How To Choose The Perfect Rug For A Child’s Bedroom

How To Choose The Perfect Rug For A Child's Bedroom

When you go shopping, you probably make a list. This is very important as it can help you remember what you want to buy. This is also important when you are choosing and then buying a rug for your child’s room, as, if you make a list of your ‘must haves’, you will not buy the wrong rug. To give an example, your list may include:

  • Made of natural fiber
  • Washable
  • Has a sense of fun!

These three considerations can help you to choose the perfect for your kid’s room. A natural fiber may be a good idea because they are often less likely to provoke allergic reactions, and are less likely to be tough on your little one’s skin. This is particularly important if they are very young and are just starting to crawl or they are taking regular tumbles.

    The perfect rug for a kid’s room is also certainly washable. Kid’s make a lot of mess, and they are prone to staining anything and everything in sight. This is why you will want to buy a rug, wool or certain synthetic fibers will be perfect, that is easily washable and durable enough to take anything that your kids will throw at it.  For the same reason, you may want to choose a darker color.  You will certainly regret ivory or brilliant white!

    Rugs can also be part of your child’s play. This is because there are now many rugs available that can be used as a games board or a part of a puzzle, and your child will definitely want a rug that expresses their personality, for example by representing their favorite cartoon or film character, or even by being in their favorite color.

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    The above may not be your list, but it is a good place to start. Our advice is to start with a wish list and tailor your search around this.

To find out more about the options available when choosing a rug for your child’s room, see the infographic below which was created by our partners at

How To Choose The Perfect Rug For A Child’s Bedroom

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