Top 5 Tips to Take Care of Chemically Treated Hair

Top 5 Tips to Take Care of Chemically Treated Hair stuart phillips

When it comes to tresses, who doesn’t like long, golden, thick locks that shine like morning dew. Alas, for many of us, this is one of the far fetched dreams that can’t be realized in just few days. Not every individual is born with long, straight hairs that simply shine with a healthy luster. After that, thanks to the water and air pollution that leave hair brittle and damaged. But gone are the days when you simply had to live with the mop of shaggy hairs; now, we have several hair care services by the best salon in London such as hair straightening, coloring and other chemical treatments that give your hair the perfect transformation that you are looking for.

Though these chemical treatments give you the perfect tresses like that of Rapunzel, but if not taken care of, they can pose a serious harm to the natural structure and texture of the hair making them brittle, fragile and lusterless. And going for further treatments for damage cover can have a series of repercussions such as premature graying, hair fall and in some serious cases, partial or spot alopecia. When you undergo any chemical treatment for your hair, the treated hair demands extra attention and care so that they remain beautiful and manageable for longer time. Now, let’s go through some tips that can help you with the hair care regime for chemically treated hair.

Top 5 Tips to Take Care of Chemically Treated Hair washing

  1. Use Mild Shampoo

Almost all the chemical processes strip the hair of their protective layer, making them dry, weak and thin. These treatments include harsh chemicals that tear down the external hair cuticle eventually making the hair fiber porous. And that is why it is essential to use a mild, natural shampoo that has all the organic oils and other ingredients to repair the damaged hair. Alcohol based and sulfate free products should be avoided.

  1. Keep Your Scalp Clean

While washing your hair, always remember the golden rule of paying equal attention to the scalp as well. Apply the shampoo or any other cleansing product directly on the scalp and massage gently. In this way, the roots and strands of hair are cleaned properly and the blood circulation to the scalp also increases.

  1. Careful and Right Conditioning

After any kind of chemical treatment, the hair are more prone to the damage and external elements due to the high porosity. In such conditions, they need more protection and that can be provided with regular, deep conditioning. Go for a moisturizing conditioner and apply it from the roots to the tips. Leave it for 3-4 mins before the final bath.

Top 5 Tips to Take Care of Chemically Treated Hair happy

  1. Avoid Harsh Rays of Sun

As compared to the non treated hair, chemically treated hair is more vulnerable towards the harsh, UV rays of the sun. That is why whenever you are stepping out in the sun, cover your tresses with a scarf or take an umbrella with you.

  1. Avoid Further Touch Ups

Whenever you go for any kind of chemical treatment for your hair, several other regular touch ups are suggested. But, take the advice of the hair experts of the best salon in London and postpone any kind of chemical touch ups to prevent the further damage. Rather than going for chemical touch ups, you can go for regular sessions of trimming and homemade hair spas to provide the necessary nutrients to the damaged hair and to seal the moisture in the damaged cuticles. Top 5 Tips to Take Care of Chemically Treated Hair

With that being said, these are some of the vital tips to ensure that the beauty of your hair last long even after they undergo the chemical treatment. Never neglect the hair that is chemically treated as you might have to face serious consequences such as hair thinning, hair fall and several other problems. Though taking care of chemically treated hair seems a tedious task, but with the right products and regime, you can easily restore the shine and health of your tresses.

8 Tips for Growing Lush Marijuana Using Hydroponics

8 Tips for Growing Lush Marijuana Using Hydroponics

When growing marijuana, the cliché that goes “just an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure” is one that may well be overused, however, it remains a good measure. During the setup phase of any hydroponic, grow project, if growers pay enough attention to detail, the chances of having green, and successful crops increases.

Of course, the precise course of action you take all depends on the resources you have, space, and of course, other unique needs of the particular cannabis strain that you wish to grow. Keeping all that aside, know that there are some practices and tasks you should observe when it comes to the hydroponic growing area, such as installing LED Grow Lights to keep your marijuana buds healthy and productive as they mature.

Tips for You to Implement

  1. Start Hydroponics with Sterile Equipment and Tanks

When starting your growing operations, if you can afford new equipment, this step may not be necessary for your project at first, but the truth is eventually, reservoirs, tanks, filters, pipes and other parts of your hydro system will require you to sanitize them. This is important as it helps to prevent the spread and development of pathogens, to be precise root rots. When you start the growing operation, you should keep several bottles of hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol on hand in order to disinfect your grow equipment regularly.

  1. Start with Pure, pH Neutral Water

In an ideal situation, the water that circulates through the hydroponic system has a pH of about seven (neutral). If this is not the case, an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system will provide and create neutral water. Until you obtain an RO system, you can consider using distilled water.

