Metra Equipment And Its Features

Metra Equipment And Its Features

Metra Group is a US-based manufacturer of agricultural and farm equipment. The company employs a unique jet propulsion technology that helps to significantly lower costs. Small farmers are offered a rental program that lets one try a machine before actually buying it. The color sorting machines produced by the company fit every need and are suitable for any farm condition. Let’s see about Metra equipment and its features.

Here’s what makes Metra Grain Cleaners superior: their versatility, robustness and high performance. They can work with any material, which makes them the right choice for every farm. It doesn’t matter what variety of grain you have. The versatility of these machines extends to much more than just grain. They can process everything from oats to maize. Besides, there is no limitation on grain purity. No matter how impure the grain is, Metra cleaners process all of it, carefully separating each grain using a unique color sorting technology.

Thanks to its high functionality and productivity, a single Metra machine is able to replace a line of regular grain cleaners almost at no cost. This is just the beginning. The cost-saving benefits of this excellent line of agricultural machinery extend much farther. As a matter of fact, this is their biggest advantage over many other models. Metra cleaners can substantially boost your yields, by as much as 40%. They are maintenance-free. They don’t consume much electricity in proportion to the production rate. For each grain category, they provide the best possible market value, increasing the profit.

How come Metra color sorters are so easy to maintain? Because they have been designed in a remarkably clever way. There are absolutely no lubrication points. There are no movable parts as well. There is no need to clean any screens because there aren’t any. A Metra machine has no replaceable sieves, as it is often the case with other models where they need to be changed for different grain types.

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Best of all, all Metra equipment is really fast. For example, switching from one crop to another only takes about 7 minutes on average. The productivity becomes really high.

For all questions and inquiries, use the contact form on the official website or the company’s primary phone number. You can always reach the Metra company at tel 1 800 272 2045. Metra is ready to assist you at every step and follow you through the whole process so that you get the best results possible.

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