How to Choose Shopify Development Company from India

Shopify Development Company

People have migrated from traditional stores to online. According to the Alexa survey that was done by Tom Roberts haw, online stores around the world are about 47,000, and the number is growing. For an impactful and successful e-commerce business, you need Shopify.

You will discover how easy and convenient it is for you to use and manage it, especially with the help of the Shopify development company in India. You can get easy access to their admin panel, where you will add your products and be able to process orders.

Being your first-time using Shopify, what do you need to know?

Although you might have heard what Shopify does for e-commerce, don’t be overwhelmed from where you should start. The thing you need first to understand is, Shopify uses a default theme, and they customize it for you or create a new one.

How to Pick the Right Theme

  1. You should know what impact you want your customers to have when they visit your store
  2. The features that you want for your online store should be clear to you, pick at least three.
  3. Have the number of products that you will display
  4. At least have an idea of how you want the products to be displayed.
  5. You can either opt to start with a free theme or go for a package based on your budget.

How do you go about choosing a Shopify development from India?

There are quite several Shopify development companies in India. Some of the top ones are; MOBIKASA, Dynamic Dream, Lemolite Technologies, Mutual Mobiles, Aliancetech, Netsmartz, Metizsoft, and the list is endless.

There is a high demand for these development companies, and this is what you need to know before choosing the right one:

  • Find out if there have a proven track record
  • They should have a remarkable customer service
  • What are their charges? Do they suit your budget?
  • Integrations; does the kind of tool that they have to work for your business?
  • What are their security measures? Do they have the ability to offer security for your business? At least they should have a platform that supports HTTPS/SSL to assure your customers a safe checkout.
  • Scalability: You should pay for only what you are using, and not waste money on features that you don’t. So, the company you choose should be able to scale your business accordingly.
  • Mobile-friendly; since you are running an online company, this is an essential factor. Your customers should find it easy to purchase from your store, using their mobiles.

Why Shopify Developers?

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Shopify provides you with unique Themes, customized features to suit your e-commerce business. The advantage of working with Shopify developers, they work to ensure that your theme is up to your expectations. Keeps you informed and consistently updates you.

Facts you need to know about Shopify development company in India

  1. Shopify allows you to build an e-commerce store fast, without the need of a web developer.
  2. You don’t need to know coding for you to set up your business in Shopify
  3. In Shopify, you can use several ways to sell your products; drop shipping, digital online, and physical.
  4. They have a system run called ‘point of sale’ that helps you to integrate your on-location shop with your offline store through Shopify setup. It lets you run both your business offline and online.
  5. You get multiple choice design themes, for they have more than 100.
  6. They provide a 24/7 support system
  7. They offer a free domain for your new site.

Now, after you have chosen the Shopify company to work for you, the next thing will be steps to set up your Shopify e-commerce store.

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Step 1- Sign up

When you go online, type You will find a sign-up form that you will need to fill with your details. If you are serious, you will have all the details required, like the name of your store, which needs to be unique. Otherwise, it gets rejected. You will fill the blank spaces accordingly, and after you finish, you submit for review.

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Step 2- Set up

When you get to this step, it means your submission form was approved, and you are officially signed up. The next screen will appear, will be for your online store admin ready to help. Through his aid, you can start to customize, add your products, and any other setups necessary for your store.

Step 3- Choose a Theme

By now, if you don’t have your ready theme, don’t fret because Shopify has more than 100 that you can choose from. The good news is, they have designer support who modifies them according to your preference. Note that, there are free and paid themes, picking either will depend on your business expectation.

Step 4- Modify Settings

Here you modify your theme until you are satisfied. It should correspond to your business need. Open your admin screen and find the navigation menu located from the left side and click Themes. Now you can play around with the dots if you want to duplicate or customize your theme.

Step 5- Add Products

By navigating the bar, you can’t miss a button with ‘Add a product. ‘ A chance for you to include all your products with their details and images. Put in mind, users love informative information, features, and product benefits. When done, remember to click, ‘Save product.’

Step 6- “Live” Store

Just before you put your store in gear, don’t forget to give it a domain name. You can purchase one from Shopify or a third party. Congratulations, your business is now “Live.”


we’ve seen how easy it is to set up an e-commerce store through Shopify developers from India. First, it is prudent to know how to choose Shopify development companies as we covered in the article, then follow the few steps, and your business is all set to go.

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