  1. Install Proper Lighting

Today, numerous types of grow lights are available, with the best ones and the not so good ones in the market. Know that the right Dorm Grow light will help to take your set up to the best level and depends on your grow space, the distance you install the lights, your plants, and the budget you have. Note that HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights are much better for smaller types of rooms. LED (Light Emitting Diode) light fixtures are suitable for smaller growing areas and they facilitate the growth of cannabis, but they are more costly when compared to CFLs. Regardless of the type of light you choose; make sure that it produces enough light between 400-700 nanometers. As you grow your plants, a relatively inexpensive grow light meter may help you to determine they are doing the right job.

  1. Watch the Grow Space Temperature

In an ideal situation, the water that flows through the system needs to be about 180C (or 65F) to facilitate the nutrient absorption and prevent the chances of algae buildup. However, the air temperature may be warmer. In the grow room, if you are able to achieve 240C (75F), your marijuana plants should be quite content.

  1. Maintain Suitable Levels of Humidity

Based on their development stages, cannabis plants actually do best when the humidity levels vary. When cannabis are in their bud stage (when young), they need about 60-70% of humidity levels. As they develop and move into their blooming phase, they will need 40% of humidity to grow well. A dehumidifier and humidifier will help to achieve the best levels, accordingly.

  1. Understand the pH

The good news is that reading the pH is not a problem since there are so many pH-reading tools now available in the market. Understanding the pH is quite important because if the pH of your water is not really in the right range, your plants will not be able to grow well and eventually, they would even die. For cannabis growing through hydroponics, you should aim for a pH range of about 6.0, but you should allow the range to be between high 5s and low 6s.

  1. Maintain Proper Air Flow/Ventilation

For the best health of plants, keeping the air well circulated is a critical aspect and it aids in keeping a well-distributed temperature. You should mount fans or place them in a way so they can cover most of the unobstructed area. In addition, know that proper ventilation helps to maintain an ideal temperature in the grow space, one that is not too hot and keeps help with the exchange of air.

  1. Find a Consistent Seed Source

The fact is that all the preparation, planning and procuring of the products necessary for the hydroponic project, cannot make cannabis that has poor genetics into a robust and durable strain. Any cannabis plant will only produce the best seeds if the seeds genetically have the power to produce. Attending to its needs and the growing environment ensures that it will come closer to its potential, as soon as possible.

Hydroponics is actually an ideal method to grow cannabis/marijuana. A subset of hydroculture, this is a method of growing plants without any bit of soil, just using nutrient solutions in water solvents. If you are planning to grow your marijuana crops using hydroponics, it is advisable that you follow these tips to get the best, green results.

A New Siding Option for Homeowners in Any Area

A New Siding Option for Homeowners in Any Area

Log cabins are no longer limited to the country or colder, northern areas of the nation. These days, people have the option of log siding made of steel, which provides homeowners with the look and feel of a log cabin. It is an option that is affordable, easy to take care of, and can easily be delivered anywhere in the country.

If you are interested in learning more about steel log siding, take a look at the infographic below!

A New Siding Option for Homeowners in Any Area

Benefits of HGH for Depression

Benefits of HGH for Depression

If someone told you that ten years from now you were going to be overweight, have thinning hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, joint pains, bodily stiffness, loss of libido, and trouble with your memory you might start to get depressed. That is exactly what happens to some adults who suffer from the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.

It is no wonder that many adults with GH decline mention depression and impaired quality of life as part of their problems. Not only do the changes associated with low growth hormone levels cause one to suffer emotional turmoil, but since HGH works directly on receptors in the brain, there is also a chemical reason why this deficiency causes depression.

Perhaps that is why the benefits of HGH for depression are so compelling for many adults. Men and women experience this hormonal imbalance equally. Unlike other hormones that change based on menopause and andropause, HGH starts to decline as early as the age of thirty and continues to decrease throughout one’s life.

Low testosterone levels also affect the onset of depression. It affects behavioral function, is responsible for the stability of the psyche to stressful situations, the thirst for life and ambitiousness. The duration and stability of the presented conditions, as well as sharp mood swings, may indicate a change in the level of the hormone in the direction of its decrease. More about how testosterone and depression are related you can read here.

While the body can naturally adjust to changing hormone levels, that is not always the case. For people who have trouble with this adjustment, symptoms of adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) can be unpleasant at the least and debilitating at the worst.

How is HGH good for depression?

