Smart and Savvy: Small Business IT Solutions to Adopt Today

Smart and Savvy: Small Business IT Solutions to Adopt Today

By the end of this year, global IT spending is predicted to reach $5 trillion. And there’s a good reason why. Technology helps out businesses in a myriad of ways.

There are also constant software and appliance updates, which makes businesses feel pressured to stay on top of the times.

Overall, technology helps boost your sales, streamline many tasks, results in better efficiency, and you can even save money.

But with all of the technology options, which ones do you choose? Every business is different, but many can benefit from these small business IT solutions, from the DIY to professional services.

Small Business IT Solutions for a More Efficient Business

You probably know you need new tech for your business but may not know where to start. These IT services will help improve every aspect of your business.

Open-Source Software

Open-source software is an effective and affordable software solution for small businesses. This type of software contains a source code that’s available to users.

You can distribute the software amongst multiple users and even modify the program (to some extent).

Open-source software can fit into just about any budget and they make this type of software for a myriad of businesses and purposes.

What are some examples of open-source software? You probably use Open Office. This program comes with a variety of tools such as documents and spreadsheets that you can modify and share amongst your team.


Back in the day, workers were confined to their desk if they wanted to make a phone call. That’s because phones were on a landline. This all changed with advanced technology, specifically with VoIP.

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, allows you to make calls over the internet. This technology allows your workers to make calls anytime. All they need is an internet service, a headset, and the necessary VoIP software.

Online Invoicing Services

There’s no reason to keep your bookkeeping and accounting services on paper.

Online invoicing software helps streamline your invoicing processes while you keep better track of your books. In addition, you’ll be able to process your billing quicker.

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Many businesses wonder how to expedite the training and onboarding processes. A great example of this is by downloading screencasting software. Screencasting records whatever you’re doing on your computer with voice-over narration.

The most important way to use screencasting is for training. You can navigate your system’s platform or CMS program to better explain the processes to new hires.

You can also use screencasting for other demonstrations and even testimonials during meetings.

Remote Desktop Applications

Very soon, 50% of the US workforce will work remotely. How will your employees still access your company’s platforms?

You can make this possible with a remote desktop application. Your remote workers can access your data and even your primary platform while working from their home or wherever they are.

Online Appointment Scheduling

This is technology commonly used in the medical fields and any other field where appointments and meetings are primary. Online appointment scheduling programs allow you to keep all appointment data in one place.

These programs are great for you and for your customers. Your customers can easily set an appointment with information such as the day, time, and any additional notes.

This software is also convenient for you, in case you need to arrange a product demo or a meeting with a new client.

Help Desk Applications

No matter how hard you try to have a responsive and high-quality website, there are things that can go wrong.

If you have a way for customers to contact you in case something goes wrong, a help desk application helps streamline this process even further.

These applications place all customer requests in one place. You can view your emails, phone messages, and website help tickets and easily manage all of these requests.

If hosting internal help desk applications isn’t an option for you, you can always outsource managed services.

Cyber Security Solutions

By 2021, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually. Your business may be small but you’re still at risk of getting hacked.

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A cybersecurity system or professional can help protect your business data.

If your system does get compromised, they can work diligently to ensure the hackers don’t harm your corporation. Even purchasing an antivirus plan protects you from malware and viruses.

Replace Your Hardware

Unfortunately, software and any other cloud-based tech can’t solve everything.

If your systems are running poorly, there comes a time when you have to blame your hardware. It may be expensive, but replacing your hardware regularly will help process all of your data and your work in a quick manner.

Replacing your hardware will also prevent your computers from falling into common aging issues. This includes slow processors and dysfunctioning operating systems.

Switch to the Cloud

If you haven’t made the switch to the cloud yet, now is the time.

The cloud gives you a convenient and affordable platform to store and share your data.

While your most precious files shouldn’t be made available on the cloud, you can store simple data such as common company documents, website content, and training resources.

You can share all of this information with your employees and even your clients.

The cloud also helps collaboration and your employees can easily submit their work through the cloud. You can also access the cloud from a myriad of devices, including your computer, tablet, and phone.

Are You Keeping Up With the Tech Times?

Small business IT solutions improve your productivity, your relationship with clients, and help make your company run more efficiently.

From switching to the cloud to optimizing your business for open-source software, there are many ways to upgrade your small business tech.

Communication tech is even becoming more advanced, with systems such as VoIP helping communicate with customers and online scheduling programs improving the scheduling process for you and your customers.

Just understand you can do many of these tech duties internally. If DIY is becoming a struggle, you can always outsource your IT services.

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