Italian Romantic Movies to Start With

Italian Romantic Movies

The Italian movie industry is one of the most major, deep-rooted, and remarkable of all the movie industries. One of the genres in which this movie industry has belted out some unforgettable gems – is romance. While plenty of Italian romantic movies have awed the cinephiles and the movie critics of the world alike, here is a list of five Italian romantic movies that have transcended expectations with their tight scripts, attractive cinematography, spell-binding storyline, and mesmerizing acting.

Whether you are a lover of romantic movies and want to see some new stories set in beautiful landscapes, or you are traveling to Italy looking for some interesting topics to discuss with the locals there, this list comprises some of the best Italian romantic movies that would certainly help you in your mission. So all you need now is not just popcorn, but also grab some pizzettas, and your favorite apéritif because you are about to get steeped in an exquisite life and culture, and hey! When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

The Best of all Italian romantic movies – Roman Holiday

Italian Romantic Movies
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This classic tops any list of Italian romantic movies. An unforgettable film not just because of the engrossing plot or the iconic star cast, but also because of the spirit of love and free-spiritedness; or maybe love sets you free. And not to forget the use of actual locations of Rome like the Roman Forum where Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck’s character) meets the enchanting yet duty-bound Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) for the first time, or the magnificent Castel Sant’Angelo (which is now a museum), the Trevi Fountain where Peck tries to borrow a camera from a school girl, or the Spanish Steps where Ann tells Joe that she would like to do just what she would like for a whole day long which starts off the journey of wish fulfillment and love. With Italy and all of its beauty at the backdrop, ‘Roman Holiday’ is a delightful classic, the best of all the Italian romantic movies that you can cherish over and over again.

A Room with a View

Italian Romance Movies

Another classic that never ages, though generations may come and go. ‘A Room with a View’ is one of the best Italian romantic movies which was released in 1985 and it tops the list till date. Young Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham Carter) is a free-spirited girl born in the repressive and strict Edwardian culture of England. She comes to Florence for a holiday with her spinster cousin Charlotte Bartlett. They get disappointed as they don’t get ‘A Room with a View’ in their Italian pensione. They exchange it with Mr. Emerson and his charming son George (Julian Sands). Love takes its first flight when Lucy tours Italy’s Piazza della Signoria and faints at a brutal spectacle. At this moment, George comes to her aid. Later in the story, Charlotte finds Lucy and George embracing each other in a poppy field. Charlotte intervenes and decides to cut the trip short. She takes Lucy back to England, where she gets engaged to Cecil Vyse. As the story progresses, George comes to England. Lucy’s feelings for him resurface. She asks him to leave only to discover later her true love for him as a result of which she calls off her engagement with Cecil. In the end, Lucy gets married to George and for their honeymoon, they choose the same pensione and the same ‘Room with a View’, the window of which overlooks the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore of Italy. 

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Under the Tuscan Sun

Italian movie under the Tuscan sun
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Whether you are a die-hard romantic or not, ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ is for you for more reasons than just romantic love. This is one of those Italian romantic movies that will uplift your spirit, especially when nothing is right, or you are a self-proclaimed ‘mess’. This romantic comedy movie, starring Diane Lane, is based on Frances Mayes’ 1996 memoir that tells us her story of how her perfect life gets disrupted by her husband cheating on her and how that gives her life an unprecedented twist, especially when she decides to buy a villa in Tuscany. Set in the backdrop of the striking landscapes of Tuscany, the story unfolds an adventurous journey when Frances purchases a picturesque but run-down villa where she begins her new life. Eventually, she meets Marcello, who rekindles romance in her life. Undoubtedly this movie promises some very awe-inspiring cinematography. And due to the setting and the star cast, it offers a treat for the eyes.

Manuale d’amore (Manual of Love)

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Four couples, four stories, four different stages of love, and they all weave into each other to make one big blockbuster hit of 2005. ‘Manuale d’amore’ (or Manual of Love) is one of those Italian romantic movies without which any list of greatest rom-com movies is incomplete. While each couple is striving to get hold of the Manuale d’amore, the story in itself makes for a manual of love for the audience as the characters are trying to unravel love and the complexities that come with it. So make sure you do give it a watch. Even if you don’t understand Italian, no worries, ‘love’ has its own language. Besides, each and every actor has done a brilliant job that transcends language barriers.

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Only You

romantic film only you

If there is a movie about falling in love in Italy or if you are looking for a movie to watch while cuddling, then one of the best Italian romantic movies is Only You. Set in the beautiful country of Italy, this movie gives you a fair share of visuals of Venice, Tuscany, Rome, and even the much sought after Amalfi Coast. Now that we got you to binge watching all the wonderful Italian romantic movies, don’t forget to add this one to your list. The storyline, the uninhibited characters, and the solid acting by Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. are sure to make your heart flutter.

Have a Romantic Weekend – Italian Style

The list of Italian romantic movies is much longer than this. This article is intended to help you get started with this amazing genre. So whether you are going to Italy or staying at home, these movies will surely enrich you and make you fall in love with the country. 

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