Online Wedding Card Maker: Apps That Can Serve The Purpose Best

online wedding card maker

A wedding is one of the most important decisions of your life. Hence, you must plan the invitation accordingly. It would help if you chose an online wedding card maker, especially the apps that will help you create it for green.

The wedding invitation templates free will play an important role in saving money. Well, you will need to choose a tutorial accordingly. It is advisable to follow a proper template to create online wedding invitation cards for friends.

Did we mention that you will need to follow a basic set of guidelines for an online wedding card maker? No, right? Well, there are certain sets of rules and regulations that you will need to follow. This may consume a lot of time, but it can be beneficial.

Tips to follow for an online wedding card maker

When you choose the online wedding card maker, you need to understand the basic guidelines. The wedding invitation templates free from the designers will contribute a lot.

You will need to choose your favorite template so that you can proceed with it. Well, here’s everything you need to know about creating cards with an online wedding card maker.

Add basic information

It would help if you considered adding every basic information. Your wedding invitation should contain all essential information. Whenever you create online wedding invitation cards for friends and relatives, you need to ensure that you mention all details.

You should mention the address, detail, and the event breakup. Honestly, there will be a lot of space for mentioning your names and big news. You can take inspiration from the internet.

Add and edit text

It would help if you were very careful with adding and exiting text. It is advisable to select the text and edit it accordingly. Therefore, it would help if you choose proper fonts. The right wedding font will have an important role. It would help if you considered choosing calligraphy details. You need to consider talking to your better half and choose one that suits you both.

Add wedding-themed images

You should also add wedding-themed images as the background of your card. You need to choose images, and it is better to opt for free images. It is advisable to upload images from the device. You should also add love icons.

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Download the invitation

You should always download the invitation to your device. It is advisable to download high-resolution cards and make sure that it is designed properly. You need to understand the PNG format as well. Make sure to choose a color that matches your wedding theme as well.

The best online wedding card maker

The right apps will make it easy for you to create a wedding card. It is necessary to understand the basics so that you can create a wedding card.

Here are the best online wedding card maker apps that you will need to choose.


When it comes to designing, one cannot defy Canva. Canva is probably one of the best invitation-creating apps. Canva can eventually help you create a wide range of designs.

The app will help you create edgy designs to basic floral designs. What’s great about Canva is that most of the features are free to use. You should make a Canva account that can help you create the card. Furthermore, you will save the document in the preferred format. However, it is necessary to save the e-invites in high-quality and share them via Whatsapp and Email.


Desgyner is extremely important and one of the best competitions for Canva. It is a free app available for iOS and Android formats. You can have a wide range of templates and provide graphic designing templates that can help you create book covers and poster making.

Desgyner provides a wide range of templates for wedding invitations as well. It would help if you chose the pre-designed templates that have customization options as well. It is also advisable to opt for small features like opacity and duplicate layers. Once you create the project, it will automatically be saved under the My Projects section.

Greetings Island

Greetings Island’s Invitation Maker is yet another great app to consider. It is one of the many simple apps to use. It has a pretty simple interface that can make it easy for you to design invitations.

You can create cards and apps. However, one of the most important things to notice is that it is straightforward to use. However, the invitations are not limited to only weddings but provide the flexibility to create invitations for all events.

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The invitations have been preloaded with texts and alterations accordingly. As a result, it is necessary to add texts and stickers so that you can create e-invites. Nonetheless, unlike the other apps, it doesn’t provide you with the flexibility to add images.

Invitations Card Maker

The Invitations Card Maker is yet another great app to use. You can easily create simple image invitations, but later on, you can also add GIFS and wedding invitations. However, it would help if you were very careful while choosing the themes. You need to customize the texts and modify them accordingly. However, the only downside is that there are limited collections in this app, so you won’t be able to proceed accordingly.

The app will allow users to make GIFs and videos. However, the drawback is that the application reduces the quality of HD videos. Furthermore, it is advisable to choose premium packages if you want to design high-quality designs.

Wedding Card Maker

This is one of those apps that is specifically designed for designing wedding cards. If you do not consider the user interface, then Wedding Card Maker is surely one of the best apps to consider.

The application will make it easy for you to differentiate between the background. You can eventually create themes that help you create the best wedding card. The themes, however, aren’t available with texts, which is why you will have a tough time adding texts related to your name, time, and venue.


The online wedding card maker can play an essential role in the long run. If you love designing wedding cards, you should choose the apps. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand the basics of designing a wedding card.

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