What Is Jock Itch?

what is jock itch

What is Jock Itch: Introduction

In short, “what is jock itch” refers to a common type of skin infection caused by fungus. Also, it is known as Tinea Cruris. Besides, there are several other names of jock itch. For example, crotch itch, dhobi itch, gym itch, jock rot, ringworm of the groin, and eczema marginatum. You may be familiar with the Tinea groups or not. However, Tinea cruris is similar to other tinea infections. Generally, some microscopic mold-like fungi cause jock itch. They are also called dermatophytes. Furthermore, you can also find them on your nail and hair too. A bit scary, right?

Generally speaking, you may think of them as harmful parasites. Instead, they are usually harmless. But they like to live a happy life in warm and moist spots in your body. For instance, inner thighs, groin folds, genitals, and buttocks. Surprisingly, they can multiply fast in warm spots.

In this article, you will get every data respecting what is jock itch. Also, it’s treatment, prevention, cause, and everything. So, stay focused.

Who gets Jock Itch?

Though everyone can get the itch, some people are more exposed to it. Specifically, adolescent boys, male athletes, and people who sweat a lot. Unfortunately, males are much more vulnerable to itching rather than females. Also, you don’t need to be an athlete or sweaty person to get the skin disease. In fact, anyone can be affected by it as the condition thinks very little about the age factor. 

Moreover, people suffering from diabetes, obesity are also vulnerable to this itching destruction. In case children can get it, but it’s very uncommon.


The most widespread symptom is a red, circular, scaly rash on the skin. Indeed, it itches and eventually burns. Likewise, other symptoms include:

  1. Cracking, flaking, rippling skin
  2. Persistent itching, redness
  3. Circular, scaly reddish skin
  4. Rash spreads
  5. Plaque may form in some cases.

Usually, most people get the itching sign on the inner thighs and groin folds. As time passes, it spreads. Though it typically doesn’t reach the scrotum. But it can affect the scrotum as well as anus, vagina, penis, and anus. 

In some cases, it may get severe and can develop secondary complications. For example, pus formation, cellulitis, ulcers, and open sores. 

Risk Factors

Got bored searching for what is jock itch? Of course, there is a slipway of preventing or treat itching skin disease. But what are the risk factors? You should know about the risk factors. Because it will help you to take proper steps to avoid the jock. You can get infected by jock itch if you do this:

  1. Wear a wetsuit for an extended period
  2. Wear tight pants 
  3. Keep the groin moist after exercise
  4. Overweight
  5. Using other people’s towel or cloth
  6. Have diabetes
  7. Unhygienic lifestyle

What is jock itch Causes? 

As I have mentioned earlier, microscopic mold-like fungi cause it. Specifically, they are called dermatophytes. Surprisingly, these fungi naturally live in our bodies. They do not arise typically. But some factors influence them to multiply faster. For instance, lack of hygiene, sweaty spots, and exposure to moisture for a long time. 

However, when they multiply, it causes infection on your skin. Specifically, they cause it, and wreck your skin to tons of rashes. You already know ‘what is jock itch.’ 

Moreover, these fungi are highly contagious. So, skin to skin contact with a patient can cause this type of skin itching. Besides, if you use any cloth or towel of a patient, it will get transmitted easily. 

Jock Itch: Diagnosis

A doctor can easily detect it, merely observing the area of the rash and its surroundings. In fact, you can also see if you have it on your upper skin layer. As you already know what is jock itch, it would not be easy for you. But, it’s better to discuss with a doctor. The doctor will hear about the symptoms. 

Moreover, a doctor can take skin samples in some cases. So the experts can detect if a patient has any other problems.

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Home Remedy:

This itching must be making your life miserable, right? Don’t worry and heal yourself as we say. You must start treatment immediately as soon as you face this itch. Or it will get worse eventually. On the positive side, you can treat it effectively at home unless it’s severe. So, why wait? Follow these suggestions:

  1. Use any OTC(Over-the-Counter) antifungal cream, spray, or powder. Apply it to the affected area as indicated. Undoubtedly, it would work like magic. 
  2. As you know, this fungus multiplies under a warm, moist area. So, don’t forget to keep the affected area dry and clean. 
  3. While bathing, wash the infected spot nicely with warm and soap. After bathing, keep the spot clean and dry.
  4. Everyday change your clothes, especially underwear. Also, you must wash them, including your towel, with detergent and warm water.
  5. Always wear your personal cloth and towel.
  6. Always wear loose and comfortable cotton cloth.
  7. Don’t scratch with a bare hand. Instead, you should use a soft cotton cloth to massage the itchy spot.
  8. For any severe case, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

If you precede these steps, you will surely get rid of the skin disease. Of course, you do not have to search for what is Jock Itch again. But if you lead an unhygienic life, it will surely haunt you. Then also, you will search for what is jock itch and look for a remedy. Of course, these will help you to cure the jock skin itching permanently. 

