How Many Types of Honey Come from the Amazon Rainforest?

How Many Types of Honey Come from the Amazon Rainforest?

You probably use honey throughout your day, but have you wondered where it comes from?

How much have you read about the Amazon forest? The animals, the plants, and the rains come to mind. Did you know there are honey-making bees in the Amazon?

Bees are fascinating creatures and the honey they produce is one of our favorite things on this planet. Did you know a single bee has to fly about 90,000 miles, or three times around the world, just to make one single pound of honey? Interesting, right?

This is just one of the many amazing honeybee facts.

There is a variety of bees in the Amazon rainforest, and they make amazing honey. However, do you know these different types of honey? Keep reading to find out about them.

Types of Honey in the Amazon Rainforest

Have you ever thought about the source of the honey you use in your home? Not only is the honey from the Amazon bees sweet, but it can also be useful for medicinal purposes.

Here is a guide of the different types of honey that come from the Amazon rainforest.

1. Acacia Honey

This is one of the most popular types of honey and it falls under the light and clear category honey. It has a delicate floral taste to it, because of the nectar of the acacia.

The acacia honey manages to retain its liquid state thanks to the high concentration of fructose. This type of honey has little sucrose content and that makes it popular among individuals suffering from diabetes.

The honey treats respiratory diseases because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Manuka Honey

Manuka honey comprises of very rich antibacterial properties, which help in treating health issues such as sore throat, cold, ulcers, indigestion, and acne among others. This type of honey’s taste varies but it usually boats of a strong aftertaste, which stays in your mouth for quite some time.

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3. Alfalfa Honey

This type of honey boasts of light color and has a mild floral taste and smell. It is a sweet type of honey preferred mostly by bakers. Honey lovers enjoy eating the alfalfa honey directly from the jar but it works much better when combined with other ingredients such as lemonade, milkshakes, and tea.

4. Avocado Honey

Do not let the name get you confused, because this type of honey does not taste anything like an avocado fruit. It is extracted however from the avocado blossoms and is a dark colored type of honey, which is extremely rich in flavor.

It is also buttery and makes delicious salad dressings.

5. Buckwheat Honey

This is the strongest and the darkest of all the honey types and is a rich source of iron plus other important nutrients. It is one of the most popular and widely consumed types of honey all over the world and you might have bumped into it at one point.

Some lighter types of honey contain little antioxidant compounds, but the buckwheat contains much of these compounds.

6. Blueberry Honey

This is such a pleasant type of honey and it comes from the white flowers found on blueberry bushes. It is light amber in color, and quite rich in flavor. The blueberry honey also has a hint of tanginess that comes from the blueberry itself.

Blueberry honey works amazing when you accompany it with your breakfast meals, which can be things like pancakes, cereal bars, or even oats.

7. Eucalyptus Honey

Eucalyptus honey is widely extracted in Brazil and is known for its medicinal purposes. It has been used for many years by people all over the world for protection against illnesses such as headaches and cold. Eucalyptus honey is widely available, and you are bound to find it in almost all shops because of its high demand.

Due to this high demand, you find that the eucalyptus honey varies in taste and flavor. Despite this variation, eucalyptus honey always carries a herbal flavor with a slight menthol aftertaste.

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8. Clover Honey

This type of honey is also popular all over the world and is easily available. The honey is a classic due to its floral yummy taste. This makes it an awesome ingredient for various types of salad dressings and sauces.

9. Sage Honey

Sage honey is light in color and heavy in its thickness, packed with a characteristic that allows it to granulate very slowly. It is mostly used to blend with other types of honey so that it can slow the process of granulation.

Many people love sage honey because of its delightful taste.

10. Orange Blossom Honey

This type of honey is a combination of citrus sources. It is light-colored, with a mild flavor and a rich fruity smell. This beautifully made honey is famous in many nations today and honey lovers mostly enjoy its citrusy taste.

11. Pine Tree Honey

This type of honey is the opposite of what you normally expect from honey. It has a bitter taste and a strong aroma. It is also quite rich in proteins and minerals.

Enjoy the Different Benefits of All the Types of Honey from the Amazon Forest

Bees are indeed interesting creatures and honey they produce is more than amazing. Their stings hurt but their honey seems compensates for that. All these different types of honey vary in taste and there is something for everyone.

Even a diabetic person gets to enjoy honey such as the acacia. Well now you know, and you can give that diabetic loved one an opportunity to enjoy some honey by purchasing it for them.

The majestic Amazon forest has so much to offer, honey is one of them.

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