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Windows 10

Firstly, Microsoft had an aim to install Windows 10 on more than a billion electronic devices within three years. But, it took about five years to reach its goal. According to a study, about 78% of Windows using computers or laptops run this version of Windows. If you want to use Windows 10, go through the internet and get the Windows 10 ISO direct download.

Microsoft has settled the order of operating systems. Among them, Windows 10 is the latest version of this series. Windows 8.1 was the previous version of Windows 10. However, Microsoft released Windows 10 two years later, in 2015. It became available on July 29 of that year for the mass of people. Besides, people can download Windows 10 via Technet and MSDN. They download it as a free upgraded version. However, there are no extra costs to the users for Windows 10.

Generally, Windows 10 has always gained positive reviews from users since its release. It has an interface of desktop orientation with the previous versions. Thus, it earned praises from the critics. Critics have admired its progress over Windows 8.1. Also, it offers better ability and functionality. But, it has some criticality in changing its update and privacy.


Windows 10 ISO direct download – features of Windows 10

Windows 10 provides a consistent and user-friendly functionality and experience between different electronic gadgets. It is the heir of Windows 8.1. However, it shares some interface apps and elements with the computer.

User interface and desktop

Desktop operation Windows 10 uses a novel approach to the Start menu. The Start menu contains a list of options, applications, and places. However, this menu has a default size. But, you can resize it. In Windows 10, there is an added desktop system that is new and virtual. Besides, Windows 10 also has the feature of TaskView displays.

So, the users can use them by switching various workspaces. Previously, the users used the universal apps only in full-screen style. But, they can use it now in self-reliant windows.

System security

Microsoft has provided a multi-factor verification during the launch of Windows 10 for the first time. This verification had two parts. They are Passport and Windows Hello. But, they are valid for several years. After that, they merged Passport with Windows Hello.

Besides, Windows 10 has an enterprise edition. This edition offers some extra features for security purposes. For example, the administrators can put some rules and policies to encrypt some sensitive data.

Moreover, they can select block apps from calling up some encrypted data. Besides, they provide ‌a system named enable Device Guard‍. It enforces a secured environment. For this purpose, they block the unsigned software performance.

Similarly, Device Guard defends the zero-day exploits. Besides, it runs through a hypervisor. Thus, its function and the operating system remain separated from each other. Windows 10 is more secure than Windows 10. Also, it has built-in antivirus. So, the users do not need to install extra antivirus.

Required storage

Windows 10 compresses its system files. Because it wants to lessen its storage footprint, however, it compresses automatically. The user does not need to think about it. The system can reduce up to a fixed size. For a 32-bit system, it lessens about 1.5 GB. Besides, for a 64-bit system, it lowers about 2.6 GB of storage footprint.

However, this compression level depends on the performance of the system during installation. It fixes the amount of compression that will not create any harm to the system and storage disc. Besides, there are some functions like reset and refresh. They use system files of runtime. Also, they create a distinct recovery partition. Finally, they allow updates and patches.

Online services and functionality

There is a new web browser. Its name is Microsoft Edge. Besides, Windows 10 has introduced it to the users of the world. It includes some annotation tools. Other Microsoft platforms also have an integration with this web browser. Windows 10 maintains Internet Explorer 11. However, it keeps this browser for some purposes. But, there is no active development of this browser like Microsoft Edge.

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The first version of Microsoft Edge got successfully launch in January 2020. Besides, there was a legacy version of it. A new Windows update has replaced this legacy version. This update is the Chromium-based Edge. However, the users can download this version directly and manually. All the Windows 10 versions will have a pre-installed version of this updated browser.

Moreover, there was another update on October 10, 2020. It had a tool to compare prices. The edge browser attached this tool.

Multimedia and gaming

The Xbox ecosystem has excellent integration with Windows 10. Besides, Xbox SmartGlass allows gamers to browse the game library. This library includes both Xbox consoles and PCs. So, it became straightforward to access and play games for the gamers. Game DVR is another essential thing that uses keyboard shortcuts.

Besides, it saves the last half-minute of a match. It holds the game as a video. If a player wants to play a game and control a local network or LAN, he can use Windows 10. It allows you to do so quickly. It also allows some app developers to develop the functions of Xbox. They incorporate it into their designed apps.

Moreover, if a player wants to use a wireless controller, Windows 10 will support it. He will need an adaptor. Besides, Microsoft has an intention to permit cross-purchases. Also, it intends to synchronize between Windows 10 games and Xbox One. Quantum and ReCore are some intended and exclusive Microsoft games.

