Full Moon Spiritual Meaning: A Complete Guide

Full Moon Spiritual Meaning: A Complete Guide

Not only is the full moon a beautiful sight, but the full moon also has a connection to many supernatural occurrences in the world. For centuries, many believe and link the full moon to magic, superstition, and even other kinds of rituals, involving spiritual power that they have.

The moon changes in size, one day it a thin silver and it gradually grows into a round, glowing orb. People compare this to the natural cycle of life as well.

A beautiful example is when a fruit falls from a tree and the seeds of this fruit can grow into another tree. People who love and believe in the spiritual meaning of the full moon often have a different perspective on life.

Many actually believe that there is a different meaning in every full moon that appears in the different months of the year. For centuries, a full moon has become a sign of a new beginning. Read on to find out more about the full moon spiritual meaning.

Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

Many people ask themselves if these beliefs about the full moon really exist or not. For many centuries, different supernatural things take place and they have an affiliation to the moon, specifically the full moon. Some affiliate the moon with different religions and predictions in the holy books like the bible or the Q’uran.

Read on to find out the full moon spiritual meaning of every month in the calendar.

January’s Full Wolf Moon

Many people believe in the full moon magic. The full wolf moon comes when winter is over. The color of the moon is usually red because of the complete lunar eclipse.

It is time for you to focus on your relationships, your homes, and your families. It is also a good time to plan a spiritual ritual so that you are able to protect your home throughout the year.

February Full Snow Moon

There are large amounts of snowfall during this time of the year, hence the name. The spiritual purpose or meaning behind this moon is to help you to soul search. Many believe that it is time to love yourself more and make plans that are beneficial to your future.

Doing these things during the February full snow moon will help you achieve your goals

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March Full Worm Moon

During this month, the earth is warming up and the worms become more active. The spiritual meaning is to prepare you for new beginnings and exploring of new opportunities. It is time for you to make changes.

Remember and focus on your plans and prepare to turn them into a reality.

Aprils Full Pink Moon

This full moon is a spiritual symbol for gathering and growth. During this night, the moon releases a huge amount of energy. It is your time to surround yourself with positivity in every aspect of your life.

During this period, allow your body and soul to feel the power and remain calm.

May’s Full Flower Moon

There are many different flowers during this time. You should even plant a flower or two. Spiritually, there is a lot of energy from the moon.

It is the perfect time to recharge as an individual. Take the time to get in touch and pay attention to your emotional, mental and physical state

June’s Full Strawberry Moon

It is the strawberry-picking season. Native Americans took this time to cleanse themselves spiritually. They also used the full moon as a reason to de-clutter their houses by sorting out what they need to stay and what they should get rid of.

When you spiritually cleanse yourself, you will have the urge to clean your surroundings physically.

July’s Full Buck Moon

The moon symbolism for this is for you to reflect on whether there is conflict in your life. If you need to take a different direction but your beginning or roots are holding you back, it is time to let yourself go.

In other words, if you want to make a few changes to improve your life but your childhood friends are holding you back, it is time to get rid of them or anything else that prevents changes or growth in your life.

Augusts’ Full Sturgeon Moon

There is a strong lunar pull during this period. Spiritually you are ready to let go of all the pain in your life and open yourself up for clarity in whatever bugs your mind.

If you were in a bad relationship, it is time to move on from that pain and open your mind to the possibility of another relationship.

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September’s Full Harvest Moon

This is a great time to collect corn crops. During the old days, the concept of time was not in hours but day and night. People would use the moon to know the different seasons of planting and collecting.

Spiritually, it is a representation of tying loose ends. Take this chance to do everything you need to, avoid procrastination. Cleaning up different aspects of your life, including literally cleaning your surrounding will also cleanse your spirit.

October’s Full Hunter’s Moon

This is a perfect time to connect to the spirits. Work on yourself spiritually and pay attention to your dreams. They might be a message from the spirits.

It is also time for spiritual growth. Plan a ritual for people who are no longer alive and you can contact an ancestor as well.

November’s Full Beaver Moon

This moon spiritually evokes an emotional connection. Hence, it is the perfect time to grow and cultivate your relationships. Present your emotions.

Tell people what you feel because there is a lot of energy. If you are in love with someone, this is a great time to let him or her know.

Decembers Full Cold Moon

This is the time of rebirth. It is important to embrace what you feel during this period and allow yourself to recognize why you have those feelings. Spiritually and emotionally allow your thoughts and energy for rebirth.

Embrace the Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

It is clear that every month there is a full moon spiritual meaning each with a different impact in your life. You need to allow yourself to feel the different energies from the moon to gain most out of the energies they provide.

With this complete guide, feel free to embrace the full moon magic in your life. The different moons and spiritual guidance will help you increase and better your inner self and eventually your physical self.

Being that it is a cycle, you will continuously find yourself improving in different aspects of your life.

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