Are You a Bodybuilder? 5 Tips to Choose the Right Bodybuilding Apparel

Are You a Bodybuilder? 5 Tips to Choose the Right Bodybuilding Apparel

Bodybuilding apparel isn’t only about looking good. You also want your clothing to support you and be comfortable.

Finding the best workout clothes for heavy sweating and heavy lifting can be a challenge. If you don’t want to work out at the gym because you don’t feel your workout clothes are flattering, this can be a major challenge.

Don’t let your lack of great workout clothes keep you from hitting the gym. Continue reading this article to learn five tips for choosing the best workout clothing.

What You Must Know About Bodybuilding Apparel

Not all clothing for bodybuilders is created equal. Even if your favorite protein company puts out a line of clothing, that doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you. Use these tips to make sure you get the best clothing for your needs.

1. Buy the Right Size

When you’re looking at bodybuilders clothing for men or women, you’ll notice that many people buy clothing that is one or two sizes too small. We get it. You want to show off all of your hard work, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

You also shouldn’t wear clothing that is too big. Wearing clothing that is too big isn’t going to make you look like you have more of a pump.

In fact, when you wear clothing that is too big, it may make you look overweight and totally backfire on your plan.

2. Moisture-Wicking Is Your Friend

We know you don’t enjoy sweaty clothes sticking to your back of legs. Sweat wedgey anyone? Yes, that is attractive.

Moisture-wicking workout clothes are purposefully designed to draw sweat away from your body. You may have to put out more money than you would for a normal cotton t-shirt but the benefits are worth it.

These high-quality shirts often last longer than a normal cotton t-shirt so you’re going to be coming out about the same in the money department.

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3. Can it be Wash, Wash, Washed?

Your shirt is just going to get sweaty again. Do you really need to wash it?

Yes. You do.

Some people think it is acceptable to put the same shirt back on all week and simply douse it with cologne — but that’s not cool.

Not only are you going to give everyone in the gym a headache from your overly-smelly shirt but it’s not good for your own hygiene. You don’t want to get sick from a dirty old shirt just to avoid a couple of trips to the washer and dryer.

Make sure the clothing that you choose is durable so you are able to wash it without worrying it is going to fade or stretch out of shape in the first couple of washes.

4. Proper Foot Support

When you go to workout, you should have proper foot support. If your shoes aren’t doing their job, you may experience problems like fallen arches.

The shoes you buy may not even have enough support. Check to see if you need to buy insoles to go along with your cool new kicks.

5. Activity Appropriate

You don’t want to wear big baggy pants when you’re doing downward dog. You’re going to look like a tent and it will make it difficult to get into your yoga poses.

Before you throw on your favorite workout clothes, make sure to have a plan for when you go to the gym. Are you going to be riding the bike? Maybe the treadmill is going to be your friend today?

Having a plan before you go to the gym will allow you to pick the right clothes so you’re able to enjoy your workout safely.

Save Money On Your Next Purchase

Before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on your next workout outfits, consider these tips for saving money on your next purchase.

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Plan Multiple Outfits

You don’t want to go to the gym in the same outfit.

That’s understandable.

A hack around having to get 7 outfits is to find tops and bottoms that can mix and match. You might even use a cover up to change up your look a couple of days in the gym.

Check for Online Sales

If you’re getting close to a holiday, there could be a sale going on.

Websites love a good excuse for a sale and you can benefit from their sales happy disposition.

Look for Coupons and Codes

Websites and stores often give out coupons and codes to track where their sales are coming from. You could get 5% and upwards off your purchase so make sure to do a quick google search to see what coupons or codes are available if any.

See If There Are Bulk Bonuses

Some websites give a discount for purchasing over a certain amount of product. Most of the time, the discount is only given if you buy over 50 dollars in products but make sure to check to see what each website’s policy is.

Keep Upping Your Healthy Lifestyle

Now that you know how to choose the best bodybuilding apparel, don’t forget about all of the other important parts of a healthy lifestyle.

One of the main things people fall behind on is their nutrition. If you can keep your nutrition on point, the rest of the bodybuilding work can fall into line.

We have a full category for you to learn about keeping your body in great working condition using nutrition. Read our nutrition section today to find out how to take your body to the next.

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