Best camping tips for the beginners

For an adventurous soul, camping is equivalent to a self-search. Camping trip helps you in connecting with nature, listening to the symphony within it, and relaxation. The boredom of a busy schedule can be wiped out by camping amidst the natural surrounding that has always attracted you. Camping brings out the gypsy in you, and you will be able to unleash your soul with a few days of camping. For you, the charm may lie in the “roughing it” part of the trip. But there is no harm in learning a bunch of small tricks to make your next outdoor trips more comfortable.

The five tracks that we suggest here are not only crafty but also easy to make. Anyone with little ingredients can implement the tricks and save money and time. Isn’t it the goal? Let’s have a look, pal!

The easy hack of mosquito repellent:

If you are planning to camp somewhere, you surely do expect mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can spoil your camping extravaganza. There is a great hack that could help you in shooing the mosquitoes away from your tent area without even going for a bug repellent. And< trust me, knowing this skill can make you the dark knight among your camping buddies. Next time you go camping, take a bunch of sage leaves to scare off the buzzing intruders from your circle. What you have to do is taking a bunch of sage and put them on fire. As the sage burns, the smoke coming from it does its job. Yes! Sage helps repel mosquitoes naturally. After ten to fifteen minutes, you can hear a lot less buzzing.

An easy trick of breakfast with eggs:

Do you egg? Can you not do breakfast without an egg? Do you want an egg even on camping? But to your great disappointment carrying eggs during camping is not a good idea. They can break in your bag pack, they can make a mess by dripping after breakage, and you can forget where you had them and make everyone mad. However, it is possible without any messy business if you follow our little hack. First, break the eggs before you go off to camp and put them in a water bottle with a tight cap. So, it will not spoil any of your things in your bag. It is possible to take eggs with intact yolks if you have a bottle with a bigger opening. However, you have to store the bottles in your cooler; otherwise, the eggs will go bad after a few hours. Happy scrambled egg day!

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Keeping your feet warm:

Camping is not a piece of cake when it is at a high-altitude place. During low temperature, our feet are probably the last part of our body to get warmed up. Even after we retire for the night into our cozy sleeping bags, our feet seem to be ice-cold. And, if your feet are not warm, you are neither. So, you take a bottle of hot water into your sleeping bag when you snuggle into yours and keep it at the feet of your sleeping bag to enjoy its warmth on your feet. With this crafty little idea, we make use of the heat-storing property of water. Please make sure the quality of the bottle is right, that it will not break or leak, and the cap of the container is tightly placed after filling it with water. If the bottle feels hard, you can wrap it up with a towel or something and move on with your sleep.

Pack a pair of socks only for sleeping:

The day time activities of your camping days include treading on dirt, dust, twig, pine needles. While you snuggle into your sleeping bag, you may not want these in your sleeping bag. So, you need to avoid wearing your day time socks in your pocket. It does not have to be tight hiking socks, but a pair of beautiful ankle socks will do. It is also comforting for your mental and emotional health. After a long day of hiking thrill, a fresh pair of hose will ease you down so that you can enjoy the lonely nights outside the tent. Keep one or two extra pairs of socks which you can wear while hiking in case the one you are using gets wet.

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The trick to avoiding carrying a wet soap around:

Soap is essential every day. You have to use soap for casual hand washing or medical issues. And, while you are camping for an extended period, you must take occasional baths. But, carrying a whole bar of soap is not suitable for campers. After using the soap gets wet, and you cannot put it anywhere without making one thing or another soapy in your bag. Even assuming you can keep it in a packet of its own, there will be a sticky mess, bubbles and soapy water inside it. The hack in use here can fix the problem quickly. Just use a vegetable peeler to cut a slice from the bar before every time you take a bath or wash your hands. You can peel a slice before every use, or you can store several installments in a box and grab one before you go off to bathe. Be careful not to spill water in the box, or the entire point of carrying the box will be ruined. Instead of hand sanitizer, you can cut small pieces of aluminum foil and fold it to make a pouch and put detergent in every bag for single use.

So, the ultimate camping tricks and hacks are at your hands. Apart from these, you can always come up with your hack that you think useful for any given problem. With this stock of camping hacks, you can hike to any height, and dive into any depth. Nothing can stop you from having the most fun on your next camping trip, because you are not disturbed with camping problems. So, pack your bags and buckle up your shoes, nature calls you from the beyond!

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