Go-To Interior Design Trends for 2019

The Go-To Interior Design Trends in 2019

We are almost on the verge of ending the year 2018. So, it is time to plan something new for the year ahead. How about forging some plans regarding the interior of your house? Would you like to make to make your neighbors feel jealous? If so, then come on, let’s dive into some of the interior design ideas.

Wait, hold on! When you are about to plan for the year to come, will you ponder over the same old interior design ideas? Definitely not! With 2019 knocking at your doors, it is time that you look for some new interior design ideas that will make heads reel. To find some trendy ideas on interior designing, you need to go through some home improvement blogs.

Go-To Tips

Given below are some tips that you can look for designing the interiors of your house this New Year.

  • Materials and finish

The interiors decoration industry, every year, notices some astounding progress with its use of materials. You will see some changes in the production of the materials as well. Therefore, some of the renowned designers have planned to create a collection of tables using tempered materials.

The light on top of the table can be a feather glass with some haphazard veins. Thereby, the light will create an enigmatic and the ambiance too will be likable. Choose an oval shaped table with asymmetrical legs.

  • The color of the year

To create an ecstatic look, the color that suits best and is considered the color of the year is the coined Nightwatch green. This is as an alternative to hunter green and bottle green. Contrast it with the matte black. It will look heavenly. The matte finish shine and the elements on top of it make it look classy.

However, if you think that decorating an entire room with such a design looks too much then you can just concentrate this pattern only to one particular corner of a room.

  • Convertible urban dwellings

Starting from the modern iterations upon Murphy beds and reaching out towards the built-in multi-purpose commodities, the convertible dwellings stand as the most intriguing and sensible designing trends of 2019. It is sure to catch your attention all at once.

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Tell me, who would not want his or her house brimming with some exotic designs that can start a conversation with any stranger coming to the house! Even the tiniest space can be made to look enigmatic.

  • Compact and multifunctional furnishings

Since more and more people nowadays are accrued toward creating the urban look in their homes, the designers to are looking for creating something innovative. At the same time, the space today is a huge problem. Everyone wants something new in this petite space. So, the multi-purpose furnishings are the newbie of the era. Welcome those furnishings that are capable of adapting to various spaces and needs. Also, the furnishings have to fit into the rooms. Well, this is a real challenge!

  • Boho’s back

Well, the truth is the boho style never faded away completely. Sadly, the impact of boho design began just about a decade ago. Still, it is like better late than never! The bounce back of boho was definitely for obvious reasons.

The rich classic designs on the floor along with some multipurpose furnishings decorated with vibrant colors make the whole ambiance of the room more expressive than ever before. The best part of achieving the boho look is that assembling all materials to get the look is super easy.

  • The return of terrazzo

The good news of all is that the designs of the mid-century have come back again. And, look at the popularity of them! The mid-century designs did not take a minute to reach its flight of success. The terrazzo surface and the extra decorations create a greater impact upon the whole decoration of the room. The material is actually a composition of marbles and stone chips, quartz, granite, and glass. All these materials produce confetti like the image. This is suitable for floors, walls, etc.

  • Statement ceiling

Each year, there is a rush about the declaration of the color of the year. Also, people look forward to the new shades that are released for that particular year. Honestly, those new shades bring the slightest difference in tone. In fact, they are just one or two shades lighter or deeper to the original shade that already exists. These go with the walls.

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But what about the ceilings? Well, they are a new addition for the upcoming year. Ceilings today can create a buzz among people. Starting from the lacquered ones to the extensively painted ones, there is a lot to be said about the ceilings. A recreated ceiling can change the entire look of a room.

  • Curved furnishings

The curved home décor although was very popular in the 60s, came to be ridiculed very soon. But, if you take a little risk and install the soft curves, it will not look worse. Further, amidst all rigid curves, straight lines and patterns of the room, the light soft curves are sure to look good. It is similar to giving a feminine touch to a more masculine structure.

  • Geometric and tribal fashions

While geometric patterns are never considered backdated, the ethnic and tribal prints to are the new talk of the town. The geometric patterns have their symmetrical alignment which brings in it harmony and aestheticism of the artwork. Similarly, the tribal or animal print as well has emerged to be one of the most sought-after patterns liked almost by all. If you tread back to history, you will find most houses with tribal patterns. However, with time, both tribal and geometric patterns have undergone significant changes.

  • Eco-friendly

With the environment suffering acutely for your development, don’t you think you should return back something to the mother earth? Of course, you should! And, what can be better than creating an eco-friendly zone in your house!


So, you can now check out all the trends that 2019 is coming up with in terms of interior designing. Hence, if you have a plan is to recreate your interiors do not forget to include these aspects.

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