Best Websites To Watch Anime Online

Best Websites to Watch Anime Online

The internet makes life easier for us in many ways. One of them has been the ease of feeding our inner otaku. Little by little, anime has been gaining popularity and more and more users. They are looking for places to enjoy this type of content. So, today we will suggest you the best websites to watch anime.

Even though platforms like Netflix have increased their anime catalog. It is often insufficient for redbone otakus. If you don’t have too much money to buy the series, there is always the old trusted anime streaming website. Whose goal is to provide the episodes as soon as they come out. However, you can also find old but beautiful series.

Finding the ideal websites to see your favorite animes can be quite a drag. You can spend hours on the internet to find a place that has the whole, good quality episodes. If you still can’t find where to watch your favorite anime, don’t worry! Here we leave you the best websites to watch anime online.

Best websites to watch anime online

To watch anime, you need a device, but you also need a correct platform, which in terms of variety, quality, the possibility of download, ease of search, or price -if it is free, better- adapts to the needs of each user.

Here we are going to show the seven best platforms today to be able to watch anime online.


In addition to being the website with the best collection of series, it is available in almost all countries and is a legal anime site. Although there is exclusive Premium content, you can also watch some videos for free, but if money is not an issue and what you care about are legality and quality, Crunchyroll is for you.

This site features the latest episodes, and they are broadcast only one hour apart from the broadcast in Japan. If you are not entirely convinced, you can use the trial version for 14 days.


One of the most well-known and recommended websites within the genre’s followers is also one of the oldest in operation.AnimeFLV is one of the favorite sites for anime lovers worldwide. The page has a vast catalog of series, from the newest to the most classic. It has a very comfortable and intuitive interface, so you won’t have to break your head to find out how to use it.

Unlike other proposals, in AnimeFLV, the contents are updated episode after episode. So, the search is accompanied by a side menu where all the titles found. And through an initial window where you will find the latest anime added to the platform. The latest episodes that have been broadcast in Japan for a particular anime.

Anime Fenix

This website is the ideal resource for those who do not want to pay to watch anime online. The greatest virtue of this page is the large number of programs that you can watch for free, in addition to being constantly updated during the day.

As if this were not enough, it allows you to download your favorite animes so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere, regardless of the lack of internet connection. Anime Fenix collects the animes of the most popular sites on the internet, so you will not miss any news.


AnimeYT is everything netizens need. It is an easy-to-use site, and you do not need to create an account or have any membership. Best of all, it has constant updates on the anime that are airing in Japan.

Simple and functional, it strictly designs to view content online. It works more like a player than a large anime warehouse, and that evidence shows that the catalog is not the largest you will find, especially compared to proposals such as anime top or AnimeFLV.

The page also offers us a section of “Upcoming releases” or “Releases,” where we will have information about future episodes so that you do not miss any chapter of your favorite anime.

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However, if you already found your series or anime on this site, it is the best and easiest to use, with a player that never stops, that does not have annoying advertising, and where browsing is effortless, even from mobile phones.

Chinese Monkeys

This page is one of the most sought after by Internet users. When entering Chinese Monkeys, the first thing you will find will be the latest chapters uploaded, so you will not have to navigate the entire site to find the news. Although you need to search for a specific branch or series, its search engine is quite simple and has filters to make your search more comfortable.

Although there are sites with better updates and news, this page is straightforward to use and allows you to download animes in the broadcast. In addition to everything, Monos Chinos have a direct link to its community on Discord, where fans share news related to anime.

Anime is one of the most exciting genres that exist, and thanks to the internet, it is possible to see both series and films based on manga.

Anime is one of the most exciting genres that exist, and thanks to the internet, it is possible to watch both series and movies based on manga. Originally from Japan, today, it transcends these borders. In Latin America, it is possible to find staunch fans of graphic construction -which is its distinguishing mark-and the argumentative quality of its stories and the construction of its characters.

Simple and easy to use, is one of the most recommended pages to watch anime on the internet.

