Camping This Summer? 7 Chill Tips to Stay Cool on Your Trip

Camping This Summer? 7 Chill Tips to Stay Cool on Your Trip

Imagine wearing layers of heavy sweaters, hoods, leggings, and gloves. Then imagine wearing a loose tank top, shorts, and sandals. Most of us would rather the latter. Summer camping offers so many outdoor activities that the other seasons don’t. This translates to long hot days, swimming in some cool water, Frisbee, water games, and lots of fun.

You need to be cool and stay cool to enjoy this weather. This means being prepared with useful tips to handle every situation and to successfully enjoy this season.

Make the most out of it with these seven crucial tips to stay cool on your trip.

1. Pitch Your Tent in the Shade

Before setting up, make sure to scout the campsite for the spots that will offer the most amount of shade in the hottest hours of the day. The trick is to let the sun absorb most of the sun rays rather than your tent.

Once you spot an area where the sun is blocked on all angles, pitch there.

2. Set up a Tarp

A tarp provides extra shade and protection from the sun and heat. This means you will comfortably sit outside the tent enjoying the views, or playing board games ensuring you stay cool without having to worry about the sun’s rays.

Be sure to set it up in a way that does not block any breeze; you’ll need as much of it as possible. A tarp is one of the hacks to make camping cuter and cooler.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is an essential part of staying cool and healthy in these hot environments. The best way to go about this is by putting your 3 liters in an insulated bottle to keep it cool.

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Keeping yourself well hydrated is one of the best hacks to tackle the heat.

4. Sleeping Bag Liner over Sleeping Bag

Get rid of that sleeping bag and use a thin sheet instead. It works even better if it’s a silk sleeping bag liner because not only is it cooler than cotton, but also will absorb sweat.

5. Get a Tent with Vents and Lots of Mesh

Mesh tents came as a revolutionary in the world of camping. The mesh walls will offer protection from harmful insects while allowing the breeze to blow in. In case you can’t afford the luxury a mesh inner tent, ensure your tent of choice have a mesh on the vents, windows, and doors.

From camping tents with AC, and camping air conditioners, these brands have some of the modern design camping equipment.

6. Stay Cool with the Fly Off

The chances of rain in the summer are slim. Taking off the rainfly can be one of the best ways to fight off the heat. This also doubles up to offer a view of the stars to fall asleep to.

It is advisable not to remove it before the sun sets or otherwise you’ll suffer the direct sunlight.

7. Carry a Portable Fan

If you’re having trouble getting the natural breeze in, a portable fan is ideal in this situation as it offers a breeze that is quite blissful and as Camping Forge explains, it makes your tent cozier.

The best camping fan should be of lightweight, portable and quite.

Tips to Stay Cool Your Trip

With loads of outdoor activities in summer camps, these tips will ensure that you stay cool on your hassle-free and safe trip.

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