food as much as you do, hop into the field. 


The food photo shoots are incredibly different from the general ones, and they’re extremely fun as well. You are going to enjoy and feel satisfied during this photoshoot. The best would be to consult your photographer and choose a pose that suits them the best. 


Include your pets

If you’re a pet lover, you need to call your pets too. For most couples, the pets kind of turn into their family members. 


If pets are an essential part of your family, you will need to appear for their wedding pictures as well. Make sure that their cute furry faces are a part of your creative pre wedding photoshoot. This is just going to set the cuteness quotient bar a little too high. You’re going to cherish this photo for all the coming time. 


Go nostalgic

You and your partner will become one through the marital bond, so why not walk down memory lane? It’s time that you become nostalgic. So, how do you do it? 


The best way to implement a nostalgic photoshoot is to set the photoshoot in a location where you and your partner first met. It is advisable to relive your first date. The wedding planners can eventually make this dream come true, so you shouldn’t shy away from it. 

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If you have a photo that you first clicked together, why don’t you try recreating it? Being with your partner where you first realized that she’s the one will be a rollercoaster ride down memory lane. You surely do not want to miss it. 


Know each other

If it’s an arranged marriage where you don’t know much about your partner, why don’t you try doing that? It would help if you considered adding essential moments of your life in the photoshoot. 


Take a step closer to knowing your partner. Not only will it help to bring the most to your photoshoot, but it will also help you present your journey. Put your best foot forward by learning a little more about your partner. 


Shining Pre-wedding photoshoot idea

This might be a little too blingy, but who doesn’t love that extra shine? Just like you and your partner bring happiness and shine into each other’s life, appreciate your partner to do the same for you too. 


It’s time that you reflect the light in your photoshoot. Moreover, the suitable event planners can eventually help to create the vibe and aura. The candid captures are the best for pre-wedding photoshoot ideas. Many photographers specialize in this category. Well, you can take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram candid pictures. 


Vintage shoot

Vintage is the new normal. If you and your partner love classics, you should go vintage. Moreover, it is always advisable to choose and match the hues perfectly. A vintage photoshoot will always stand out from different ideas. Besides, the most significant advantage is that you can add various props like a telephone or Gramophone. These props will only add bling and improve the quality of your photoshoot. 



There are several creative pre wedding photoshoot ideas to try. Besides, if you can’t find one for yourself, you can always take inspiration from the internet. Plus, the perfect location and perfect shot will only create the magic. 

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