4 Tangible Skills Employers Look for That You Haven’t Thought About

4 Tangible Skills Employers Look for That You Haven't Thought About

You sigh deeply as you walk out of another unsuccessful job interview. Turns out they were looking for someone with a few graphic design skills and you probably couldn’t even name one tool in Photoshop. The sad part is, this happens to everyone.

There are many tangible skills, that while the employer might not put it on the Indeed listing, they do expect prospective employees to have a little knowledge in it. These expectations are only going to continue to expand as we delve deeper into the age of technology.

To help you land your next job, here are a few tangible skills employers look for that you may not have thought of familiarizing yourself with.

1. Coding and Programming

You’re probably scratching your head with this one but even if the job isn’t necessarily a position that involves programming or coding, if you can do it, it will put you ahead of your competition.

Most jobs will involve the use of computers and the internet so if you know your way around HTML an employer is sure to give your resume a hard look.

2. Email, Social Media, and Blogging

Get out a keyboard and teach yourself to type because you’re going to need email, social media, and blogging skills all of which require a heavy amount of typing. There is a little more to it than just typing though and it’s more in-depth than knowing your way around Facebook.

You’ll need to be able to look at a company’s marketing plan and be able to tell them which social media platform will bring them the most success.

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3. Graphic Design

Again, even if your job doesn’t revolve around graphic design per se, knowing your way around Photoshop will only help you. It’s more than just editing a picture, it’s also being able to edit or add text onto a picture. This is a requirement for a lot of business projects.

A potential employer needs to know that if a project comes to you that you’ll know what software to use to finish it up.

4. Spreadsheets and Databases

A lot of businesses are turning to spreadsheets and databases to house some of their sensitive data. On top of storing data, spreadsheets also just keep everything organized.

That being said, even a job as simple as being someone’s secretary will require you to have spreadsheet knowledge because you’ll be using that technology to schedule appointments.

Unexpected Skills Employers Look For

As technology evolves, so do unspoken job requirements between an employer and a potential employee. There are certain skills employees look for that you may not expect such as graphic design or coding. Use this information to your advantage so you aren’t caught off guard at your next job interview.

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