Healthy House, Happy Home: Keep Your House Healthy with This Quick Home Maintenance Plan

Healthy House, Happy Home: Keep Your House Healthy with This Quick Home Maintenance Plan

A happy home is a home without maintenance issues.

Common wisdom says homeowners should set 1% of the house value aside a year for ongoing maintenance. But if you leave those issues to fester, you could end up paying far more. That’s why an effective home maintenance plan is key.

Let’s get things started with this quick home maintenance plan.

1. Roof Condition

It pays to start your home maintenance at the top. A leaky roof can be one of the most destructive home maintenance issues you can face.

Get up there with a ladder to check for missing roof tiles or any signs of a leak. You should also check the attic to inspect the roof’s underside. Leaks will usually be more obvious from the underside, so look for signs of damp or water stains in the attic.

It’s important to check your roof condition after stormy weather to see if it’s suffered any damage, but it should also form part of your routine home repair checklist.

2. Leaks and Damp

Once you’re satisfied with the condition of the roof, it’s time to check for other signs of water ingress. Inspect your window seals, basement, and other potential entry points for water to ensure your house isn’t under threat.

Signs of mold will also show you where your house is retaining too much water from internal sources. This may indicate you need better ventilation in those areas.

If you do spot any potential signs of ingress, you need to fix them quickly. Water damage can cause serious problems in your home, including deeper structural problems that can become expensive to fix.

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3. Heating

If there’s one part of your house you never want to let you down when you need it, it’s your heating.

If you have a propane heating system, be sure to check how much propane is left. Hitting the red line of your propane is one of those little home maintenance issues that can creep up on you, so make it part of your regular checks.

For other heating systems, be sure to test your heating periodically even when the weather is warm. That way, you’ll know your heating is ready to do its job when the weather worsens.

4. Cleaning

You can halt many household maintenance issues in their tracks with a little cleaning. Cleaning can stop the accumulation of rust, destruction by plantlife, and the spread of mold — among other things.

A periodic deep clean will also make your other maintenance jobs easier. Cutting back weeds or reducing clutter will allow you greater access to out-of-the-way areas of your home, where maintenance issues are more likely to creep in.

Keeping a Happy Home With Your Home Maintenance Plan

This basic home maintenance plan will keep your home in good condition, giving your peace of mind you need to live a happy life. By staying on top of maintenance issues, you can stop them ever becoming a larger problem.

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