Forever in Fashion: Wedding Band Style Guide

Forever in Fashion: Wedding Band Style Guide

When it comes to picking out your wedding band style, where do you even begin? Unlike most of your big day decisions, this choice won’t just be there on your special day, it will be with you for the rest of your marriage.

Here’s our wedding band style guide to help you make the right decision.

Know Your Wedding Band Style Options

Before you look for a wedding ring, know there’s a couple of different style options. First the band, which applies to both genders. Decide between a plain, diamond or gemstone band.

Plain Bands

If you go for a plain ring that means the band is metal and there are no gemstones. However, there could be some other embellishments or contrasting metal.

With a plain band, you’ll also have to consider what finish you want. You can choose from hammered or brush finish.

Next, you’ll want to think about the fit. This means how the ring will rest on the finger and how high off the finger the ring will extend.

Diamond Bands

If you go with a diamond band you will decide between an eternity or anniversary band. An eternity band means the diamonds completely cover the band. While an anniversary band has diamonds only partially encircling the ring.

Gemstone Bands

If you decide to go with a gemstone band, this means the band is made out gems. Usually, these bands are made of sapphire and diamonds, but can also include any gemstone you want.

The Metals

Next, you will have to decide what kind of metal you want your band to be made out of. If you went with a diamond band, those are always set in platinum or gold since these metals are strong enough to protect and secure your diamonds.

Platinum is considered to be a “noble metal” because it can withstand oxidation and corrosion. Since this metal is naturally white when it ages you can be easily buffed back into a shine.

If you go with gold it can either be a yellow, white or rose gold. This depends on what alloys the gold is mixed with. White gold is a very strong metal and keeps a white tone over time.

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If you have a plain band, then you have a wider selection of metals to pick from. Metals like cobalt, tungsten or palladium. Cobalt is super scratch resistant, hypoallergenic and can come in a tarnish free finish of black or white.

Palladium while rarer, is lightweight which can be more comfortable. This metal is also hypoallergenic, durable and won’t easily tarnish.

Tungsten is also scratch and tarnishes resistant, but the heaviest of the metals. You can get a tungsten band in gray, white or black.

Picking the Right Ring

When it comes to choosing your wedding bands, you might feel the pressure to get a matching ring to your partner. When actually it’s fine if your partner wants yellow gold and you want a cobalt band.

You do not have to have the same ring or even the same style. Perhaps you compromise with braided bands of the two metals, or you can even go with rings that are totally different. Focus more on what compliments your own individual style and lifestyle instead of matching rings.

What About the Engagement Ring?

Another issue you might face when picking out the perfect wedding band is finding a wedding band to match your engagement ring. When actually can decide if you want your band to be a perfect or complementary match to your engagement ring.

Perfect Match

A perfect match means the size of the diamonds along both the engagement and wedding rings are visually the same. Some perfect match wedding rings will even follow the curve of the engagement ring allowing the two bands to fit together almost seamlessly.

Complimentary Match

A complimentary match means the wedding ring flatters the engagement ring instead of perfectly matching it. For example, a sapphire and diamond side stone engagement ring’s complementary match would be a diamond wedding band.

Bottom line the choice is yours. These are not rules but rather suggestions. You can have a rose gold band with a white gold engagement ring, whatever makes you happy.

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For more ideas on wedding bands, see page.

Set a Budget

Another thing you should consider when looking for your wedding band style is your budget. Know that you will likely spend about three percent of your total wedding budget on the rings.

Factors that can impact your wedding band cost include who your retailer is and if you’re going for a plain, 14-karat gold, simple platinum band and if there are any embellishments on the band which will make it cost more.

If you want your bands engraved, know that price is usually determined based on how many characters are in the inscription as well as what the font is, and if the engraving will be by hand or by a machine. Know that hand engraving tends to be pricier.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Another thing you should think about when picking out your wedding band is your lifestyle. You will wear this ring every day, so you want to make sure it fits into your life.

For example, if you play sports or an instrument, you’re going to want to go with a slimmer ring with rounder edges also know as a comfort fit. If you work with your hands, you may want a simple solid metal ring. If you’re very active, platinum might be best because it’s super durable and the metal doesn’t wear away when it’s scratched.

Think Maintenance

Another factor you should consider when choosing your wedding band is the maintenance. To keep bands with stones sparkling there’s a lot of upkeep, whereas a simple gold or platinum ring is easier to maintain.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Band Today

Now that you know what to consider before deciding on a wedding band style, it’s time to start your search. Think about what style and metal you want but also keep your budget and lifestyle in mind. For more style tips and tricks, check out our blog.

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