How To Clean Pennies: The Most Convenient Ways Of Doing It

how to clean pennies

Whether you’re an adult or a child, you surely want to know how to clean pennies. Does cleaning the pennies increase the value? Not really. But, if you have the dirty ones, you should indulge in cleaning corroded pennies.


There are several processes for cleaning the pennies. One of the most common questions people have is what cleans a penny the best? While you can try certain home remedies, you can also indulge in cleaning through pencil erasers or chemical cleaners. Kids turning to cleaning corroded pennies should avoid the use of acids and harmful chemicals.


It is advisable to use effective, safe, and non-toxic elements for cleaning. Pennies are made using copper or copper-plated zinc. It is a highly reactive element. Hence, it is crucial to maintain it. When the penny turns green in color, it points at the fact that it is corroded. 


Before you know, you should get into cleaning the pennies. This would eventually play an important role in enhancing the overall value too. If you don’t know how to clean pennies, you should consider reaching out to professionals. An expert coin dealer can easily help you get rid of the damage.


How to clean pennies? 

What cleans a penny the best?You surely have this question in your mind. While there are natural elements like vinegar, you can also indulge in other aspects. 


Some of the common ways through which you can clean pennies include the following.


Vinegar and Salt

If you don’t have vinegar at home, you should consider using lemon juice. The combination of vinegar and salt is one of the best ways to clean the pennies. If the penny has turned bright orange-red, you should consider using vinegar and salt for cleaning it. 


The low levels of acid in the vinegar helps to remove the brown oxygenated layer or patina from the penny’s surface. Prepare a mixture of vinegar and salt in water. Make sure that you’re careful with the concentration of each element that you’re pouring in. Allow the penny to sink in the mixture for some time. 

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The penny will start getting its original color after 15 minutes. Once you notice that the penny has achieved its color, you should consider removing pennies from the solution. You can either use a chemical cleanser or dry cloth for adding shine to the penny. It will play an important role in helping you restore the original color and shine of the cloth. 


Ketchup and Tabasco sauce

While this may come as a surprise to many, ketchup and Tabasco sauce can be the key elements for cleaning your penny. Both these elements are acidic, similar to vinegar. Hence, you can use it for cleaning the pennies. 


Ensure that there’s enough mixture of ketchup and Tabasco sauce in the cup. Start by dipping coins one by one into the mixture. The coin should rest in the mixture for around 3 minutes. Remove the coin after the specified time and clean it using lukewarm water. 


Dry the coins by dabbing a dry cloth over them. The coins will appear shiny and clean. 


Pencil Eraser

If you want to clean your coins without making any unwanted spills, using a pencil eraser is one of the best choices to make. However, make sure that you’re taking enough precautions while cleaning the coin. Once you’re done, layout a paper and keep your coin on it. 


You can use the pencil eraser over the coin and rub it. Not only will it help to remove extra dirt, but it will also help to remove oxidation. Make sure to move the eraser in a circular motion. When one side is clean, you should flip to the other side. Make sure to use an old eraser because it can help remove dirt exclusively. However, you should avoid cleaning the dirt using an old pencil eraser because it may leave scratches on your penny. This will eventually lower the value of the penny. 


Coca Cola

A bottle of coca-cola can be highly beneficial for removing dirt and dust. If you have a corroded coin, it is advisable to use coca-cola or any generic brand with the same concentration. 

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You should place or arrange the coins in a dish and pour Coca Cola on it. It would help if you poured enough coca-cola in the dish so that it can cover the pennies. If you think that there is just too much coke, you can remove some using a straw. However, this is one of those processes that will require you to be patient. 


It is advisable to keep flipping the coin while it is in coca-cola. This helps to remove corrosion from all ends. Once you observe that the corrosion is removed, you can pull out the pennies from the warm water and wash them off. 


Soap and water

If your pennies contain some soil, the best way to get rid of them is to use a mixture of soap and water. Soapy water can very easily remove gunk from any surface. 


Cleaning pennies using soap water is as easy as cleaning dishes. So, if you know the latter, you can easily do the former. Instead of putting the coin in a soapy water solution, you should soak some in it and clean respectively. It is advisable to rinse the pennies in warm running water and then dry them using a soft clean cloth. 


Baking Soda

Baking soda is highly beneficial and can help you clean your corroded pennies pretty easily. It would help if you prepared a thick paste using baking soda and water. Make sure that you’re using circular motions for cleaning the pennies. 


Once the corrosion is gone, you can clean the pennies using a dry cloth or fingers. It is advisable to clean the front and back portions of the coin at the same time. 


Final Thoughts

If you have old, vintage pennies in your house, you surely want to know how to clean pennies. Well, it is time that you start opting for some natural and home remedies rather than indulging in the extensive ones.

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