Curse of pornographic addiction: how to deal with it?

There is not a single iota of doubt that the internet is a boon for our daily lifestyle. The Internet has made us our school and college assignments ready without the expense of sweat. It has also made our distant relatives nearer. The revolution of globalization has come with the advancement of internet facilities. Any information is available to us any minute just because of the omnipresence of the internet in our litter electronic devices.

What is pornographic addiction?

With all the blessings that the internet is offering us, comes little downsides of it. While the internet has become the largest platform of processing information all over the world it also plunged us to our baser human instincts. Regular gratification of those baser human instincts has somehow dehumanized us. The aspect we are trying to focus on this article is porn addiction. When excessive viewing of pornography is making us distant from our social life, interfering with our relationship and above all making it hard for us to get out of that addiction; it becomes a subject of worry. That is why we will talk about the ways porn addiction is harming our sex life and only then we will go into the matter of dealing with it.

Harmful effects of pornographic addiction:

  • Loss of interest in the real-life sexual relationship:

The first thing you need to understand is that porn is not real. Porn is like movies. In movies, everything that happens is not real. The hero does not get hurt. The villain is not a villain, just an actor. Above all, all the fight scenes are stage performance. Similarly in porn, the way it is shown that two or multiple people are enjoying sex is far away from real-life sex. Once you try to transfer pornographic sex to real-life sex you will find that it does not happen that way in real life. So the level of satisfaction in real-life sex does not match with pornographic sex. So you feel more distant with your partner and eventually lose interest in real-life sex.

  • Inability to become aroused:

Excessive porn viewing and masturbating create a stimulus-response bond. So your body tricked itself in a way that you only get aroused by watching porn, not by real human contact. So the problem is that you will easily get an erection and masturbate but you will be unable to get an erection while you are being romantically involved with your partner. So you suffer in erectile dysfunction because of your psychological barriers. Excessive porn creates that barrier.

  • Lack of emotional attachment with your partner:

Sex is something that is most satisfying when you are deeply emotionally attached to your partner. But pornography is made in a way that you will see sex as an emotionally detached objective act. So you will find sex as something that is done without any emotional attachment. This can hamper your relationships as you will seek sex without any emotional attachment.

  • Excessive dominance:

BDSM pornography is responsible for this kind of attitude. We seek masochistic pleasure by excessively dominating and punishing or hurting partners. It is not healthy for your sex life if you exploit pleasure only through BDSM. Sex is a mutual act. It happens between two equal partners whose equal participation makes it amazing. So without the consent of your partner, exercising excessive dominance is utterly unhealthy.

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How to deal with pornographic addiction:

  • Socialization:

The first thing that pornographic addiction does to you like any other addiction is that it isolates you from your friends and families. You invest all your time to porn. So to break out from it you need to increase your socialization. So that you can never be alone because the only lonely brain can seek porn unavoidably.

  • Create a busy schedule:

Boredom must not grasp you. This will be your motto. So get up, get out more, meet with people more, and invest more time to physical exercise. The bottom line is to create a tight-knit schedule that will never give you a break to think about porn.

  • Find a hobby:

You must find something that makes you mentally peaceful and satisfied. A hobby is one thing which can get you out of boredom and loneliness. You may read storybooks, you may paint, and you may listen to music. The point is that you have to find something that will give you a feeling of productivity.

  • Use internet censor:

If you are not able to break out from porn addiction even after trying the above-mentioned remedies, then you can use an internet censor. You can offer your brother or friends to censor your internet with some program and not to tell you the password. This way you will never be able to open those porn sites.

  • Limit Internet usage duration:

If you are using the internet for non-work purpose then try to limit the usage time of your internet. Just simply set an alarm after one hour, so that when the alarm buzzes you stop your internet use. This way you will not have those extra times to watch porn.

  • Use the internet in public locations:

When you are alone in your room, the possibility of watching porn increases. So it is a no brainer that if you use the internet in a public location or front of your family, then you will not be able to watch porn even after your heart craves so.  So this can work like magic in censoring your porn addiction.

  • Build emotional intimacy with your partner:

As we have said earlier sex is best when served with emotional intimacy. So if you want to achieve that kind of satisfaction that porn provides, then first you need to build emotional intimacy with your partner. Once you feel emotionally attached to your partner, only then you can be satisfactorily physically intimate which can give you the satisfaction you are craving.

  • Consult a therapist or counsellor:

Now if you find the above-mentioned ways of dealing with pornographic addiction not effective then remember that you can always seek professional help from a therapist or counsellor. They will professionally and effectively help you to break out of this addiction.

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