How to get a Blue CPCS card?

Blue CPCS card

If you work in a manufacturing facility, you’ll likely need to obtain a CPCS card. The CPCS blue card is one of the most popular types of construction sector employee identification cards. SB Skills look at what the blue card allows you to accomplish on-site and how to receive it in today’s article.

What does the term “blue CPCS card” imply?

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme, or CPCS, is a government-sponsored certification program. Thousands of plant employees in the United Kingdom use CPCS cards to show that they possess the skills necessary to complete their jobs safely and effectively. NOCN (National Open College Network) is in charge of all types of CPCS card administration and approval.

CPCS blue cards, officially known as CPCS competent operator cards, indicate that employees are properly trained to do the duties outlined on their cards. They’re a common way of letting clients know that workers have completed the necessary education, received required safety training, and gained substantial real-world experience to perform their tasks safely and effectively.

You may categorize yourself into many categories if you work in several professions that require different training. It’s far more useful than having to lug around numerous cards for each sort of employment you do.

What should I do if my blue CPCS card has been lost or stolen?

To obtain a blue CPCS card, you must first demonstrate your ability to fill the position for which you’re seeking a card. For most individuals, this will require a Level 2 NVQ in their field of work.

NVQs are work-based certifications that assess a person’s ability to do their job well. This is checked via a series of observations and tests based on the worker’s on-site responsibilities. These qualifications are ideal for tasks that need workers to have extensive practical experience or have very particular specialist skills.

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To obtain a blue CPCS card, you must first have completed a Level 2 NVQ in a relevant area. For example, if you need to operate cranes on-site, you will need to get a qualification such as our Level 2 NVQ in Plant Operations – Cranes and Specialist Lifting. These NVQs will lead to an exam

Furthermore, applicants will need to have completed the CITB Health Safety & Environment (HS&E) exam within two years of applying. This is a short multiple-choice examination that aims to verify that students have a broad grasp of general health and safety principles on construction sites.

How do I change my red CPCS card to blue?

The Professional Handler’s Certificate of Competence and Safe-keeping Scheme (CPCS) red trained operator cards are the most basic level CPCS card. To obtain this card, you must pass the CITB HS&E exam, the CPCS practical and theoretical examinations, as well as any optional training courses. If you want to work as a telescopic handler, for example, you might wish to take our CPCS Telescopic Handler 360 Slew (A77) course.

Although the validity of red cards is two years, they are only good for two years. As a result, most employees look to upgrade their red cards as soon as possible. To do so, learners must have completed their NVQ and CITB HS&E course within the last two years and possess a red card that is less than 12 months from expiration.

How long is a CPCS blue card valid for?

5 years is the period of validity for the blue CPCS card. You’ll need to renew your card by calling NOCN currently. The CPCS blue card renewal procedure will differ depending on how long your current card has been inactive.

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For those who haven’t renewed their card in 5 years or more, you’ll be able to do so if you’ve passed the CITB HS&E exam within the last two years, completed CPCS renewal tests for all of the categories on your card, and demonstrated on-going practical operating experience. An on-site evaluation, a CPCS practical test, or a logbook may be used to demonstrate expertise.

You must have passed the CITB HS&E test (within the past 2 years), completed CPCS theory and practical examinations and held the required NVQ if your card has been inactive for over 5 years.

Is the CPCS test multiple choice?

The CPCS renewal tests include multiple-choice questions. For each category on your card, you’ll have to complete a 15-minute multiple-choice exam.

CPCS card cost

At the time of writing, all CPCS cards cost $28. This does not include the cost of any training necessary to apply for your card. If your card is damaged, lost, or stolen, you can request a replacement from NOCN and pay the £28 fee again. 

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