How Much is Too Much Drinking? Telltale Signs That You’re Over-Doing It

How Much is Too Much Drinking? Telltale Signs That You're Over-Doing It

Everybody needs to blow off some steam after a tough day, right? Everyone overdoes it once in a while, correct? It’s not a problem to occasionally forget what you did after a night of drinking, is it?

It is true that many people can have a wild night and never do it again. It is true that many people have a glass of wine with dinner every night, but do not have a problem. It is possible that you are one of those people.

However, if you find that you frequently drink to excess, you may want to examine your behavior. If you find yourself in the following situations often, you may want to ask yourself how much is too much drinking?

Here are ten warning signs to look out for to determine whether you may need some assistance with your alcohol intake.

1. You Never Leave a Bottle Unfinished.

Do you hate to see that bottle of wine go unfinished at the end of a dinner party? Will you finish someone else’s drink when you are cleaning up because it seems a shame for it to go to waste?

If you find yourself staring at your companion’s unfinished wine goblet, wondering why they’re is not on her third glass like you, you may have a problem.

2. You Drink at Every Social Occasion, and When You Are at Home Too.

Do you need a drink to make you less nervous at parties? Do you open a beer before the Saturday morning barbeque because it is no fun without it?

Alcoholics need to drink all the time. What starts as social drinking can evolve into addictive behavior.

If you need to drink both when you are out with others and when you are home alone, you may be drinking too much.

3. You Say Things When You Have Been Drinking That You Regret Later.

Sometimes a cocktail will loosen the tongue and give you the courage to ask someone out or confront that person who has been mean to you. However, because alcohol frees you from inhibitions, you can sometimes end up saying things you later wish that you didn’t.

Do you get into fights with your spouse every time you drink, and later forget what the fight was about? Have you gotten into trouble with friends or co-workers by saying things while you were under the influence? This may be a sign that you are overdoing it.

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4. You Lie to People About How Much You Drink.

Do you say you have had only one drink when you have in fact had many more? Do you deny it when someone asks if you are drunk? Do you make up stories to cover up drunken or hungover behavior?

One of the primary signs of an alcoholic is that they lie. They lie about their drinking and then they start lying about everything else.

5. You Experience Blackouts After Drinking.

Have you ever woken up after a night out and had no idea how you got home? Have you forgotten where you parked a car or why your girlfriend is mad at you?

Blackouts are a sure sign that your drinking is getting excessive. They are dangerous, too. You may appear to be fully functioning while in a blackout, and try to drive a car or attempt other risky behavior. You may become vulnerable to abuse or other crimes.

6. Your Relationships Are Suffering Due to Your Partying.

Have you been kicked out of the house or given an ultimatum? Alcoholism destroys families and relationships.

If you care more about getting drunk than how you are treating the people who care about you, you may have crossed the line into addiction.

7. You Keep Saying You Are Going to Quit but You Never Seem to Be Able To.

The disease of alcoholism prevents people from stopping drinking, even if they desperately want to. Even people who have been in treatment for alcoholism need to work very hard to maintain sobriety.

If you want to stop drinking but you keep reaching for the bottle, you need help. Luckily there are places where you can go which will help you. For example, check out this link for suggestions on how to get assistance.

8. Your Hangovers Are Getting Progressively Worse.

You used to be able to knock back a six pack and wake up and go jogging. Now you seem to struggle out of bed, fighting a pounding headache and an upset stomach.

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Sound familiar? As dependence on alcoholism progresses, you feel sicker and sicker. The only thing that makes it feel better is more booze, and eventually, even that doesn’t help.

9. You Will Do Anything to Get Some Alcohol into Your Body.

Have you ever finished last night’s drink the next morning? Have you ever stolen a bottle of booze from a friend or a store? Have you driven in a snowstorm to get another bottle because you ran out?

If you are engaging in risky behavior just to obtain alcohol, that is another sign that your life is spinning out of control. Consider asking for help.

10. You Need a Drink to Stop the Shakes in the Morning.

Delirium Tremens is a sign of chronic alcoholism, and includes confusion and shaking. It happens when the body goes through physical withdrawal from alcohol. The easiest way to stop it is to have a drink.

If you are shaking in the morning when you wake up, your body may be demanding alcohol. You are definitely in the danger zone if this is happening to you.

How Much Is Too Much Drinking? When Your Life Becomes Unmanageable

If you are wondering how much is too much drinking, you may already be heading towards a problem. Take stock of how much booze you consume and, more importantly, how you act when you drink. Are you getting out of control?

You do not have to hit rock bottom to get help. You may want to speak to a doctor or an addiction specialist to see if you might need to put down the bottle for a while.

If the thought of stopping seems impossible to you, you may have answered your own question.

For more advice on living your best life and leaving old habits behind, check out our wellness blog.


Recovering from alcohol addiction is tough, so consider attending aa meetings in Sedona. The better your support system throughout your recovery the better your chances are of staying sober.

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