Insulating Your Home for the First Time? Here Are Tips When Using Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating Your Home for the First Time? Here Are Tips When Using Spray Foam Insulation

Research has shown that nearly 90% of US homes do not have the right amount of insulation.

If your home belongs to this 90%, a spray foam installation can help make the cold months more bearable.

Below you’ll find some tips that’ll help you install spray foam the right way. Read on, and you’ll know how to fight off freezing temperatures, with the help of spray foam insulation.

TIP: Cavity wall insulation grants are available to homeowners under the ECO scheme to help them improve the energy efficiency of their homes. To find out how to qualify then read through Warma UK’s guide on who qualifies for an insulation grant.

Buy Protective Clothing and Equipment

During the installation process, it’s vital you wear protective clothing and equipment. Failure to do so may mean you may expose yourself to the harmful effects of spray foam.

You need to wear a full protective suit as well as some goggles. It would help if you also bought protective gloves, that are resistant to chemicals.

It’s also a good idea to tape your gloves to your protective clothing. In doing so, you’ll ensure your wrists aren’t exposed, and you’ll also limit the odds of anything getting inside your suit.

Are You Prepared?

What will you do if one of the nozzles becomes clogged? Do you have a replacement suit, in case you tear the one you’re wearing?

Think about creating a list of anything that could go wrong with your project. Then think about how you can address each of these problems so you can prevent any disruption.

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Part of your plan might involve buying surplus supplies, in case anything goes wrong.

If you want to keep your costs low, consider buying from specialist retailers such as Tiger Foam. Because these companies buy a lot of spray foam equipment, they’re able to benefit from certain discounts. This is good for you because these discounts are often passed onto the consumer.

Protect Your Windows and Floors

If you get spray foam on your windows, it can be hard to remove. Because of this, you should think about covering your windows before you start a spray foam project.

You don’t need to overcomplicate this as a sheet of plastic will do the job just fine. It’s worth noting, though, that you should also cover the frames of the windows as well as the glass.

It’s also a good idea to invest in some special sheets to protect your flooring. You may want to tape the sheet to the sides of the room, to keep it in place.

Is Spray Foam Enough?

For many buildings, a spray foam insulation is not enough. Thus, it’s a good idea to install other forms of insulation alongside the spray foam.

One option is to use fiberglass, of which you can shape to fit certain sections of your walls. You can cut the fiberglass yourself, or you can ask the company selling you the fiberglass, to cut it in accordance with the dimensions you give them.

If the thought of installing fiberglass fills you with anxiety, ask the company selling you the fiberglass for help. They’ll likely have someone they can send to your home, that can assist with the installation.

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Ready to Invest in a Spray Foam Insulation?

Now that you’ve read this post, you should understand the basics of performing a spray foam installation.

Of course, in practice, a spray foam project can be quite complicated. Thus, if you worry about your ability to install spray foam, there’s no harm in hiring some help.

Either way, the sooner the spray foam installation takes place, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a well insulated home.

Are you thinking about making some improvements to your home? Check out our home improvements section to learn some helpful tips.

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