Plants that you should get for your terrace garden

Who does not love a little greenery? The sight of a small house with plenty of maintained flora is a sight to cherish. Plants not only eliminate harmful gases around your home, but it also has a cooling effect on your home. In warm countries, like India, having a terrace garden can save you from the intolerable heat during the daytime. Therefore, your dependence on the artificial cooling system becomes lesser.


Moreover, plants create a pleasing ambiance around your place. A terrace garden also saves space. In this age of brevity, people have small houses, without any adjacent area to plant trees. So, a terrace garden can be a green health cover for you without occupying any extra space. However, you cannot plant just any sapling on your terrace. You have to choose carefully according to climate, soil, space availability, and capacity for maintenance. Here are some plants you can choose from that are quite easy to maintain and will add an aesthetic appeal to your space. 


Money is on Money Plant:

The most loved advantage of having this plat is that it takes a tiny place to grow. It has small, flat, and heart-shaped leaves. You can plant it in a small pot and place it at a shady corner of your terrace. It needs watering once a week. Please keep it away from direct sun, as too much sun exposure can turn its leaves yellow. The soil should be sandy and moss based, which makes drainage easier. This plant carries several myths with its mysterious name. The most popular myth is that, if this plant grows well in a household, there can be no scarcity of money in that house. Oh, my goodness! Run and grab one!


Be merry with Marigold:

If you love vibrant colors, Marigold is your call. Its bright yellow, orange, and dark red hue can paint your terrace with cheerfulness and vivacity. People love to have this plant in their yard and balcony because it demands deficient maintenance. In warm countries, winter is the best season for growing Marigold. The reason is, the perfect temperature for this plant is 18- 200C. Extreme weather restricts its growth. It is quite a typical flowering plant in India. The flowers are used for decoration. People love to make garlands from this flower and hang them around the house on festival days. 

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Aloe Vera:

You can grow a potful of this plant even with a busy schedule of work, as it needs minimum maintenance. Along with creating a green patch on your terrace, an Aloe Vera plant gives you other medicinal benefits. It has rejuvenating power that can heal broken skin or damaged hair. An insect is another thing you don’t have to worry about. This plant has a unique insect resistance capacity that keeps harmful organisms at bay. It does not require much water, as well. You can sprinkle some once is a week whenever you feel so. This plant grows well in a dry climate. You may water it when the mud seems dry. So, you have one less thing to make time for every day. 


Indian basil (Tulsi):

This plant is one of the well-grown plants in the Indian subcontinent. Sometimes it is grown without a proper plantation. However, you can choose this plant as a valuable member of your terrace garden. It does not require much care and maintenance. It has medicinal values and cultural association in our India. It has the power to repel mosquitoes and other insects. In some countries, basil is used as a herb in their cuisine. In almost every Indian house, you can find this plant, either on the terrace or in the balcony. Religion dictates it is a must-have plant in your home yard. All it requires is four hours of sunlight every day. Fertile soil is essential for its sprout. If you have a bad cough, you can tear some leaves of this plant and boil it in water, and you are good to go!


The snake in the garden:

Do not go for the suspicious heading. The snake plant is one of the most ornamental plants for a terrace garden. It cleans the aura around your house by purifying the surrounding air. It is suitable for a terrace garden or balcony garden because it needs very little maintenance. It does not need much sunlight, which makes it a perfect choice for your indoor greenery. The soil does not need to be very fertile. Even it does not require water to survive for months. So literally, you can plant a snake plant and forget about it. Put two or three pots with snake plants together, and see how it adds tremendously to the aesthetics of your garden. 

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When cactus has ears like a bunny:

It is the cutest little member of the prickly family of plants. Bunny ear cactus is named Opuntia Microdasys. It is also known as polka dot cactus. The golden glochids on the entire surface of the cactus appear to be like polka dots. Well, this justifies the alternative name. It has a minimum requirement for growing, which makes this adorable thorn the best terrace plant you can have. Though it cannot be kept indoor, as it requires direct sunlight in all seasons except during winter. It needs a moderately humid climate for its sprout. When the sapling is young, you need to water it every day. After maturation, it is enough to pour water once in a while if the surface of the soil cracks.


These are the most convenient plants that you can buy to make your terrace garden more enriched. You do not need a sprawling area of grassland to feel nature. You can quickly build your terrace garden and experience the magnificence of nature. When you feel low, this little green area can be your best friend. You can brew a cup of coffee and sit in the favorite corner of your terrace garden, enjoying the pages of your loved novel. It is a place where relaxation meets creativity. So, let your thinking days be over and have some renovation on your terrace.


The lovely paradise is on its way!

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