36 Flirty Captions For Your Instagram Snaps

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Are you that of a pro person to garner the attention of alluring babes and handsome hunks surrounding you? For that, you need to ace the beauty and art of flirting. Yes, you read that right! The fact is not everyone does have the charisma and charm to be flirtatious enough to garner attention. 

See, you need to understand the beauty and poise behind healthy flirting and cheap flirting. You ought to be the former one!


Well, if you are the latter person, you surely will be slapped hard for your deed. And that is why we say it is an ART!

If you are still wondering where to commence on, well, the best place to head off is Instagram. We say, THE SAFEST! You need to set your mood right on point before heading forward with such flirty captions. The output has to be showcasing your personality, passion and innovative skillset. 

Let your picture bloom with sunkissed pictures or flower-covered portraits, flirt captions on Instagram will enhance your flirting skill. Be that innocent heartbreak for all!

And for that, we have curated a list of the top 36 flirty captions to put on Instagram feed. Woo people but not put effort too hard. That never works! If you are looking forward to more engagement and lightning-fast followers, here are some of the best captions to opt for. 

Flirty Instagram Captions To Use With Your Pictures

Flirty Captions
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  1. You still cannot handle me even though I come with instructions. 
  2. In a room full of vibes, my high quotient will be you. 
  3. If all people are paintings, my eyes will lay on you. 
  4. I am beautiful by face but more by soul
  5. Do not get away with the cuteness, there is a more wild side to the flower. 
  6. More than just smiling, I can wink back and smirk!
  7. You won’t lay your eyes elsewhere if mine is on you. 
  8. Oh, wait, I am wearing the gift you gave me – The Smile!
  9. I mean, I am all decked for myself and the Instagram filter is the protective layering
  10. Quoting from J. Iron Word – “She’s a good girl whose favourite things are bad.”
  11. Hey Love! Can I Treasure You? 
  12. I will sneak in and tie your laces. Not letting you fall for anyone else. (and a wink emoji)
  13. Let me feel your clothing. I should better know that you are boyfriend material. ( Girls Ace It With Those Amazing Sun-Kissed Pictures On Feed)
  14. When I sat next to you, my heart started beating faster. 
  15. “Flirting is a woman’s trade, one must keep in practice.” — Charlotte Brontë
  16. Stop. Let the whole world move. Because I am the centre of attention. 
  17. Good things take time. And that is why I’m always late. 
  18. Just like my 2 am thoughts, you turned me into a wordsmith!
  19. Life is a roller coaster ride… make every move count!
  20. “Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast.” — Nicki Minaj
  21. I am not a chocolate person, I like spicing up my food. (FYI, Spice and Ice and everything nice)
  22. I am good at flirting but then I don’t make any effort. Let my picture do the talking?!
  23. I can be more eager to be your damsel in distress.
  24. I guess I am falling hard but not in love. Not responsible for any damage caused!
  25. Guess what I am thinking?…… You!
  26. Will you be the hope to my hopeless romantic? 
  27. Swoon over me, I am a good catcher!
  28. I am that spicy dessert!
  29. Looking for my prince charming. – With Love, SINderella. 
  30. What would be the question, If I reciprocated with a “YES”?
  31. I am a tale of dark humour. Would you try transforming it into a romantic tale? 
  32. I searched on Google Maps, there are too many tough patches to your heart.
  33. You are my sunshine and my monsoon. You know when to make me go hot and wet! *wink*
  34. Let us work out? I do the workout out and you be my co-mate!
  35. I am a great lip-reader. I will sync in kisses that will turn your cheeks pink!
  36. Global Warming made me hot. 
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Whether you are posting a selfie or you’re posting a stunning portrait of yourself, that is your call. You are the king/queen of your Insta feed. But your page has to bloom and fly. You can be bold, beautiful and hot but in addition, you have to wear in full confidence. That is your key. It is not always that you have to leave long paragraphs, the witty one-liners will change the game. With the fusion and flush of emotions, you can simply jot it down into simple and classy flirty captions. And keep in mind the next feed and the caption too. Caption it in a way where your flirtatious side matches well with the visual. After all, you ought to connect to your audience. 

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