Activities With Family for the Perfect Time of Bonding

Activities With Family

Against all the bad things in 2020, one good thing is getting more time with family. The year has helped us realize how fragile life is and how important it is to spend with the people we love. If you are looking for new ways to bond with your family members, we have an exciting solution. Here, we will talk about the top activities with family that you can indulge.

Best activities with family to bond better

Are you thinking of innovative ways to make your evenings with your family more fun? Coming up with new activities for families not only helps you lighten up the mood but also helps you keep your family entertained! Being stuck at home means that we have a limited number of options for entertainment.

If you are short of creative ideas for activities that you can do with your family, fret no more; we have curated a list of family activities for you.

Planning and executing

Social Distancing is essential, and we must practice it as much as we can to ensure that everyone stays safe and that we can experience outdoors once again.

While playing around in fields or going to amusement parks seem like a distant dream right now, it does not mean you can’t have that feeling! Staying at home opens up the opportunity to try out some fun and exciting activities.

If you have younger kids at home, it must be incredibly tiresome, keeping them engaged while getting your work done. Additionally, spending all day inside the house with your family can sometimes be a recipe for disaster! You are bound to clash with others, get frustrated, and run out of patience.

When you can sit down and have fun with your family, it helps you get rid of the day’s stress. Since working from home can be a little more strenuous than going to the office, it is good to take time out of your day to relax and unwind. Spending time with your family and participating in families’ activities also ensures that tensions do not run too high, and small quarrels do not become a big issue.

If you have young kids at home, this is an opportunity like never before; you can now spend more time with them during their formative years. As working parents or older relatives who have to stay mostly outside of their home, you may not be able to get another opportunity.

Family activities to do at home

So, here is the list of family activities to bond better with all the member of your house:

Movie Nights

Of course, the first and most apparent activities for family that come to mind are movie nights. But that does not mean that you have to settle for boring old movie nights where you merely in front of your TV and watch the movie play out. Add some excitement to watching movies at home by having themed movie nights.

How far you want to take the theme is entirely up to you! You can dress up as your favorite character from a horror movie or as an intriguing monster for horror nights. Adding unique themed drinks or snacks helps you take your movie nights to a whole new level. Now, your movie nights will never be the same, when you have specific themes that you can play around with.

Treasure Hunt

Need a way to keep your little ones engaged without much effort? Why not organize a treasure hunt for your home! Not only does it keep your kids engaged, but it also helps exercise their problem-solving skills. Keep the questions suited to their age-level and watch as they entertain themselves for an hour or two.

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You can even incorporate some studying in this time by including hints for which they may need to open their textbooks little. It is an exciting way to ensure that your kids do not forget to brush up on their studies.

Quiz Nights

Trying to think of activities for families suited for both the older members and the young ones? Why not organize a quiz night! This is an excellent activity for the weekend when staying at home seems too much.; you can keep your self-entertained for hours!

Keep a few people in charge of coming up with the questions and categories, and at the end of the day, other family members can act as the participants.

Different members can be in charge of coming up with the quiz questions every week, and whoever can create the most exciting questions can win a “treat” of their choice. There are so many innovative ways to ensure that your quiz nights are a hit!

Cooking with Family

What could be better than getting your meals sorted while also keeping yourself engaged? Now that you have a lot more time on your hands, you are free to try out all of the recipes that you have been waiting to try. Whether you want to explore some rare ingredients or try out new cuisines, you can do so. Trying out new recipes every other day ensures that you do not have to overthink what you should cook for that day.

When you make food together, it also ensures that it takes the burden off your shoulders to come up with a dish that everyone will like. Some great cooking ideas with family are recipes like customized pizza, baking cakes, and sandwich stuffing.

Most recipes are simple, and everyone has the freedom to add or subtract ingredients which they prefer. You can even photograph your cooking journey to create a family recipe book as another fun activity.

Activities With Family

Start a Book Club

What could be better than honing those reading skills, spending some quiet time by yourself, and engaging with your family members? A book club is a great option, whether you have older or younger kids at home. You can pair up family member shows closer in age, or unanimously select a book appropriate for all ages.

For each week, you can set the desired progress level that you want to reach with the book, or decide by when you want to finish reading the book, and then have a discussion with your family members afterward.

This is one of the few activities for family, which also allows you to ensure that you have some free time that you can spend by yourself and do not have to worry about entertaining the rest of your family members.

Game Nights

What could be better than game nights with families? Whether you are playing for a prize or not, it is still entertaining. If your family is a board game fanatic, you will have many options to choose form. Even if your family has not been much into board games before, this is the best time to try something new.

It is easy to find board games which are suitable for a variety of age. You can even find games that will be more fun and engaging for the adults to make your game nights fun. You can also add prizes or tasty snacks to make the night even more exciting.

Activities With Family


You do not have to have a green thumb to be able to undertake this venture. You can try growing herbs or other easy plants to maintain smaller ones in your backyard or pots to save space.

Look up some easy to maintain plants, and you can get gardening. If you are concerned about the bees, you can even lookup plants to help them thrive.

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Gardening is not only engaging for you but can be a great way to teach your kids some responsibility. They will be excited to take on this new role, and you may even be surprised to see how responsible and alert they can be when the situation calls for it. Plus, you will get fresh herbs for your recipes, so it is a win-win situation.

Build a Blanket Fort

While this may seem like a silly idea, this can be the perfect way to destress. When you are home all day and have to balance work and extra house chores, all you may want is to go outside. But what will truly help you is the ability to relax at home? What better way than to build a blanket fort in your living room? The weekend is the perfect time to unwind, and if you cannot go outside, well, why not bring the outside inside your home?

Build a fort and turn on a movie with beautiful scenery or even a nature documentary. Indulge in some junk food and allow yourself and your family members to laze around for the day. We are all kids at heart, and sometimes, it can be great to let the child out to play.


Feeling adventurous? Why not go on a tie-dying journey? Tie dyes aim a comeback and are a great way to entertain yourself at home. Spruce up some old and basic tees with a little color, and let your kids explore the word of playing with colors.

Ensure that you go through the basics of tie-dying and carefully supervise your kids, but it can be a fun project for the entire family, and a great way to make family tees all by yourself.

If you are already familiar with tie-dying, you can try out some more complicated designs as well. This is a great way to brighten up old clothes that you have not worn in a while rather than throwing them away.

Magic Tricks

Learning some magic tricks with the help of YouTube if your kids take an interest in this. Live out your dreams of entertaining the world by learning some basic magic tricks yourself. This activity can be fun for kids as well as adults. Learning magic is all about illusions, and it can be a fun way to surprise your friends when you see them next!

It can be surprising to know how many magic tricks are relatively simple to master, but can amaze your audience. Once you feel you have a little mastery over a few skills, you could even plan a magic show for your family.

Final thoughts

Staying at home may seem tedious at first, but you will never be bored when you have so many fun activities for families. These are only a few ideas that you can test out with your family. These activities will keep you sorted for hours and even days. Try out new activities for families weekly to see what works and try to adapt some ideas to suit your family more. Whatever you do, ensure that you are staying home and not going out unless it is necessary. Practice social Distancing to keep yourself and others around you as safe as possible!

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