Places To Visit In Kumbhalgarh To Experience Perfect Rajasthani Holiday

Places To Visit In Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is the land of kings and queens. If you are someone royalty fascinates, you need to check out the places to visit in Kumbhalgarh. Although small and quaint, this fortress town can leave behind a significant impact. 

Kumbhalgarh is located at a distance of 85km from Udaipur. Therefore, if you’re wondering how to visit Kumbhalgarh fort, you can easily do it. No matter what purpose you’re visiting the Kumbhalgarh fort for, it will leave you satisfied for a long time. 

Kumbhalgarh is one of the most famous hill forts in India. At the same time, it is also the oldest. So, if you want to visit the age-old buildings, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of visiting this place. 

What are the best places to visit in Kumbhalgarh? 

Once you’re in Kumbhalgarh, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of prominent historical forts. At the same time, you will be bewildered by the grace and beauty of the place. What’s more bewildering is that it’s like being in the woods of Udaipur. So, even if you don’t have any plans to visit Udaipur, make sure you do. 

Some of the best places to visit in Kumbhalgarh include the following:

Kumbhalgarh Fort

If you want to indulge in some adventure activities in Kumbhalgarh, you need to visit the Kumbhalgarh fort. The fascinating thing about the place is that the Aravallis encircle it. Rana Kumbha from the Mewar dynasty built the Kumbhalgarh Fort. 

Places To Visit In Kumbhalgarh
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Kumbhalgarh Fort is the perfect destination if you want to view large mammoth-like walls that speak of nothing else but history. If you’re a history lover, you should know that Kumbhalgarh fort is one of the many UNESCO World Heritage sites. Furthermore, there are several palaces and temples located around the fort. 

Individuals will need to purchase a ticket to watch the Kumbhalgarh fort. The fort is open from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm. It is advisable to visit the fort only during the open hours because you get to see the most beautiful. 

Badal Mahal

If you want to watch the beauty of Rajasthan and Kumbhalgarh, you should visit Badal Mahal. Badal Mahal is situated within the Kumbhalgarh fort. Over the years, the place has been attracting numerous visitors considering its beauty. 

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Badal Mahal gives you an insight into the complete breath-taking views of Rajasthan. Apart from the surrounding natural beauty, the visitors are likely to be astounded by colorful murals. The ventilation and airy space of Badal Mahal contributes to its name of the Palace of Clouds. 

Badal Mahal is situated at a very good height, which is why it has this name. It also stands for The Palace of Clouds. Following the old traditions, Badal Mahal has two different sections, like Mardana and Zanana. Therefore, one section caters to the needs of women, while the other is for ken. This will play an important role in sheltering the royal clan. 

Individuals wishing to see the true beauty of Badal Mahal need to pay fees. The opening hours are similar to the general schedule from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple

If you want to explore the beauty of South Indian architecture in North India, you should visit Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple in Kumbhalgarh. This temple was built back in the year 1458. Following the regular structure of South Indian temples, the Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple has a sanctum, open mandapa, and pillars. 

Places To Visit In Kumbhalgarh
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All the pillars of the Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple have encryptions on them. The temple is situated very close to the Kumbhalgarh fort. Therefore, if you’re visiting the fort, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of visiting the Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple. Every Kumbhalgarh sightseeing tour comprises Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple. 

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want to indulge in adventure activities in Kumbhalgarh, you should visit the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary expands at an area of 578 sq km. Therefore, if you are adventure lovers, you should visit the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary. 

The Aravallis surround it. In the past, it used to serve as a hunting ground for royalties. Over the years, the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary has become one of the most popular places to visit in Kumbhalgarh. Unlike the other wildlife sanctuaries, this place boasts deer, nilgai, leopards, and jungle cats. 

Apart from animals, the forest also has around 200 bird species. Some of the most popular bird species you can spot in the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary include golden oriole, parakeets, dove, peacocks, and grey jungle fowl. Not only animals, but the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary also has exotic herbal plants such as dhok, khair, salar and chudel. 

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The best part about visiting Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary is that you can enjoy trekking across the place. Furthermore, you can also not miss out on enjoying the jeep safaris. However, you need to purchase tickets when you visit the place. 

Parshuram Temple

Apart from historical and natural beauty, it would help if you considered visiting the holy places in Kumbhalgarh. Situated in a cave is the Parshuram Temple. It is said that in this case, Rishi Parshuram used to meditate. If you take a short trip to Kumbhalgarh, you should make it a point to visit the Parshuram temple. 

Places To Visit In Kumbhalgarh
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The main God in this temple is Lord Shiva. Furthermore, it also has shrines of Lord Ganesh. There are around nine holy ponds. It is said that none of these ponds dry. However, to visit the Parshuram Temple, you need to climb about 500 steps every day. 

Ganga Govardhan Museum

If you want to explore a place that houses the significant artifacts of Kumbhalgarh, you need to visit the Ganga Govardhan Museum. The museum is trendy for storing historical weapons, crockery, and coins. All these elements act as a part of the glorious history of India. 

The places to visit in Kumbhalgarh will leave you confused. The best part is that within a stay of two days, you will be able to enjoy all the places. At the same time, it is crucial to plan your trip accordingly. The best thing to do is plan your trip for one or two days. Also, don’t forget to relish the delicious Indian food.  Visit Rajasthan!

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