How To Kill a Tree

How To Kill a Tree

Intro on How To Kill a Tree

Do you ever come to see that your backyard burgeons with trees? Because you must be on an extended vacation, right? So after five years, you get to see trees everywhere, where you were supposed to enjoy swimming or your pet supposed to hang out there. So, from now on, you must come to know how to kill a tree, right? 

No worries, in this article, we will talk about this. So after reading between the lines of this tree-killing article hacks, you will find your own way. 


Why Do We Need To Kill Trees?


Killing trees is not welcoming because of many reasons. Few sentences are not sufficient, which indeed describes the importance of trees. Plants are the most crucial element of global lives. Every life needs oxygen to live appropriately. 


Though trees are the only resources to get oxygen, we do need to cut them for a reason. However, we destroy trees for our need or without any condition. Yes, trees are a significant part of our daily life as our oxygen, wood, and so on. It is true that without trees it’s totally impossible to lead our life. 


Plants are useful and a significant part of our environment. It helps to decrease the temperature immediately. This is the reason we breathe daily without any barrier. If anyone asks you “how to kill trees,” you should first say its importance. Then give him/her suggestions about the topic


So the reason to kill trees are shown below: 


  • We kill trees when it is out of order or more in numbers than we have expected for plantation. 
  • Before the natural fire breaks out, the California forest is an ideal example. 
  • We kill harmful trees sometimes
  • Kill trees because we need fuel for furniture making. 


Demerits of killing trees


However, trees are an essential part of our life. It’s decreasing day by day. People are cutting trees for building new towns and factories as well as it is vanishing by urbanization. For this cause, the level of oxygen is going down, and carbon dioxide is increasing as well. It is definitely not a good sign for the world. Yes, we need some products which are coming from trees, but we should plant trees similarly. It is sad, the land of planting trees is reducing much due to urbanization. We should organize a good structure for the town. Where will be available the perfect zone for all of us?


Well Organized Housebuilding  


The buildings for people will be well shaped for living together with the natural environment. Most importantly, there needs to be a playground for kids and teenagers people as well as a garden too. In all words, we have to build all the cities supportive of nature. Free land to plant trees, gardens, separated areas for waste management, and so on. Then we will be friends with nature with all the facilities.       


Elements of Nature 


The tree is one of the five elements of nature. Earth is the combination of fire, wood, water, air, and soil. If it has a crisis of one aspect, it will be an imbalance of nature. Then different types of natural disasters have happened at different times. So that we have to know this before thinking “how to kill a tree.” We should practice the habit of planting two trees if we cut one tree.   


Way to kill a Tree


Trees are growing up from seed to large size. They have left and change their needs for the season. So it can say for trees to kill words. There are many ways to kill a tree. Actually, it depends on the size of the tree how you need to kill the tree. Here I found some effective and easy ways to kill trees. These actually depend on the size and chemical use in nature. 

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Spray Trees


If the size is below 5 feet, you can use a general brush killer. Just use the spray, and the tree will die. I have an Elm tree in the foremost part of my house, giving a fair amount of shade on a hot day. But loads of seeds and baby trees are popping up everywhere. Then I spray them with some herbicide like a stump killer and fertile brush. All of the baby trees die in a few days, which are below 4 feet.


Chemically killing a Tree.


Pesticides can kill a tree by adequately applying. Remember to be safe for the environment. Here are some tips to chemically kill a tree.


  • Before using chemicals, talk to the local chemical specialist to know about chemical treatments. 
  • When cutting down the stump, use the herbicides immediately; hence your tree doesn’t have a chance to sprout again. 
  • Plant roots can share vascular tissue nutrients. You can use herbicides in the origins to injure or kill trees. 
  • Avoid using chemicals in certain areas when they can injure other trees. Try it during the dry season and be alert about the cultivation of land. 





Cut and Remove Trees 


If they are more than 4 or 5 feet, then you have to cut them and remove the stump. Most of the common trees like palm, oak, pine, and maple don’t need any chemicals to kill. To kill them, just cut and remove them. Here is why you don’t need to take any pressure for how to kill a tree. 


There are tons of equipment you will find on Amazon. Some of them are pruning saws, and some others are different types of saw machines. Getting the right equipment to cut the tree is a must. Hence, you will find your task easy to finish. 


