Learn About the Smart Drug with No Side Effects

the Smart Drug

Learn About the Smart Drug with No Side Effects

When the smart drug such as Modafinil were first being researched, and underwent clinical trials, unlike most other medications it was found that the most noted side effects were the unintentional positive effects. While the medication was created to battle narcolepsy and other forms of daytime sleep disorders, it was discovered that the medicine has massively positive effects on cognitive ability. This “side effect” proved to be more of a positive benefit than anything.

The Smart drug like modafinil are linked as a schedule 4 medication. This simply means that the medication is defined to have a low potential for user abuse, as well as a low risk of dependency. This is a massively beneficial characteristic for a medication of this nature, as many other drugs created to alter cognitive processes generally will require a tapering off period. Those who decide to use smart drugs are not required to take them daily, but only when they feel they are needed.

What Are Smart Drugs

Smart drugs are a class of medications mainly known as nootropics in the medical world. These medications are substances that are able to lift a persons brain performance. These drugs mainly focus on improving cognitive functions, executive functions, creativity, motivation, attention, and memory perception.

These incredible drugs are used by people of all different professions, ranging from students to businessmen, to professional card players, and even astronauts. While these medications promote cognitive abilities in those using them, they are also able to promote wakefulness, alertness, or simply preventing drowsiness. These characteristics can benefit so many different aspects of the above-listed professions, and so many more.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal reported that Modafinil, a well-known smart drug, is used by astronauts on board the international space station during long missions. They claim modafinil is made readily available to the crews in order to optimize performance while fatigued. It shows to help with disruptions in circadian rhythms, as well as the reduced sleep quality astronauts experience.

The US Army approved the use of Modafinil for use on certain air force missions, and many other strenuous missions soldiers endure. They have replaced the use of all amphetamine-based medicines with the use of these smart drugs to deal with all kinds of fatigue management experienced while on duty.

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Why Are Smart Drugs Considered Safe?

Over the years of their use, customer feedback has overall shown that thesedrugsare very safe alternatives to the expensive amphetamine-based medications that they are taking the place of. With a very low potential for experiencing any modafinil side effects, a substantially lower dependency rate, and a high response to the offered benefits, what is there to lose?

Studies that have been conducted from prestigious establishments such as Harvard Medical School, and Oxford, has shown nothing but positive feedback regarding their safety, and efficacy. This would explain why even back in 2016 there had been reports of up to 20% of Ivy League college students regularly using smart drugs in order to meet their deadlines. These numbers have only increased since and will continue to do so as they become more available to those wanting to experience their effects.

In 2008, Modafinil was labelled the “entrepreneurs drug of choice” by TechCrunch. A study later took place by Nature magazine, asking readers if they use cognitive-enhancing drugs, to which 1 in 5 of 1400 participants claimed they did.

The Benefit of Smart Drugs

The benefits that can be experienced with smart drugs can beexponential for so many people. Smart drugs can replace the use of other medications used for concentration, sleep management, or cognitive enhancement that have been shown to cause dependency. Nootropics, or smart drugs, have a massive impact on ones ability to improve their capacity to intake new information and store it securely in the brain to not be forgotten. This is a massive upside for many people who struggle to keep their thoughts organized while staying focused.

Smart drugs have been known to assist with the support of healthy brain functions, as well as protecting brain cells. This is a huge benefit, as depleting brain cells can cause forgetfulness and lower a persons ability to organize fresh knowledge. With these smart drugs generally offering little, to no benefits for every user, those changing from amphetamine-based medicines will feel less agitated from daily use, especially if not taken daily. Most ADHD medicines, when not taken every 24 hours, can cause a very noticeable blood pressure fluctuation, which is incredibly uncomfortable.

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Those looking to buy smart drugs from online pharmacies will experience their benefits before they even receive their order. These incredible medications are available at unbelievably low prices when compared to purchasing them as a prescription medicine through a high-street chemist.

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