The Yummiest Summer Camping Snack Ideas

The Yummiest Summer Camping Snack Ideas

The time for camping is finally here! And nothing is more essential for an epic woods experience than ready-made snacks. The number of Americans going to camps rose by approximately 64% in 2018.

We came up with some ideas about some of the easy-to-make yummy snacks that will keep you and your family energized throughout the camping trip.

Imagine being able to focus more on exploring nature and having a great time with your family and friends. That would only be possible if you have already packed some camping snacks that would satisfy all of your nutritional needs.

Below are eight yummy camping snacks that are ideal for sleep-away camps during the summer.

1. Raspberry S’mores

You can spice up the classic s’mores by adding raspberries. This would make for a delicious snack. This treat can be made by following this recipe. The raspberry s’mores are perfect for campfire vigils and they will satisfy all your cravings after an exhausting day out in the woods.

2. Beef Jerky

This is one of the best sources of protein during sleep away camps. It can satisfy your hunger and it’s very easy to make. Save more time by making them before departing for your camping trip.

3. Bagels

These are versatile camping snacks which are easy to make and pack. You can easily use them for breakfast or dip them in cream cheese making them all the more delicious.

They are filled with carbohydrates making them an ideal source of energy during those long camping hikes.

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4. Frozen Fruits

Perfect for summer camping trips, dried fruits are an essential source of vitamins and fiber. They are easy to prepare as you only need to cut them up and store them in a freezer a day before you leave for camping.

5. Bread and Sandwich Ingredients

Sandwiches are easy to make and with the right ingredients, anyone can prepare them to their own taste. Pack peanut butter, bread, jelly, and other sandwich ingredients you can find before leaving for your camping site.

Sandwiches require no cooking and hence they are perfect even when there is no fire. And they can also be used as camping appetizers before a meal.

6. Cones for Campfires

You can fill up cones with delicacies of your own liking before the camping trip. To prepare the campfire cones, wrap them in foil then place them near the coals. After a few minutes, the cones will be ready and you can eat them up like ice cream.

7. Campfire Corn Dog

This is a camping snack that is mainly composed of hot dogs, some corn, and any other ingredient of your choosing such as cheese. It’s a great camping snack that is easy to prepare. And has the added advantage of needing no cooking.

8. Apple Cookies and Samoa Chex Mix

With these two easy-to-make camping snacks nothing can go wrong. They are a delicious mix of sweet and nutritional components that will leave your camping team craving for more.

Enjoy Your Camping

Camping trips are a memorable experience that should be enjoyed with fantastic company and great camping snacks. Fortunately, camping snacks are easy to make, and a source of energy that will keep you and your crew psyched up during the entire experience.
Use the tips above to make great your camping trips an epic experience.

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