Other Case:

If any OTC antifungal cream does not work, you should consult with a doctor. Try not to be over-smart and fix it yourself. It may get worse and may develop a secondary infection eventually. So, contact a professional dermatologist and explain yourself. The doctor will prescribe some more potent drugs instead of OTC antifungal creams. Usually, these medications are used: ketoconazole, econazole, clotrimazole, sulconazole, oxiconazole. 

If you face any allergic reaction from those medications, talk with your doctor. Your doctor will change that with a suitable medicine.


Constant itching and a rash are very embarrassing, indeed. The antifungal creams work like magic for the most part. But it can be worse, as you know already. However, you can detect your recovery from the skin disorder easily. There are sure signs from which you can ensure your recovery.


  1. Firstly, your itchiness will gradually fade away. 
  2. Secondly, your rash will dissolve, and your skin starts to regain its usual color.
  3. Finally, the red circle fades away.


Undoubtedly, prevention is better than cure. Do you want a better way to prevent jock itch? Let me tell you a secret. Maintaining good hygiene will always keep you safe from it and other forms of skin diseases. 

Besides, always keep moist areas dry. Always wear your own cloth and towel. Also, don’t forget to wash your clothes regularly. 

Furthermore, use soap while bathing. It’s better to wash after exercise and clean yourself. If you don’t, use your towel to clean the sweat. Do not wear tight clothes. See, that’s not so hard at all. In fact, these are part of our everyday life.

Moreover, other fungal infections can influence jock skin itch. For instance, an athlete’s foot can spread to the groin folds and control it even more. So, you must take some steps so that you don’t get further infected. 

  1. Use antifungal medications for athlete’s foot.
  2. Use separate towels for your feet and groin area.
  3. Before wearing underwear, put on the socks. So, your underwear doesn’t touch your feet, and you will be safe.


  1. The term jock itch means ‘rash.’ Specifically, it’s any kind of rash that takes place in the male groin spot. 
  2. Though females can get this skin rash, males are much more vulnerable to it.
  3. A mold-like fungus named dermatophyte causes it, and surprisingly, it can be found naturally in the human body. When overgrowth takes place, skin rashes like itches happen frequently. 
  4. In males, athletes, adults, and obese people are much exposed to this skin rash. However, in children, it is rare and often impossible due to their immunity.
  5. Hygiene is the best way to prevent this rash itches and other problems of the skin.
  6. Common symptoms of jock itch: itching, reddish rash, pain.
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Why can’t I get rid of jock itch?

The only possible way to get rid of jock itch is by maintaining good hygiene. Or it can get worse by developing secondary infections. However, these few things you should not do:

Keeping groin area wet. After exercise, always clean your groin area dry because the fungus is more likely to reproduce in warm moist spots. So, keep that area dry with a separate towel. It’s better to bathe after exercise and clean yourself. If you don’t, use your towel to clean the sweat.

Poor hygiene. If you are unhygienic, you will be easily infected by jock itch. So, always bathe and keep clean. Never share clothes and use your towel. Also, do not wear tight-fitting clothes.

Using wrong medication: Instead of using antifungal cream, sometimes we use anti-itching cream. For instance, hydrocortisone. So, please do not make this kind of mistake. Besides, it will develop a secondary infection and make it worse.

Being obese. Obesity is another reason to get attacked by fungus. Generally, we get enough spare time. Make those times useful by doing some exercise. This will assist you in getting rid of jock itch.

If you stop doing this, you will surely get rid of the jock itch. But for any worse condition, consult with a professional dermatologist.

Does jock itch look like pimples?

Obviously, jock itch does not look like pimples. Common symptoms of jock itch: itching, reddish rash, pain. Besides, you can easily detect it from a circular, scaly reddish skin. It definitely doesn’t look like pimples. But sometimes, you can see some spots around the sharp border. As time passes, the itching becomes persistent.

Can you get jock itch under your armpits?

It’s uncommon to get it under the armpit as the armpits have other germs. The standard type of jock itch can be found in the inner thighs, groin folds, genitals, and buttocks. However, it can be found under the breast area and armpits too. 

What happens if you leave jock itch untreated?

Jock itch must not be left untreated. You should start treating jock immediately after infection. If you leave this rash untreated, it will get worse. Furthermore, it will spread into more areas with persistent itching. It may develop a secondary infection eventually. Since it’s contagious, you are putting risk to other persons too. 

How do I know Jock itch is healing?

Usually, jock itch fades away within a month. Mostly antifungal creams work fine. So, how would you know if it’s healing? Here are some signs:

  1. At first, the itchiness will fall down.
  2. Redness starts to fade away, and the skin recovers its usual color.
  3. The circle breaks and begins to fade away.

Wrapping up what is jock itch

More or less, everyone can suffer from jock itch. Since it’s a contagious fungal infection, you can easily be contaminated by a patient. During the summer season, jock skin itches spread much. Because it is caused by a fungus named dermatophytes, this microscopic fungus likes to multiply in warm moist areas. So, follow the instructions that have been provided in this article. Everything you need to know about ‘what is jock itch’ is provided. 

Undoubtedly, it’s enough for you. After all, good hygiene can trounce this fungus from causing jock itch. Finally, take care as there is no other wealth than good health. 


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