2019 Carpet Trends: Carpet and Rug Styles You’ll Love

2019 Carpet Trends: Carpet and Rug Styles You'll Love

Thinking about new flooring?

Although it might seem like home flooring is trending towards hardwood and tile, there is still a market for carpet.

In family rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms, it’s hard to beat the warmth and comfort of carpet — even if it is harder to clean.

If you’re in the market for new flooring, forget rough Berber or the easily stained beige carpet of yore. 2019 carpet trends are moving towards new colors, patterns, and more family-friendly options.

Here’s a look at the biggest carpet trends of 2019.

1. The New Neutrals

While there’s nothing wrong with beige carpet, 2019 is seeing a wave of new neutrals.

Colors like light and dark gray, light blue, and soft green are still subtle enough to adapt well to changing interior trends while standing out from their beige and tan predecessors.

For best resale value and bang for your buck, do stick with neutral colors, however. Bright or bold colored carpets tend to go out of style well before they’ve reached the end of their useful lifespan.

2. Cut and Loop Patterned Carpets

Carpets are generally either “cut” or “loop.” All carpets start as loops of yarn threaded through a backing. “Loop” refers to yarn left in a looped shape, while “cut” refers to the yarn that’s cut.

By combining the two styles, carpet manufacturers can create a carpet with two distinct looks and textures.

Cut and loop carpet is a growing trend, where the two styles and textures combine to make a carpet that boasts a subtle pattern. Common patterns include geometric shapes, organic florals, chevron, or ribbed patterns.

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3. Waterproof Carpet

Yes, waterproof carpet is a thing, and not a minute too late for families with kids and pets.

Coated with a protective seal, waterproof carpet stops spills and liquids from soaking into the backing or subfloor. If you have kids or accident-prone pets, this is a product worth looking into as it can drastically extend the life of your carpet.

4. Carpet Tiles

Much like the waterproof carpet discussed above, carpet tiles are a great option for families.

One of the drawbacks of standard carpet is that it’s installed in one large, continuous sheet. If one area becomes stained or damaged, the whole room needs replacement. Carpet tiles help eliminate this, as each tile is independently replaceable if needed.

Before installing carpet or carpet tiles, research installation costs. This could influence your decision between tiles and standard carpet. Check online; Lowe’s or Home Depot carpet installation cost calculators are helpful.

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Carpet is a great way to bring personalization, comfort, and style to your home. Quality carpet lasts long and is easy to care for, provided you choose the right option for your family. When choosing to carpet, it pays to research your options and buy the best quality you can afford.

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