Which Kinds of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

Which Kinds of Hits Does Google Analytics Track

You all have been using a search engine to find out information that you need at the time. But don’t you think why is that Google always knows about what you need? Or keeps on bringing some suggestions in just for you as per your searches. How does that really work? This is nothing too complicated for you to understand but it is just coded behind every single thing. Like that, even Google has something more in store for you. That is, google analytics has been introduced by Google for its users. Through this blog, we will walk you through the usage of google analytics and the different kind of hits. So, read the blog about Which Kinds of Hits Does Google Analytics Track till the end to get answers to all your queries up until now!

Which Kinds of Hits Does Google Analytics Track

What do you mean by google analytics hit?

Google Analytics can be framed in very simpler words. This is an online tool that has been created by Google itself. Anyone can access it as it is a free-to-use tool. This tool is used in tracing the users and keeping their records. But these records that are being recorded by Google is known as “hit”.

This hit is then used to see the users who are active or seeing relevant or similar content. It helps in easy tracking and making more engaging content for end users. With google analytics hit, it becomes a better way to examine and understand a user.

How does Google Analytics hit work?

If you are a user who goes through different websites, then you are sharing a part of your data online. You spend some time on the same page or website. Maybe, you liked something or showed your interest in some content that you saw online. Google Analytics will then, read through your data and your engagement in the process. It is a minute detail that Google Analytics will track. But then these tracks are stored in the form of data or charts.

This storage or the interlink between watching content and getting it stored as records is how Google Analytics tracks hit. But there are different kinds of hits that google analytics track. You will read about these different kind of hits google Analytics track in the next segment of the blog. That will give you a vivid understanding of hits.

Which Kinds of Hits Does Google Analytics Track

Which kinds of hits does Google Analytics track?

You should be well aware of these Google Analytics hit. There are a total of seven different types of hit Google Analytics track. They are –

Pageview Hit

This is the easiest hit that could be understood. In this, there’s a particular page that has been viewed many times. It does not count the fact if the user has been to the page that has been viewed before or not. It is the attraction of the page or how often the page is visited. It is not just one user who is visiting the page. It records the number of users who are viewing the page. And, google analytics keeps a track record of it in stored data.

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Screen view Hit

Instead of a user opening a page while using a website, where the end user is using an app. The user will spend a certain amount of time behind that app. That time is measured as screen time. It helps you to understand how long the user was engaged in a particular content. Then, google analytics thus records the data by tracking the views of the users for a specific period or content. That is in just simple words said to be a screen view hit.

Event Hit

This is a little different from the rest two but an easier concept to understand. Supposedly, if you are watching something or using something online, you will come across different links. The links can be of a video or music or short film, let it be anything. When you click the link, it opens you up to a new tab. Google analytics will keep track of how long you are focused on the same link. Thus, it will record your views and collect many other users’ views at the same time. That is called an event hit.

Social Interaction Hit

In your day-to-day lives, you all are using social media. But this social media has an algorithm that is followed intensively. When you go through a webpage or any of the social media accounts, you come across widely based content. Now, you like some content that you find entertaining to you. You might save the post or like it and perhaps share it. This process of you using social media gets tracked by google analytics and is known as social interaction hit.

E-commerce Hit

You must have noticed that when you think of making a purchase or making an online purchase, you will see suggestions while using the web. You must think about how the webpage knows what you are thinking or what you require. But whenever you go through an item, google analytics track it and records it. This is for a better understanding of the user needs in the market and is called an e-commerce hit.

Exception Hit

This exception hit helps you record the number of times the computer crashes or gets a bug. You cannot simply log off but you need to fix it. Google Analytics will then record and report it. With the help of google analytics, you can also fix the crash or bugs on your website.

User Timing Hit

When you are working online, the time taken to do anything online is tracked and known as User Timing Hit. So, how does it work? It is simple. Google Analytics records the time when you are trying to open a new webpage or when you are trying to open a new website. Now only that, the duration is taken for anything you are doing online is also tracked under the user timing hit of google analytics.

How is Google Analytics Useful?

When you went through the hits tracked by google analytics, you understood how each view works. Now, who is getting to see the stored or recorded data through google analytics? You can access all this data online and have a better understanding of the end users.

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Not only that, you understand how the users can be engaged and what makes a website or a page interesting. You can add better content and then market it online. You will also have an understanding of your target audience.

Google Analytics gives you the information and provides you with valid details to improve in the future. You can make changes following the records that have been tracked. This will improve your insights too.

Which kinds of hits does Google Analytics track: Ways to view

This is not anything complicated and can be viewed by anyone. All you need to do is follow this process and you can see the stored track by hit.

First Method

Firstly, open your browser. Once you have open, you will notice that there is a network tab, open it. After that, you will notice the “test page”. This test page will be able to show you all the hits tracked by Google Analytics. There will be an option on the screen called filter and you fill the option with collect. Once done, your screen will request you a pop-up called “Get”. Accept the option as a default setting.

Now, you can view the tracked hit by Google Analytics and get the information that you require.

Second Method

This is the simplest way to find out the hits tracked by Google Analytics. All you need is to download the Google Analytics debugger. Once you have downloaded it, you need to give access to its Chrom extensions. Once done, refresh your webpage. This is widely used by developers and you easily access the hits tracked.

Which Kinds of Hits Does Google Analytics Track

Conclusive Insights

You can now understand Which Kinds of Hits Does Google Analytics Track and how Google Analytics hit work. There is nothing much complicated when it comes to understanding hits tracked by google analytics. This is all a program where all the data of you or any other user is getting stored. This is for a better understanding of a company that is trying to reach a particular audience.

This google analytics is open to use for all since it is free. You can always access it get to see and study the recorded or tracked data. This can be well-read for user research as well. So, try finding out the hits tracked and get a study out of it. You can now easily approach users with a better insight or your work and see how engaging can it be to the user. With this, we have come to the end of the blog. Let us know if your knowledge was quenched through this information or not!

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