Update and Support

Update of Windows 10 is a crucial matter. Like the previous Windows, this version also takes updates after a certain period. But, it does not permit some selective updates and their installation. Besides, it updates itself when it gets an internet connection. So, you can change it and can update it manually also.

Generally, Windows 10 downloads the updates of driver software, its features, and patches. After downloading, it installs the update and notifies the user for a restart. The user can reboot at that time and also can restart later. Besides, the user can stop automatic download if he does not want any updates. In that case, he has to change some settings related to the Windows update.

Feature updates

Windows 10 often receives feature updates. This update contains new features. Microsoft has declared a new thing about an update in April 2017. Besides, they said that they would release updates two times a year. The release date will be in March and September. The labeling will be YYMM. Here, YY represents the last two digits of a year, and MM represents the month. For instance, version 1809 means the release date is September of 2018. Here, 18 denotes the year 2018, and 09 represents the month.

Windows 10 ISO direct download – command line

You can now resize Windows without facing any restrictions. Besides, you can cover the entire screen. Press the ‘Alt+↵ Enter.’ Also, you will be able to use some usual keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can command to cut a file, copy it, and at last paste it. Besides, wrapping the word is another new feature of this console. You can disable these functions and can return to the default console if you want.

Windows 10 ISO direct download – fonts

Generally, other versions have many basic fonts for typing. Windows 10 has three new typefaces if you compare it to Windows 8. But, it has removed many of the previous fonts. Besides, these drawn fonts are available as extra packs. You can add them manually.

Windows 10 ISO direct download – system requirement

Windows 10 needs some basic hardware. Firstly, the condition was the same as Windows 8 and 8.1. Also, it required a smaller amount of updated hardware than Windows Vista and Windows 7. According to the update in May 2019, it may need a minimum of 32 GB of disk space. But, it reserves about 7 GB of room for a future update.

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The 64-bit operating system may need a CPU that can support some basic instructions. Besides, if the devices have small storage, the user must provide an SD card or a USB flash drive. Also, they should have enough storage. This storage can keep some temporary files when Windows gets upgrades.

Windows 10 ISO direct download – data collection

Generally, critics have a concern about the privacy policies of Windows . They also have anxiety about the use and collection of customer data. Besides, It has the configuration to send a lot of information and data to Microsoft. This info consists of associated input data, calendar data, and valuable contacts.

Besides, they are helpful to personalize typing, inking input, and speech. These data improve the recognition system. Also, they permit the apps to use a unique ID. This ID helps to personalize and analyze advertising. Also, it helps to request the location data of the users. They send these data to the trusted partners and Microsoft. Users can select from this data collection.

Windows 10 ISO direct download – the process of downloading without the media formation Tool

Windows 10 ISO images are open on its website. All people can download without any costs. Here are the processes to download ISOs without the formation tool. However, you only can use the Media Formation Tool for Windows. If you use and access its website from macOS or Linux, you will get a page. You can straight download the ISO file from this page. But, if you are a Windows user, you will need a pretend web browser. You have to spoof the user agent of your browser.

The user agent of Google Chrome or any other browser is a tiny string of text. It indicates a website and also shows the browser and your operating system. This website may serve the user a different page if the site cannot match the user’s setup. Besides, the site can be compatible with the user’s operating system. But, he may have to spoof the agent.

Windows 10 ISO direct download – download ISO image file of Windows 10

Here are the download processes of the ISO image file,

  • Firstly, open the Chrome browser. After that, go to Microsoft Windows to download the file.
  • Then, click the top corner dots of the browser.
  • Press’ Ctrl+Shift+I’.
  • After that, click the menu icon. Then select ‘More Tools > Network Conditions’ and enable it.
  • The browser Google Chrome has a list of user agents. You can choose from them.
  • Now, click and select the drop-down menu.
  • After that, open the Developer Tools pane. Then, refresh the page. You may see a drop-down menu when it loads. Here, please select your desired the ISO and download it.
  • Now, select an edition and confirm it by clicking the confirmation button.
  • Then, select and confirm your desired language.
  • Choose 32 or 64-bit and then start downloading the file.
  • Finally, select a place and download it.

After finishing the download, you can mount and burn it.

Wrapping up with ISO of Windows 10

Generally, Mac users download the ISO files. Apple does not permit the use of any unofficial and third-party applications. So, the users search for  ISO direct download links. But, now, Apple users have already got a secondary process to use other applications with technological progress. If you want to download the ISO file, go through the internet to get some links to download the file.

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