Why You Should Use a Transcription Service for Your Business

Why You Should Use a Transcription Service for Your Business

What happened at the last business meeting you attended?

If you looked around the room, you probably noticed a few people staring into space. You saw at least one person sleeping. Maybe it was you.

Around 91% of people sitting in business presentations daydream. Thirty-nine percent sleep.

Let’s be real. A business meeting isn’t the most exciting gig in town. If attendees plan their dream vacation or, even worse, snooze, how likely is it that they read the presentation materials?

You can’t control people and their attitude toward business meetings. You can ensure the presentation materials engage as many attendees as possible.

A professional transcriptionist can help.

Learn more about why using a transcription service is good for your business.

What Is a Transcription Service?

Imagine you’ve created an award-winning presentation. You’ve invited staff from your local office to an afternoon meeting where you’ll deliver the goods.

You’re set for recording your presentation. You’ve even considered sharing it on social media.

Your project is a perfect fit for business transcription services.

Transcription converts audio files to electronic documents or transcripts. Transcription also works well with video files.

For video, the service transcribes the audio into the same type of electronic file. Most services also offer on-screen captioning along with your electronic document.

If you’ve been the sole creator of presentations for your business, you can get a piece of your life back when you work with a transcription service.

Benefits of Professional Transcription

When you choose professional transcription services, you make a smart choice for your business.

Since transcription is a specialized skill set, it’s unlikely you have an in-house transcription team. Consider these benefits of outsourcing the work to a professional:

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Save Money

You don’t pay for wages, benefits, training, or equipment. If you had an in-house transcription team, they’d be on your payroll. Outsourcing means you pay for service as you need it.

Save Time

Transcription, especially if someone has little to no experience, is a tedious job. Professionals focus on delivering your transcript in a timely manner. And they don’t exchange timeliness for quality, as you’ll see next.

Guaranteed Results

A professional service like Way With Words understands how accuracy and timely delivery work together to ensure a superior product. Working with professional transcriptionists means your project is error-free and delivered on-time.

Transcription Increases Your Content Value

Another benefit of using a transcription service is a boost in value for your multimedia content.

In the past, people mainly accessed information through reading. Today, your audience craves personalized content.

Personalized means your audience can view a video, listen to audio, and read your text.

When a business shares content over social media, transcripts help the business reach more followers. Followers don’t always have time for viewing or listening to an entire presentation. A transcript allows access on the follower’s schedule.

An added bonus is keyword richness. Transcripts, which are full of keywords, provide original content. Original content is essential for indexing—the key to higher visibility.

Will a Transcription Service Work for Me?

No matter what type of business you manage, you can benefit from professional transcription services.

When you contract with a transcription service, you save money and time while ensuring you offer a superior product that maximizes engagement with your audience.

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