Games to Play With Family to Bring Fun Times at Home

Games to Play With Family to Bring Fun Times at Home

It is imperative to spend quality time with your family members. Having a good connection and relationship with your family is means that you will always have a support system around you. If you have a custom of meeting every once in a while with your family members or enjoy a family dinner once a month, you can always make it more entertaining and fun. For this, we list you with some of the best games to play with family.

However, there are some families where it might get a little awkward to spend time together. With the help of some fun activities and games to play along, you can not only build reports but also spend your time doing something everyone loves. Playing games together can be an excellent opportunity to get together and spends time as a close-knit family.

Games to play with family

Playing the same every time you meet can become incredibly monotonous. Hence it would help if you always came up with new ideas for a fun time together. There is no shortage of games around the world; however, you need to find something age-appropriate for everyone but will evoke the same excitement. Here are some of the best games to play with the family:


This is one of the most classic family games of all time. Monopoly is an old and common game people play in most households. However, it is as relevant as it was in the yesteryears. You will need to buy this board game before you can play with your family members. Although there are many renditions of this game, there is nothing as innovative and enjoyable as the Classic version. It is quite affordable and a significant investment that you can keep in your family for years. While it is ideal for adults, even kids can learn a lot through this game and have a good time together.

Musical Chair

If you have a backyard or some space in your house, this is the perfect yet fun game. All you will have to do is arrange some chairs and start the music. One person can play music, and the rest of the members can enjoy the game. It is a slightly active game, but even the older members of the family can participate fully. You can have a great roll of laughter and spend some time being active and spending your day in enthusiasm and full of energy. It is the perfect bonding experience and one of the ideal games to play with the family.

20 Questions

This is an entertaining and intelligent game to play with all members of your family. While the adults will have fun playing this guessing game, even the kids will participate actively. In this game, one person thinks of a particular object, animal, vegetable, or anything. The person will then be able only to tell in which broad category this thing falls into. The other players in the game will have to figure out what this thing is by only asking questions answered in a yes or no format. For example, one person making a giraffe and the other members of the family may ask questions like “Does it live in the jungle?”, “Is it dangerous,” etc. to guess what the thing is.


This game can be played without any other accessories. You can sit in a group and start this game by itself. Each player will have to come up with the name of a place like a country, state, city, or town that begins with the last letter of the home that the previous player said. No player can repeat the name of a place that has already been mentioned. Although this may seem like an easy game, it will start becoming difficult after some time passes. You will have to dig deep inside your brain and think of new places to name. For example, player 1 says Mexico, so player two will have to start with a situation that begins with the letter “O,” and this goes on.

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This is one of the most popular games all over the world. While the particular ways people play this game may differ a little based on location, the game’s general essence is the same. The total number of layers is divided into two teams. Every player writes either the name of a movie or a famous phrase in a chit of paper. After this, one team member picks a chit from the opponent team’s bowl and tries to give clues to their team members to make them guess the phrase. The only catch is that the actual phrase cannot be said aloud, and no words can be uttered.

he entire expression has to be depicted using nonverbal clues only. There are some common connotations for what type of phrase it is, how to start saying alphabets if the word is to be divided into two, etc. All of this has to be done within a stipulated time. If the members can guess the phrase in time, they get the point.


This is another enjoyable game to play with your friends and family, and it is good enough for people of all age groups. This is another guessing game, but rather than nonverbal clues, one team member has to draw things that will help the other members guess what the phrase or the situation was. Again, people start with getting divided into two teams and writing down stuff in chits of paper. You will then have to choose one member of the group who will draw while the others guess what it is. Alternatively, you can use a word generation, and the two-member of a team can draw together while the members guess, and whichever team can do it first they win. Try this as it is one of the most exciting games to play with the family.


This is one of the most popular card games you will ever find, and it is fascinating no matter what age group you belong to. So there are unique unto cards that you will have to buy. Don’t worry because these are relatively cheap and can be used for years to come. Once you get accustomed to the rules, you will have to start playing the game. You have to keep putting cards similar in either color or number, and if you don’t have any, you have to draw from the deck. The game’s main aim is to get rid of all your cards as soon as possible and before the other members of your group. There are unique cards like Reverse, Skip, and the much dreaded Plus 4. It’s an exciting yet very easy game to play.


If you are a somewhat musical family, this is the perfect game for you. In this game, one member of the family starts with a song. As soon as any other member can find a word that matches the word in another song, they have to say “Magnet”. They then have to start their song. This keeps going, and the more “Magnets” you can get, the closer you are to winning. You have to make sure the word you choose to sing is in the first five letters of the song you pick; otherwise, you might get disqualified. This is how this game goes: if player 1 sings, “I love you like a love song baby,” then player two can say “Magnet” and then sing “Love me as you do,” and so on.

Lip Sync Battle

This game has become one of the most significant American sensations after it is first introduced in Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show. This is not only a thrilling game, but you can actually become extremely creative and even dress up and make props for your performance. You can decide to play this game from before and prepare for your production. You can encourage your family members to wear the appropriate clothing for the song they want to perform and even make props to enhance their performance. All you need is to play the song in the background, and the participant has to lip-sync to the song while giving a popstar like performance. This can be an enjoyable and enthusiastic game that all of your family members can truly enjoy.

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Any quiz game is perfect as a family game. However, you will have to keep in mind that the covered topics are age-appropriate, especially if you have younger members who might not know a particular genre of thought. You can prepare for the quiz before, and each member of the family can become the quiz host for one week at a time. The host will have to prepare a set of appropriate questions for all the family members, and then the quiz can begin with all your family members. It is the perfect bonding experience and will also allow you to exercise your brain!

Treasure Finders

This is another game that demands powerful performance from all members of the house. In this game, each family member will have to hide a particular object that is not easy to locate. The person will then have to write a riddle that will lead the others to the correct location. The first person to find the object wins the round. This way, all family members can hide an item at a place, and the others will have to find it using their riddle-solving skills. The person who has the most number of wins will be the ultimate winner at the end of the day.

Taste Test

In this game, the various participants will have to taste a portion of food and guess what it is. They will be able to taste it but won’t be able to look at it. The host of the competition will have to prepare small cubes of food items given to the other members of the game, and they will have to guess what it is. You can slip in some weird food items like canned tuna or fish jerky, which will add to the game’s fun and hilarity. It will be a fantastic experience to look at your family members’ reactions and see how well they can guess the name of everyday food items.

Try Not to Laugh

This is an old game and can get very crazy, especially if you are a hilarious family. So, one person will sit in a chair with water in their mouth. They will have to try not to laugh while the other members of the family come and tell them jokes or do some funny acts trying to make them laugh. It is impressive to see how creative people can get with their tricks, and also the use of props only adds to the fun and humor of the situation. You will all be able to laugh and have fun together as a family and also be able to create memories that you can cherish forever.

Final thoughts

Coming together as a family and spending time is one of the biggest blessings that you can ever ask. If you have not thought about having game nights with your family, you can try these games to play with the family to help you get closer to one another and live a life full of love and support.

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