Moreover, you may get your hands on the cutting ax. The edges would be pretty sharp enough to cut down or chop down a tree in a moment. But we won’t suggest you use it across the giant size tree. 


Chemical Tree Killer


I did try my best to find a chemical to kill a giant tree. At last, I found the most popular tree killer used by arborists called Tordon. Tordon is a Mexican product, and it works very well. My neighbor used it to kill some of the hardest trees and get good results. He used Tordon in freshly cut stumps within 30 minutes, and in a few days, they were completely dead. Tordon did his job.


How to get this chemical: 

Chemical tree killers are not a person; it is a simple chemical solution. However, the solution is not available while working beyond the industry. Hence, getting such a solution only available in the medics. 


If you want to get this solution, then you must apply a petition to the environmental department of your state unless you will get arrested to unlawfully kill a tree. 


Once you get to approve the petition for using chemicals, then only if you come to pour it over your tree. This is why we ask you to go to the department of environmental office then send a petition or letter. 


Seal Butt with the Plastic      


I visited a shop to buy an Axe a few days ago before I don’t even know how to kill a tree. The owner gave me a tip for free. He said if you want to Kill the hardest tree, cut down the tree and seal the top with plastic. I haven’t tried it yet, but he said he killed three Elm trees by using this method. At the same time, he has seen an effective result. You can try this and let us know the outcome. 


Call a kill a tree Surgeon  


If you are thinking “how to kill a tree,” I would suggest you just call an Arborist. It is the no tension way to remove your tree. Don’t worry about damaging your property. In contrast, they have all the equipment to bring down the trees. 

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More fast Tree Killers


There are many tree killers in our area, but I always suggest using Tordon. Since I use this and I know about it indeed. That’s why I like to recommend it first. There are several chemicals that work correctly and quickly. 


Removing the Roots


What is the best way to kill a tree? Yes, if you cut down the tree, then grind the stump properly. Sometimes it’s not enough to kill your trees. For a significant number of trees, it sprouts from the stump again. Then you have to cut them also when they appear. Only the way to kill a tree completely removes the root from the soil. Especially this need for the only big trees.


If you let the roots alive, then most possibly, a new plant will sprout out. It turns out, and it will grow up and become another tree. Here is why you will need to uproot a plant without leaving the roots it. As a result, you won’t find a tree after a year or so. 


Starving a kill a tree


The bark of a tree is the transformer of soil nutrients to the leaves and branches. If you cut the bark, it stops translating food to other parts of the tree. In some cases, some trees jump or bypass the girdle. 


To get mind-blowing results, you should definitely remove all the bark of the trees around 1.5 inches with an ax. Additionally, it need to be more than 8 inches wide for large trees.  



FAQ OF kill a tree


Are there any other substances we can apply after cutting the tree, in case we don’t have herbicide?


Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) or, in other words, rock salt (sodium chloride), helps to kill trees without physical effort. You can also use benzine and burn the trunk. 



How do I kill a tree without peeling it or cutting it?


Put the weedkiller in water, then put the malicious water in the fertile soil near the tree. Be aware that it will pervert the plants nearby as well. Anyhow, the poison can also damage your health, causing a huge reaction to your skin or body swelling. 


What benefit is there in killing the tree before cutting it down, instead of merely filling it?


It will be easier to cut the wood because it won’t be as spongy or springy. Mostly it is about personal preference, though.


How do you kill a tree naturally?


First of all, remove the outer limbs. After that, cut the tree from the stump and drill it into the remaining body. Put salt, herbicides, and nitrogen into the holes. It will die in a few days.  


How much salt will kill a tree?


Generally speaking, the salt kill process depends on the size of the tree mainly. For example, if it is about a plant then, you need 3 cups of water, 6 cups of salt, and drill ½ inch drills the stump. Spray the salt mixture water around the tree. The fact is that will die everything surrounding the area. 


How to kill a tree Ending


Hopefully, you have come to know how to kill a tree as we have shown up some of the definitive ways. Hence, after reading between the lines of this article, you will get to find the processes. Remember killing a tree is the most unlikely spectrum, but we showed you the way when your tree becomes an obstacle. This kind of issue would be with the building of a new apartment or during the end of the life-cycle of your giant tree. If anything you need to know more in this regard, then make sure to make a comment then we will come back with an answer. 


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