Slot symbols to wish for

Slot symbols to wish for

The rise of slot machines over the last century has been nothing short of incredible, with the overall slot industry swelling in size over this period, to a point where it has become almost unrecognisable from its beginnings in the late 1800s. It all began with a man called Charles D. Fey and his innovative alterations to some of the earliest slot machines around at the time. Before his intervention these machines were more of a gimmick than anything else, with the only prizes available being a cigar or free drink, and gamblers would have to go to the bar themselves to claim these things as well. It just wasn’t a particularly viable product for mass consumption, however the engineer Fey saw the inherent potential in these early slot machines. It did not take long for him to devise the Liberty Bell slot machine, widely regarded as the world’s first genuinely commercial slot machine. 

That was in the late 19th Century, and in only a matter of years these Liberty Bell slot machines (and other fake impersonations) would sweep across the whole of California, very quickly covering the whole of the US, and making the transatlantic journey to Europe. Tragically Charles D. Fey could not set up a patent on his design, as it was still technically illegal at the time, something that left him millions of dollars out of pocket. Regardless, Cricket Betting ID would become legalised within the first few decades of the 1900s, and slot machines very quickly got more and more popular. This naturally saw many more developers join the market, something that in turn increased the amount of competition between slot developers, as they wanted to attract as many gamblers as possible. Slots continued to get more complex and exciting, with new symbols, for example, being incorporated into the game mechanics. This reached a high point with the emergence of online slots  at bonus bez depozytu, mainly because developers had so much more freedom, especially when it came to slot symbols. These days there are all manner of icons to wish for when spinning those reels, read on for an overview of some of the slot symbols to wish for whilst gambling. 

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Paying symbols 

Of course, whilst spinning the reels on your favourite slot there isn’t really any symbols you shouldn’t be wishing for, as they can all pay out a reward if found in the right combinations. The vast majority of online slots will have a broad selection of lower paying icons, and whilst these aren’t as desirable as some of the other symbols we are going to explore in this article, you still wouldn’t say no to having them appear on the reels. 

The key thing here, however, is that these symbols have to appear in a winning combination, something that is a whole lot rarer than simply finding them on the reels. Although, within the modern online slot world titles can regularly have 20 or more pay lines, meaning that the chances of a winning combination aren’t exactly impossible. 

High paying symbols 

Now, most gamblers will be happy to see a winning combination made out of low or regular paying symbols – who wouldn’t? Every little helps after all. However, the symbols that reside higher up the pay table are bound to get the heart rate quickening a lot more than the regular icons. For this reason high paying symbols are absolutely something to wish for on the reels of your favourite online slot, however they must still come in a winning combination in order to be truly tantalizing. 

Whilst the lower paying icons in many online slots are made up of generic card symbols, usually running from 10 to A, the higher paying ones are almost always styled to fit with the overall slot theme. For this reason these symbols look different in each different slot game, and it is crucial that you make sure you know what they are before you spend serious money spinning the reels. 

Wild symbol 

All the symbols we have so far explored have more or less been present from the very start of the slot machine journey, with Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine having a range of low and high paying symbols on it. The wild symbol, however, is a more modern invention, one that has made the overall slot experience a whole lot more exciting. The wild symbols in most slots differ in appearance, however there overall function is almost always the same. 

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As devoted slot gambling fans will know, the wild symbol can almost always swap with any other symbol on the reels (other than the scatter) in order to make winning combinations. Wild symbols also often have a multiplier attached to them, meaning that the wins made from these icons are regularly rather large. Many developers have also begun introducing stacked or large wilds in their games. This is where the wild icon can cover more than just one spot on the reels, further increasing the win potential associated to them! 

Scatter symbol 

The scatter symbol is also somewhat of a new invention in the slots world, as they have only been present for the last few decades. Charles D. Fey would be fascinated by the remarkable innovations that people have made on his Liberty Bell machine blueprint, and the scatter symbols are one of the most exciting developments in the industry. 

Just like the wild icons, scatter symbols do not have one homogenous type of appearance, with each slot having a different looking scatter symbol, usually depending on the theme. These icons are usually your key to a number of free spins, often with an accompanying multiplier, something that gamblers absolutely love due to the very real possibility of winning a large amount of money. In some of the more modern online slots the scatter icons are also your ticket to a bonus feature or game, making them even more exciting! 

Miscellaneous bonus symbol  

Slot developers in the 21st Century also occasionally turn to a separate bonus symbol that will send the gambler into a bonus game. It is not that common, but we anticipate these bonus symbols to become more and more popular as time goes on.

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