Top 10 Inexpensive Congratulations Gifts for Girlfriend

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We all know how hard it is to get a decent job nowadays. Times are getting harder and companies are not hiring as much as they used to. That is why finding a good job calls for a celebration. But what gift should you give to your girlfriend who has just gotten a new job? You love her and you want a gift that shows that and more. Don’t just settle for any gift that doesn’t have any symbolize anything, go for a meaningful gift that is also practical. If you have no idea of what types of gifts I am talking about, read this post for 10 for your girlfriend.

A Personalized Notebook

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You know that she worked so hard to get that job and it’s time to reap the fruits of her labor. You can help her do that by giving her a gift to help her carry the office duties in an organized manner. If you get her a good personalized notebook, it will go a long way in assisting her to schedule meetings and other important appointments. Making it personal by engraving her name or initials on the cover you can get this gift in any color that she loves. This will inspire her in everything that she does. This is a nice gift that will make an impression

Picture Frame

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Her new office could use some décor. There are many ways to help her decorate the office one of them is giving her a picture frame so that she can mount her favorite picture on it. The beauty of a picture frame is that it’s so easy to create and can personally create one personally and engrave it with her initials to make the gift romantic and sweet. You need a bouquet of Congratulation Flowers to compliment this type of gift. A small frame will be perfect on the office desk while a big frame can be hung on the wall.

Wooden Business Card Holder

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We are so used to metal or plastic business cards, but did you know that there are also wooden business cards? She is a professional and should do things professionally. A business card is a practical item that helps her to stay organized in the office. It holds several business cards and can fit perfectly in her purse or she can also place it on her office desk. The beauty of using a wooden business card holder is that it can blend well with that mahogany desk or any other wooden desk.

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Congratulations Flowers

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The reason why people love to send floral gifts is that they are full of symbolism. Flowers are used to conveying many emotions. Sending or giving someone a bouquet shows that you are proud and happy of her breakthrough. Getting a job is not an easy thing and is nowadays seen as a great achievement. Since she is your girlfriend, red roses will do just fine as congratulatory flowers. You can get these flowers from your local florist if you intend to give them yourself or you can send them to her through a flower delivery company.

Gel Roller Pen

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Giving her tools for the job so that she can be efficient at what she does is a good thing. One of the many tools that she is going to use daily is a pen. Since she is your girlfriend and you need to make her feel loved and appreciated, this gel roller pen will be a very good and thoughtful gift. It glides very well when writing and doesn’t create any mess on the paper. The pen is available in many colors and you can always get one that fits her taste and preference. A bottle of her favorite wine is going to be a nice complimentary gift.

An Hourglass

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Another great and unique congratulations gift is an hourglass. This is a great symbolic gift that is meant to tell her that time is crucial and that she needs to keep time in all her endeavors. This is a classic gift that will also work well as an office desk décor. You can choose the silver or gold one and they will all look good on the office desk. You can easily get this gift at an antique shop or gift shop. Women feel appreciated when they are given unique gifts and this will make a great one.

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Hand Painted Wine Glasses

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It’s a celebration and we need wine to celebrate. Although these wine glasses don’t have anything to do with what she is going to do at the office, they will make a wonderful gift when the guests arrive to celebrate her new achievement. Look for a set of glasses in her favorite color to make the gift special and interesting. A bottle of wine should be enough to compliment the painted glasses.

A Makeup Kit

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As she dresses up to go to work every morning she has to look and dress like the boss lady she is. And what will make her pop if she doesn’t apply to make up every morning? Help her look her best by getting her makeup kit from her favorite makeup brand. Don’t be afraid to ask her what she likes since there are many different brands in the market with different qualities and women prefer certain brands from others. Buying her this gift shows that you care about how she looks and this gesture makes her feel loved and appreciated.

Insulated Travel Coffee Mug

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She needs to stay energized every time she on the road traveling to a business trip and nothing keeps her pumped up like a hot cup of coffee. The coffee needs to be hot and an insulated travel coffee mug will do a perfect job while she is traveling to attend that important business meeting outside town.

A Laptop Bag

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This is another practical gift that will help her carry her tools of the trade to work. This handy bag has several compartments to carry other office materials besides a laptop. It even has a side pocket to carry a water bottle. Another unique thing about this laptop bag is that it has a USB port where you can connect your phone to, for charging while you are on the move.

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