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Jarvis Cocker

No other international celeb has gained sudden recognition other than Jarvis Cocker. The curator and the singer of Pulp band, Cocker rocked the mid-1990s. The evolution of indie music gave a new turn in the music industry. The sudden rise of fame led him to be the subject speaker on Good Morning America. 

Nearly 25 years ago, Cocker unveiled the classic side of British slapstick. And that embarked into music folklore. He invaded Micheal Jackson’s performance during 1996’s Brit Awards. Because he stole the glance of wiggling his bum for some time. 

What Happened at Brit Awards 1996? 

  • Jackson was performing and was in the middle of a song. That is when Cocker invaded his performance. He reviewed the scene, bent down and started wiggling. After that, the function has a thrilling finale. 
  • The chaos occurred just after that. Jackson’s bodyguards surrounded him to take him aside or out of the stage. 
  • Speaking of that year later, Cocker is a national sensation. Hosting his show on BBC 6 Music, Jarvis started making documentaries. He also became an editor and also made a way to release an outstanding single last year. That became the global lockdown anthem. Even after perceiving so much brilliance, Cocker will never leave the limelight to his deeds. 
  • When he invaded the stage during Brit 1996, the award show was sponsored by big brands. Starting from Universal then Warner followed by Polygram, the brands enlist was getting longer. That year, the label was Sony. And they have to bring in the legend, Micheal Jackson with his night album. 
  • The pulp band was sitting among the first three tables as assigned. As the show started, the concern was rising on its beak. Just when Jackson headed the show, well, the rest is all known. 

Marc Marot’s Experience

  • The then managing director of the show, Marc Marot, was sitting with Pulp’s Nick Angle and Roger Ames. He stated that Cocker’s invasion took everyone by storm.
  • The majority of the audience felt that Sony made a promotional video for Micheal Jackson. This further included fake awarding to him. 
  • When Jackson was performing his eco-ballad Earth Song, Marot saw Jarvis leaving his seat. The singer already spent his rehearsals and was well aware of Jackson’s well-given performance. Nobody knows what it was all about. The live cheering of watching Jackson performed live could have triggered Cocker. 
  • And the one putting the salt to the fire was Pulp band’s keyboardist Candida Doyle. Candida stated if Cocker is upset about the fact, he should do something about it. Before anyone could react, Jarvis already left his chair. 
  • And the rest happened. Marot could not believe his eyes. Tricky got up and followed him who was also followed by the Mushroom (Massive Attack). But they were guarded by the security. Cocker made the right headline for himself. According to Marot, “It was a perfect moment of rock’n’roll bedlam.” Furthermore, the Polygram UK’s head stood cheering for Jarvis. 
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Jarvis Cocker’s Arrest

The entitlement was for a short span. Just when the executive producer of the awards arrived, Jarvis Cocker got arrested. The first allegation against him was that he injured a child artist. 

According to Anderson, Jarvis and his co-mates were trying to flee the stage. Jackson’s bodyguards were not letting him go easily. Anderson made the right way to lead Cocker backstage.

Making way for a safe corner for Cocker, Anderson had to face Jackson’s team. While the mess was happening, the police made their way to the function.

Marot went backstage to see Cocker in the police van. Looking for a sober lawyer for such a situation is a difficult task. A volunteer lawyer, John Statham, came to rescue.

They were even successful to gather support from a qualified and renowned lawyer, Bob Mortimer. There were like four people – Marot, Vic Reeves, John Statham and Bob Mortimer. 

They went to the Kensington police station. The latter was quite pissed with the behaviour of the duty officer. Whereas Vic Reever held a playing card stating, “Free the Jarvis 1”. 

What happened back at the Brits? 

Head corporate press of Sony, Gary Farrow started getting tabloids from Micheal Jackson. He was hosting all journalists and editors of Daily Mirror and Sun’s Bizarre. Farrow even opened champagne for his guests. He went along to convince how Cocker was wrong, as stated by Marot. 

Farrow used the opportunity to speak how “disgusting and unspeaking” the entire scenario was!

On the following day, Marrot visited the Island’s HQ to face the situation. Cocker was bailed from the police investigation. But the press was not going to release him easily. 

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Daily Mirror stated  – “Jacko Rages at Yob Rocker.”

Daily Mail headlined – “The night our dreams were Pulped,”

On the other hand, Marot accompanied defence lawyer Anthony Burton to clear Cocker’s name. Partridge advised Cocker to stay grounded to make things on his end. Cocker was giving forth an intriguing reception when he was interviewed by Chris Evans for his TFI Friday show. 

A source did outsource videos at the Brist where the entire scenario was captured. And it showcased how Jackson’s manhandled the children and not Cocker. Cocker even stated that Micheal Jackson should see the reality check of his life. Javis underwent things that were needed, the cheering among the audience. 

Was Cocker’s name cleared? 

Yes, it indeed was! Maron, on the other hand, did have some consequences to face. When Pulp went over for their next record, This Is Hardcore, the success was gone. More challenging artists were coming in. 

The expectation was par excellence. Choosing between Britpop and British indie-rock was tough. Compromises made, mainstream aspects needed to showcase. 

This incident remained the peak of events for Lisa Anderson. She stated that she felt at the top of the pile. The career of Jarvis Cocker went topsy-turvy. He had to rethink his career goals.  

To be honest, the jiggling that he did somewhat 25 years ago, is something of a proud notion. His last single did amazing in indie royalty music. 


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