Skydiving in Australia

So now folks, people who like to enjoy a touch of an adrenalin rush from their adventure bucket list, the term ‘skydiving’ or ‘parachuting’ is well known to them. Why? Because it is one of the most adventurous and thrilling sports that you can ever imagine that you can ever feel. So, what do we mean by the term’ skydiving.’

As the name suggests, we can easily deduce that skydiving merely means diving in the sky. Are you already at the edge of your seat? Feeling what the hell does diving through sky means? Does anyone jump in the air? How is that possible? Again, the answer is so simple. Just poke your brain a little bit. How do you go to the sky? The answer is through airplane or helicopter.

What is skydiving? 

So, to put it, skydiving or parachuting is an extremely thrilling adventurous sport where the participant is taken up to a specific altitude where he or she jumps from the aircraft to experience the daring feat of free fall for a certain period. Another thing this adventure includes is the visualization of sensational beauty of nature and scenery from high up from the sky, while the participant is gliding through the sky with an open parachute. At last, the safe landing makes this whole experience both memorable and thrilling or mesmerizing.

Why do we skydive?

The adrenaline rush, the thrill: 

Well, the essential thing as we can now assume is that we rush for the experience of skydiving to satiate our thirst for adventure. You are going up to that scaring altitude, standing at the edge of your aircraft, preparing to jump set the mood for something great, something thrilling. Now, what is the next thing coming? It is the adventure of jumping from the aircraft and diving through the sky. Now, as you are diving through the sky, the first sixty or ninety seconds is free fall. Just imagine, you have dived into the sky and just falling freely because of the gravitational pool with impeccably scary speed. The ground is hurryingly coming nearer to you at every millisecond. Imagine the amount of adrenalin rushing through your blood.

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You might think that this is the critical point of skydiving, as it is so scary to fall free to the ground. Well, you’re mistaken, my dear. The crucial point is opening the parachute right on time. Why? It is a critical point because you have to be at a safe speed and a safe height. Also, you have to keep in mind not to hit the ground badly even after opening the parachute. You have to give space and time so that the whole parachute can be opened and fully inflated by the air. Only then you can glide through the air safely and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Enjoying scenic beauty from a perspective that is unexplored to us:  

There is not a single iota of doubt that we all love to travel. Why? It is so because we like to enjoy the sensational scenic beauty of nature. Now imagine all your life you have visited so many beautiful places and observed those scenic beauties from the ground. You have captured the image of beautiful nature to your memory only by the range of portion that your eyes can see at a time. Now imagine you are observing the same scenic beauty from 15,000 feet up from the sky. Imagine a wide range of the scene you can visualize at a time. Now feel that same scenic beauty is coming right at you with chillingly scary speed. Next, imagine that now you are gliding through the air with a parachute, enjoying that same beauty. All these combinations of thrill, adventure, and grace give us a complete package of a memorable experience. An experience we will never forget. An experience we will remember till our death.

Best places to skydive in Australia: 

Now we know that after imagining all these spine-chilling experiences of skydiving, you currently do not want to believe those feelings. You want to have first-hand experience with those feelings. Do not worry. We have got you covered. We will give you five best places in Australia to skydive.


Well, first of all, we give it the chance to be one of the best places to skydive because it is so convenient to travel for travelers who are in a tight schedule and want to include skydiving on their tour. It is just one hour away from Sydney. It is the only skydiving place in Sydney that is a beach. In this place, you can go up to fourteen thousand feet up in the sky and gives you sixty seconds freefall. You can also spot dolphins or whales in the ocean.

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Mission Beach:

This spot is so much popular as a place of skydiving because it offers you the highest jump from fifteen thousand feet. The scenic beauty of this beach is inexpressible. Along with it, the view of the Great Barrier Reef adds a special touch of the mesmerizing beauty of nature.


The city of Darwin is the capital of north Australia. You can enjoy the view of mesmerizing beaches. The scenic beauty of the town Darwin’s surrounding coastline, always adds a soul is touching peace while gliding through the air in a parachute.

St. Kilda Beach:

In Melbourne, St. Kilda Beach is the only drop zone that is a beach. The skydivers can enjoy the beauty of St. Kilda Beach along with the picture-perfect view of city Melbourne and Port Philip Bay.

Gold coast:

Gold coast is immensely popular among tourists because of its sunny beaches. Several theme parks are wildly popular—looking down at the city while skydiving gives the skydiver a memorable and worthy experience.

Oh! I almost forgot. You might wonder what the average cost of skydiving at these places is. While the price varies from place to site, the average cost of these skydiving sport ranges from 250 dollars to 500 dollars. So, guys, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and rush immediately to have this fantastic experience.

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