Symptoms of Stress And Anxiety: Does It Cause Any Harm?

Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand. Isn’t that true? No. Stress and anxiety are two different things. However, the emergence of one will give rise to the other. If you experience anxiety due to stress, you need to know the difference. Moreover, not many people are aware of the symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

Feeling anxious in stressful situations is quite common. However, there are scenarios when it overpowers you. As a result, you will start experiencing stress and anxiety regularly. When this starts to happen, you will need to seek professional help. 

Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety
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If you want to know about the symptoms of stress and anxiety, keep reading further. 

Stress and Anxiety

Constantly worrying or feeling anxious about something will hamper your daily life. Not only will these feelings become difficult to control, but they will also make you angry. Furthermore, anger due to stress and anxiety tends to stay for a long time. 

To keep away anxiety and stress, many people prefer avoiding situations that may cause it. While there is no particular time of experiencing anxiety symptoms, it often starts from a young age. Therefore, children who live in stressful situations tend to experience stress. 

The symptoms of stress in anxiety will start from a very young age. There are different types of anxieties. Nonetheless, each of them will affect the body in a particular manner. 

What is stress? 

Stress is a reaction to certain situations that our body feels are harmful. Our body automatically starts to detect these conditions and will cause a lot of problems. Due to stress, our blood pressure will increase. Simultaneously, in stressful situations, a person will start breathing heavily. 

Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety
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Different people have different reactions to stress. To protect ourselves against stress, we may want to get over it. This is known as the fight or flight response of the body. It indicates that our body is ready. However, it is necessary to note that not every kind of stress is bad. 

If you are under certain positive stress, it will allow you to accomplish a task and prevent you from getting hurt. Nonetheless, our body will act to certain small doses of stress. In many cases, it will not bring about chronic healing. 

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What are the symptoms of stress and anxiety? 

In many cases, stress will give birth to anxiety. This will start affecting your quality of life. Not only will your cognitive capacity decrease, but you may also have a tough time focusing on concentrating. 

Stress due to anxiety can also give birth to restlessness. Nonetheless, the symptoms of stress will vary from person to person. While you may keep a note of the symptoms, you may also want to visit a doctor. The doctor is the best person to take help from 

The symptoms of stress in anxiety will range from emotional to physical. As a result, it is advisable first to understand the anxiety symptoms and then determine if it is stressful or not. 

Emotional symptoms of stress in anxiety

  • You will become annoyed very easily. 
  • Sometimes you may start feeling overwhelmed and will lose control over a certain situation. 
  • You may want to stay all by yourself and will want to avoid those around you. 
  • You will have a tough time relaxing. Your mind will constantly be thinking things while you may want to avoid them. 
  • You will experience frequent episodes of depression, worthlessness, and loneliness. 

Physical symptoms of stress in anxiety:

  • You will often be low in energy. 
  • You will get constant headaches. 
  • Frequently experiencing episodes of insomnia. 
  • It will feel as if your heart is breathing too fast. 
  • Many people may also experience an upset stomach. 
  • Feeling nauseous too often. 
  • Dry mouth. 
  • Lack of sexual disorders. 

Cognitive and behavioral symptoms

While this may be uncommon, many people tend to experience cognitive problems. They will have not only cognitive issues but also behavioral ones. Therefore, some of the common symptoms of behavioral and cognitive abilities include the following:

  • Sudden loss in appetite
  • Poor judgment
  • Disorganized life
  • Being negative about things in life. 
  • Indulging in nail-biting, pacing, and fidgeting. 
  • Inability to concentrate on a given task. 
  • Procrastination. 

Are there any stress-related disorders?

If you are experiencing episodes of anxiety, there may be situations where stress will trigger it. It is advisable to keep a proper check on your physical and mental health to avoid it. Some of the common stress-related disorders that will harm the quality of your daily life include the following:

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Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety
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Panic disorder

While panicking in stressful situations is common, there are certain conditions where panicking will increase. If you start experiencing manic episodes, even small episodes of stress will make you panic. It will lead to constant fearful situations. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder is common. It will provide constant flashbacks and anxiety. You are likely to experience PTSD if you have had a bad traumatic experience. 

Social Phobia

Being social is crucial. However, social phobia is a common condition that will affect everyone. Social phobia is a condition in which you will start becoming anxious or panicked in social situations. If you need to interact with others, you may start panicking. 

Generalized anxiety disorder

Constant stress will make you prone to stress. When you start becoming stressed too often, it will make you panic. Often people wonder too much about a particular situation. They start overthinking certain things. While it may seem normal initially, it can hamper your quality of life in the long run. 


OCD or Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a very common scenario in today’s time. It will make you think about certain situations repetitively. Therefore, it will become a ritual or compulsion. 

Is there any cure for symptoms of stress in anxiety?


While you may want to start medicines, it is advisable to start cognitive therapy. Different kinds of therapies will have different kinds of results. It is advisable to go for cognitive or behavioral therapy to improve your condition. 


The symptoms of stress and anxiety will vary from person to person. It is advisable to keep a check on yourself. If you feel that you’re harming yourself too often, you should consider seeking professional help.

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