Ease of search, a section of premieres in the next season, the possibility of making requests for a particular anime to administrators, servers in HD or Full HD without advertisements, and well-segmented categories that will allow you to concentrate only on enjoying, without complications or intermediate steps.


Holanime is a small page with care for aesthetics, which is not so suitable for those looking for something in particular, but quite the opposite, it is ideal for those looking for something new that surprises them.

It is an ideal page to watch anime because you can also download it in addition to being able to watch it online. Its catalog almost always makes up of productions that are not so famous but very recent. However, if you are a frequent follower of this genre, you will find pure gold on this page.

In addition to the above, the page stands out for offering the contents in the original language and with subtitles so that you can even encourage yourself to practice Japanese. However, if you are looking for the best anime in the world of all time, perhaps its offer is not so varied.


Like few others, a veteran stands out for the simplicity with which you can find any product that interests you. The plus point in terms of broadcasts is that most are in English. Except for those that are very recent and have only been broadcast in Japan.

Its disadvantage is that the contents tend to have spontaneous cuts when viewed online and cannot download. However, that offset by excellent mobile usability, so you can enjoy watching anime on the go.

Anime Blix

Although it is a recommended page to watch anime in general, it is among the best for being a marker of trends and the proposals’ quality. Many users go through here before going to other platforms -the ones they use the most. – to see an anime in question.

Anime Blix provides a preview for each of the episodes so that you can see the recommendations, trends, and random samples of anime and thus make the decision to continue watching or skip the same. Besides, users leave recommendations and votes, so you can always consult and see the most popular to not waste time.

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Although it is only available in English and Japanese, and despite sometimes behaving more like a forum or aggregator, 9Anime is an outright reference to watching anime online. It is the most significant page in storing chapters of the best-known series. The best way to know what is watching in an updated form in Japan and the United States. It is a simple way to measure the popularity of many productions.

However, due to the number of ads and not always being able to download the content, it only remains like that, a way of researching the best anime. But in the United States and Japan, it is among the most used.

Tips for watching anime – Best websites to watch anime

If you will already have a list of the series or productions that you want to see, and the only thing you may need is to find a site where you feel comfortable to watch or download the content that interests you.

In addition to choosing the correct anime -which is essential considering how prolific the genre is-, it is necessary to recognize the different aspects that exist since anime is an animated production technique. Still, it can penetrate all genres, literary or plots you want. So, anyone will find in anime a form of entertainment and, thanks to the suggestions shown above. It will also be possible to find the correct platforms to enjoy with favorite productions.


FAQ of best websites to watch anime

  1. How to download an animated episode?

Launch Snaptube on your phone. Go to the website where you want to download a video. Find the video and play it. Tip: To make your anime browsing more efficient, you can go to Menu> Settings to activate PiP mode.

  1. How to download manga on iPhone?

Just download Manga Rock for iOS and enjoy an extensive collection. The app for all your manga needs. The operation is effortless: go to the app, browse the catalogs and start downloading.

  1. How does animated DNA work?

On ADN, we offer Internet users the opportunity to watch films and series – mainly Japanese animation – in streaming directly on their Internet browser or via various media and applications (see our section ”Reading modes”).

  1. How to put a coupon on DNA?

You can register your promotional code at the time of registration. Otherwise, once logged into your ADN account, go to the MY SUBSCRIPTION section. Before click on the Use button to activate it enter the promotional code.

  1. How to watch a movie streaming on the Download Zone?

How to watch a movie or a series in streaming? All you have to do is click on a film, or a string, then scroll down the page to the various links available. Then, click on one of the “streaming” links present and start playback with a left-click.

  1. How to download a movie on directory zone?

To do this, go to the download area – directory area. Please follow the pictures to complete the download. To choose a film, you must click on the poster or the movie’s name for details. Then on the new page, you need to select the quality of the film.


Conclusion of best websites to watch anime

All anime has a summary that will give you a good idea of ​​what they are about it. Besides, these websites have the “Anime of the day,” which is a good recommendation when you don’t know what to see.

These websites are gigantic, yes, so you will find the most famous jewels. Such as One Piece or Dragon Ball, to productions that only the Japanese know.

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