Who Buys Homes for Cash

Who Buys Homes for Cash

Selling a home requires double roles in the real estate market – to make the home appealing to potential home owners and to actually find a legitimate buyer within a moderate timeframe. When it’s already a bit hard and time consuming to fix the house to be sold, finding and choosing a good buyer is another – and that’s not the only factor to be looked upon, you may also wonder the infamous question of, who would buys homes for cash? And on what price?

Here’s where cash home buyers come to the picture; cash home buyers are usually considered to buy houses in snap at often times at any conditions. These cash home buyers vary from different companies and industries revolving around real estate, marketing, business enterprises, and other groups that are involved in land and property purchase. To further understand who exactly are the people who cash buys homes in the market, here are a few companies involved in the process that you might want to look at.

  1. We Buy Ugly Houses

It is no secret that We Buy Ugly Houses (WBUHs) is a familiar name in the United States. The company is a national network that enables investors to buy local franchises wherever what city they are residing. This Dallas-based company have actually won various entrepreneurial awards for its marketing and closing transactions, making them America’s number 1 home buyer.

As per their company name, WBUHs franchisees are home buyers who typically buy ugly homes (provided that they fit their standards). These are home that are difficult to sell for countless of ugly reasons – be it because of its current home condition or because of it holding the owner in a suffocating situation. The company purchases these homes, flip or upgrade it, and then sell them to investors or buyers, or maybe rent it to tenants.

  1. House Heroes
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If Avengers would have a cash buyer variant, this would be it. House Heroes, from their company name itself, cash buys homes in whatever condition it is and closes it as fast as lightning. The company based in Florida can typically close a home in as little as 15 days.

This Small Team, Big Service group values honesty in offers with a commitment to close at the promised price. Despite being able to close a transaction as quickly as possible, they don’t forget to value time of both sides – the buyer and seller. Being one of the fastest companies to close a deal in the U.S., it makes sense that they have many connections on a daily basis, from real estate sellers and buyers, investors, agents, contractors, mentees, and other house and business professionals. Therefore, their company name seems pretty fitting.

  1. Open Door

Just like its name, Open Door comes to the public market as a buyer and a seller of the home with just a press of a button – as if opening a door. The company is based in 18 cities around United States, with brand new franchises in Portland (Oregon), Austin (Texas), and Jacksonville (Florida).

This company emphasized that they are not flippers, who buys poor conditioned houses and sell them high after renovating it; in fact, they prefer and concentrate on home that are in good condition and aim to present a competitive offer. Unlike other companies mentioned, this company multi-task –being a buyer and a seller depending on who their client is. To put it simply, they are quite professional in what they do.

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To put it simply, cash home buyers vary from one industry to another. This is why when it comes to selling your home, it is not only your home that you should be focused on but also, the buyer’s intentions and perception of how your home should be valued.

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