Why It’s Time to Start Buying Reusable Water Bottles

Why It's Time to Start Buying Reusable Water Bottles

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll be familiar with the giant garbage patch that was discovered in the Pacific Ocean.

Plastics are devastating to the environment, so it’s prudent that we all do our part to eliminate excess waste.

One way to help is to choose Reusable Water Bottles over disposable plastic versions. Read on to discover why this is important, and how you can help.

You’ll Reduce a Plethora of Waste

Plastic water bottles end up in landfills, forests, and our waterways. When you use Reusable Water Bottles, you can help to reduce waste by a huge amount. If everyone does their part, the number of plastic bottles can be greatly reduced over time.

Approximately 50 billion plastic water bottles are purchased in the United States every year. It also takes around 47 million gallons of gasoline to transport those bottles throughout the United States alone.

By reducing the demand for plastic water bottles, you can help reduce waste while saving on excess energy consumption. It’s a win-win for the environment and the consumer.

There has been evidence that shows some animals like sea turtles and whales have been found with plastic in their stomach. This can kill marine life, and it’s certainly something you wouldn’t want to contribute to whenever possible.

You’re Saving Lots of Money with Reusable Water Bottles

Most of the money spent on bottled water is in the cost of the packaging alone. Rather than purchasing bottled water at the grocery store or your local convenience mart, consider using your reusable bottle instead.

You’ll be surprised at just how much money you can save if you opt to use a reusable bottle rather than buy a case of bottled water every week or month. Those costs can really add up over time.

Instead of dropping cash on prepackaged water bottles, ditch them and use your reusable bottle as often as possible. A simple, one-time cost will be much less than repeated purchases of packaged water which has a high markup.

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Stay Healthier

Plastic can actually cause you some health problems over the long haul. A substance called BPA, or bisphenol-A, is found in a wide array of plastic products.

This chemical is used to make plastic items, but it can slowly seep into your bloodstream when you use plastic containers that hold water or food products. Over time, this chemical can affect your hormone levels and may even have the potential to cause cancer.

Rather than expose yourself to harmful BPA, choose a reusable water bottle made of glass or metal instead. Stainless steel is the best alternative for metal Your body will thank you over the long haul!

When you drink from a plastic bottle, you could also be consuming small plastic fibers. This basically means that you’re drinking plastic, which definitely isn’t good for the human body. Avoid this by sticking to tap water or other sources where it has not been sitting in plastic.

Express Yourself with Reusable Water Bottles

Not only is using a reusable bottle better for the environment and your body, but it’s also a fun way for you to express yourself. With so many different styles and colors available, you’re sure to find a bottle that suits your style.

Look for fun prints and patterns that will give your bottle a touch of personality. Some companies include fun bottle holders so you can take yours with you on the go, while bike riding, or while camping.

You can even purchase customized bottles with your name on them. They also make fabulous gifts for families and friends.

Buy several water bottles that are reusable and keep one at home, one in your car, and one at work. This will help you avoid the temptation of the quick-fix that comes along with buying disposable plastic water bottles.

You can also avoid plastic in other household and kitchen items like a carafe, pitcher, and coffee makers all made of glass or stainless steel. Keeping this theme cohesive throughout your life will help you be more mindful of using plastic as a solution for beverages and other items.

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Store Bought Water Isn’t Better

With so many promises and slick advertising, you might think that pre-packaged, bottled water is better for you than tap water. The reality is that in most places, tap water is just as good if not better for you than pre-bottled water.

Since the FDA has greater regulations on tap water than they do on bottled water, you might be surprised to learn that tap is better in most cases. Don’t fall for the promises and fancy wording on most bottles’ labels. Keep yourself hydrated while saving money by filling your reusable bottle with good old fashioned tap water.

Some reusable bottles include a filter, so you can always add that if you’re unsure about purity or the way your water tastes when you drink it. You can even add fresh fruit or cucumber to your water if you’re concerned about the taste.

As for the tap in your kitchen, install a charcoal water filter that will help remove any leftover impurities. This can also make the water taste a bit clearer and cleaner to your liking.

Make the Switch

Whether your goal is better health or a better environment, it’s easy to make the switch to reusable water bottles. Ditch the plastic and look for something made of glass or stainless steel that won’t leach harmful chemicals into your body or into our waterways.

With this simple change in habit, you can do more to help our environment while saving yourself some money in the process. Pick out a few fun bottles that reflect your style, and fill them up with cold tap water as needed.

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