Top 5 Tips for a Fun and Fabulous Family Pictorial

Top 5 Tips for a Fun and Fabulous Family Pictorial

40 billion.

That’s the number of photos and videos people have posted on Instagram since its inception.

And that’s just one social media platform. Can you just imagine how many photos have been shared across the internet? Moreover, can you imagine how many photos have been taken and didn’t even make it online?

Picture Perfect

There’s a certain level of obsession with photographs. Almost everyone, even before selfies and groufies became the norm, enjoys having their photos taken, especially when taken with loved ones or during happy moments. Photos capture a certain feeling of warmth that people want to keep for a long time.

That is why family photos are considered some of the most cherished possessions by a lot of people. There are families who make sure they have their family photos taken regularly as a keepsake through the years and also those who dress up formally and even hire services like a suit tailor to look their absolute best. It acts as some sort of visual journal, especially when there are kids involved. Their growth is charted through how much they have grown over the years, faithfully documented.

If you are one of those people who want to keep photographs of your family and loved ones, then you must also be thrilled at the idea of getting your family portrait taken by a professional family photographer. It is always a good idea to have a master photographer take your photos for that exceptional quality that will be seen for years to come.

Aside from ensuring that you have the best family photographer take snapshots of you and your family, you should also take other factors into consideration. Here are the top 5 tips that you should heed to ensure that you have a fun and fabulous family pictorial:

1. Pick a great photographer

You have to make sure that you choose a seasoned professional photographer or photo studio that meets all your requirements. There are photography studios that offer a selection of services – from portrait photography to fantasy and concept photography.

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It is best to call them and set up an appointment so you can discuss your preferences in person. You should feel free to ask questions about the family pictorial that you have in mind and go over pertinent details. This way, both parties will be clear with the expectations regarding the family photo shoot.

This meeting will also allow you to get a feel for the photographer. It is crucial that you establish rapport so you will both be at ease with each other during the shoot. This is key in ensuring that there will be a light, open and carefree environment.

2. Plan in advance

Do your homework beforehand. This means that you should plan and get things ready for the shoot.

This includes setting a date and time. Choose a schedule that is most convenient for everyone in the family and set it with your photographer. It is ideal that you give yourselves at least a few weeks so you have time to put together a concept that everyone in the family will enjoy.

With a set time and date, you can also decide whether you want to do it in a studio or on location. When choosing a location, make sure that everything is arranged and ready for when you get there. There are venues that require advance notice, permits, and even fees.

3. Choose your look

After you have chosen and agreed on a concept with your family and photographer, then you can gleefully choose your outfits. You don’t need to be matchy-matchy all the time. The key is to make sure that your personalities will shine through.

If you have a theme, then set a considerable time ahead to prepare. Cramming will only stress you out and may result in a look that you won’t really appreciate.

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4. Make sure everyone is comfortable

There’s no point in taking photos when family members are surly and pouting.

Make sure that everyone is in the mood by ensuring that they are well-fed, rested and comfortable before and during the shoot. Also, check that your clothes suit the season, especially when the shoot is outdoors. Have snacks and water on hand and agree with the photographer to take quick breaks in between. This will be especially important if you have little kids who can get cranky.

5. Relax and have fun

The point of all your preparations is so that you will all be able to relax and have fun on the day of the shoot. Knowing that you have everything taken care of will help heighten your good spirits and ensure that there are genuinely happy smiles all around.

It is important that you feel light and stress-free because it will show in your photos. You don’t want to keep snapshots of someone with frowns, do you?

Click Away

When you have prepared to the nines, you are assured that you have all the basics covered. A good photographer will also make sure that everything is ready on their end and will work with you to make the shoot as smooth-sailing and fun as possible.

However, don’t let small changes in concept rain on your parade. For example, rain on the day when you expect to shoot on location could lead to a change in venue or clothing. Sometimes the most unexpected things can reveal raw and real moments in your photographs. Just work with the circumstances you have, enjoy the moment together, and your photos will show true joy in your smiles.

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