If AGHD is present, then the hormonal imbalance in the bloodstream plays havoc on one’s emotional state. HGH therapy puts growth hormone levels back in proper balance so that the brain receives the necessary signals to facilitate positive thoughts and mood.

At the same time, when you use supplemental HGH and depression stems from some of the other symptoms mentioned here, then as those symptoms improve and subsequently disappear, a person’s mood will also begin to change.

Impact of HGH on Mood and Emotions

Research on the use of HGH for depression has already turned up positive results on the impact of human growth hormones on emotional well-being and mood:

Ø  In a 2004 study, 11 out of 18 patients with adult onset growth hormone deficiency had atypical depression at baseline. At one month into treatment, there were significant changes in social isolation and emotional reaction scores. After two months, depression rating scale scores and energy levels significantly improved. Finally, by three months results were seen in sleep disturbance. These results confirmed the benefits of treatment with human growth hormone for depression when AGHD is present.
Ø  A 2014 study showed that AGHD is a debilitating condition that could have a negative impact on an individual if left untreated. AGHD is associated with decreased quality of life, negative body image, weight gain, muscle decline, memory loss, anxiety, social isolation, and impaired concentration. Treatment showed the benefits of HGH for depression to improve body image, reduce stress, increase energy, improve appearance, and reverse feelings of depression.

How HGH Reverses Feelings of Depression

It is not that HGH cures depression; it is that it helps to reverse many of the reasons why the depression has occurred in the first place.

If you are depressed due to the physical changes you notice that are associated with growth hormone deficiency, then increasing HGH levels will reverse those changes, taking away what is causing you to feel depressed.

HGH helps depression in some people by providing a positive stimulus to growth hormone receptors in the brain that can then function properly. Once the changes get underway as a result of beginning HGH depression treatment, adults find that they can resume activities that may have been brushed to the side. From household tasks to hobbies to exercise to social gatherings, quality of life is once again on the positive upswing.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Vinyl Planks

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Vinyl Planks

The first step in making your house more elegant than ever is having an eye-pleasing floor! What’s trendy this 2018 is having vinyl planks that add style and luxury to the ground surfaces. Choosing this will elevate you from the orthodox type of bottom that we wouldn’t want to happen. Ditch and upgrade your previous and costly flooring with this odd vinyl planks.

Design Versatility

Residential projects of designers these days vary from one another, but did you know that Biophilic Design is the new definition of style?

Its competency made its way to the top and pulled off the norm in this scheme industry. Artists appreciate flexible materials when influencing interior display. And luxury vinyl tile is the adaptable flooring texture everyone wanted, and not to exempt that millennials loved it too! The natural elements are now being placed inside at home but if you don’t want to build forest inside your house, that’s totally fine, let this flooring do its job for you. The uniqueness of its color and texture compromise the idea of not having mixed look in parts of your home without the doubt of giving it an ugly view because apparently, it will help your space larger look than the usual!

Superior Quality

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile are not just good-looking, they are also made to endure any damages or even aging! Its quality is beyond from what everyone is expecting it to be and it’s not even costly or saving-wrecker. So if you want to achieve a heavy-duty flooring without sacrificing the aesthetics in you, this is the best choice for your much-awaited home or if you want to knock-off the old hype of typical house, renovate it and use this instead!

Water Proof and Resistant to Fire

Whether you have kids or not, the convenience of having a water-resistant floor is really a dream come true! Imagine conducting a party in your house without sacrificing the thought of having the slippery floor, what a concept right? But luxury vinyl tile made it happen for us. What completed the puzzle among the usual choices is its feature of being fire resistant that helps to prevent total damage in the house in case of fire breakout (we hope this won’t happen with anyone!) which you cannot compare with wood flooring.

Low Maintenance

Its quality and component made it superior but another good thing about luxury vinyl is its durability with water, bacteria, and molds without sacrificing the cleanliness you are achieving the stunning look in your home. You can always use a mop, or even a cloth to wipe off any dirt or unwanted objects on it and it will look brand new once again. It even gives you the freedom to save money from a professional cleaner with a single rag!


Aside from being ‘cheap but elegant’ flooring, its competency in the market made it budget friendly compare with the other tiles. And what’s surprising about it is the trait of being handy. Installation can be done in no time and doesn’t require too much of labor costs making luxury vinyl very cost-effective. No one didn’t see that this floor type changing everybody’s design game in 2018!

Its total fee will save your doubt of borrowing someone else’s money just to give justice to your home. And if you will try to check the other statements above, they are all intertwined with each other. Purchasing luxury vinyl tile is very economical in a sophisticated way of having a stylish floor surface, save money and give justice to your hard-earned house!