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transformar PowerPoint em PDF

We often come across some situations at work. For example, we may need to convert PDF files to PPT presentation documents. So we have to create a new PPT file, rewrite all content of the original PDF file. However, this is a tedious, time-consuming, and exhausting process. Is there any shortcut on transformar PowerPoint em PDF free online?

The development of technology has made so many PDF converters have been created on the Internet, not only PDF to PPT but also conversions between different document formats. But among these tools, how do you choose the right tools and services for yours?

This article will help you choose the best tools from the usage process, user experience, pricing, strengths, and weaknesses. However, some tools even have a desktop version. You can enjoy their services whether you are online or offline.

Transformar PowerPoint em PDF

Part 1 – Difference Between Online and Offline PDF Converters

The advantage of an online PDF converter is that there are no device and system limitations. As long as your device can connect to the Internet, you can convert PDF files to PPT presentation documents anytime, anywhere. The offline PDF converter has particular system and device requirements. For example, some applications are for mobile phones.

Some programs are for macOS. And some are for Windows 7 / XP / 10, etc. However, you should pay attention to the version before downloading the program. At present, most of the offline PDF converters are Pro versions, which generally require payment or have limitations for the free trial.

Part 2 – Top 5 PDF to PPT / PPTX Converters Online


EasePDF Online PDF Converter is feature-rich. Especially when you want to convert PDF to and from other formats. It supports conversion between PDF and Word, Excel, PPT / PPTX, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, RTF, HTML, and TXT. Besides, it has multiple tools for managing and editing PDF, such as splitting, merging, compressing, protecting PDF files, etc.

EasePDF has been identified as one of the best PDF to PPT converters because it can process quickly. And ensure the complete safety of your files and your privacy. However, it will automatically delete all converted files 24 hours after conversion.


It is also easy to use the software as it can process files in simple steps. You can quickly finish the conversion even if you are using EasePDF for the first time. It has many ways to upload files from your local computer or the cloud. Or it will appreciate just a simple drag and drop function. Plus, you can enjoy fast conversion speeds with the high-quality output of PowerPoint presentation documents.

Price: Free for all tools.

What is superior to EasePDF?

  • Completely free and easy to use.
  • Supports batch processing.
  • No registration and limitation.
  • Clean and comfortable UI.
  • Simple, fast, but safe conversion.
  • High-quality output guaranteed.
  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • Supports file upload with a URL link.

What is inferior to EasePDF?

  • OCR technology is not yet supported.
  • A desktop version is not provided.


When you want to export PDF to PPT quickly, you can also consider using Smallpdf, an all-in-one online PDF converter, and the editor. Smallpdf is recommended because its online PDF to PPT conversion is also of high quality. You need to click on the website and deliver your PDF files. Then the tool will start working automatically. For safety, Smallpdf will delete the files from the server one hour after the conversion is done.

Smallpdf PDF to PPT

You will not be prompted to install any programs or plugins when using Smallpdf. However, for convenience, Smallpdf has a desktop version (available for Mac OSX and Windows) if you want to use the services without the network and an online Pro version that provides more tools and fewer limitations for its use. Also, you are sure to have a good experience when you use Smallpdf Pro.

Prices: No payment for the free version. $ 108 / year, $ 12 / month for Smallpdf Pro (contains desktop app).

What is superior to Smallpdf?

  • Easy to handle.
  • Clean and energetic user interface.
  • High-quality results with easy steps.
  • Multiple file formats and editing functions are supported.
  • Provides a free 14-day trial.
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What is inferior to Smallpdf?

  • It does not support batch processing for free.
  • Tools limited to use.
  • Twice an hour for free.
  • Lack of conversion from PDF to image and vice versa.

AltoConvert PDF to PPT

AltoConvertPDFtoPPT, an effective online solution to convert PDF files to Microsoft PowerPoint presentation documents. Not only specializes in PDF to PPT and supports other basic conversion and some other tools like rotate, extract, unlock and merge PDF files, etc.

Altoconvertpdftoppt PDF to PPT

Its page design is friendly and very characteristic. Because if you unfold, you can see a detailed comparison of the PDF file format and the PPT / PPTX file format, as well as their respective characteristics. Besides, you can also see some common questions and comments from your users. However, if you don’t know how to use it, it also provides video and text tutorials to help you learn how to convert PDF files to PPT presentation files.

Price: free to use.

What is superior to AltoConvertPDFtoPPT?

  • 100% free.
  • Format comparison is provided.
  • Video and text tutorials are provided.
  • Supports batch processing files
  • Easy handling.

What is lower than AltoConvertPDFtoPPT?

  • Limited conversion and management tools.
  • Lack of tools to edit PDF.


Zamzaris a fantastic and pure online converter available for all platforms, which has some of the best features we are looking for. Supports dozens of file formats, including image formats (3fr, BMP, jpg, gif, etc.), document formats (CSV, doc, ppt, HTML, etc.), video formats (264, avi, agi, iPod, etc.).), Music formats (aac, aif, mp3, WMA, etc.), e-book formats (CBR, azw, epub, etc.) and compressed formats (rar, zip, etc.), video presets (DVD, iPad, iPhone, etc.).

Zamzar PDF to PPT

It is one of the best online PDF to PPT / PPTX converters, with no need for us to install and download additional plugins on our devices. However, converting PDF files to PowerPoint presentations is simple with 3 steps. And you can know that the conversion is done or not by email.

Price: Zamzar has three paid versions called Basic, Pro, and Business for different user groups, which cost respectively USD 9, USD 16, USD 25 per month.

What is superior to Zamzar?

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Dozens of file formats are supported.
  • Nothing to install.
  • Email notification

What is inferior to Zamzar?

  • Twice a day for free users.
  • Lack of tools to edit and manage PDF files.

Simply PDF

Simply PDFis an online PDF to Office (Word, Excel, PPT) converter. Unlike the PDF converters mentioned above, Simply PDF only focuses on the Office file format. There are additional options for users to choose from before converting, such as encrypting files, adding notes, etc. SimplyPDF is ideal for users who only need to convert PDF to Office and simply edit the file before converting.

Simply PDF PDF to PPT

Portable File Format (PDF) is one of the most suitable platforms for any document format. The form uses thousands of users to share and frame information on different software platforms and hardware devices every day. However, only one face to convert your vulneráveis ​​files from PowerPoint to PDF. So, how are you going to perform such a façanha? This article will show you how to convert PowerPoint to PDF with PDFelement.

Step 1. Download File PPT or PPTX

On the initial page, select “Create PDF” and select the file to start or upload the file. Alternatively, drag and drop the file for conversation to the application window or PDF element will automatically detect the file and start or upload the conversation.

Step 2. Save as PDF File

You can download the PowerPoint file, save the PDF file by navigating to “File,” followed by “Save as,” and name your file appropriately. It successfully converted a PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file.

Step 3. Edit PDF (Optional)

Since you create a PDF, you can alter the text, images, and pages within the PDF. To activate the edit mode, select the Edit guide at the top and click Edit Text or Edit Objects to modify text and images accordingly.

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How to move PowerPoint to pdf?

Two highlights of Wondershare, as more of my duet of functions related to PDF editing. On the one hand, or Wondershare PDFelement is used to edit, view, and print PDF documents, precisely as far as conventional PDF viewers. On the other hand, the application allows you to create, edit, and print forms or legal, especially if you constantly have difficulty with pre-filing forms.

However, some two additional resources that you can expect as Wondershare PDFelement includes security resources. You can also add and edit annotations, headers, skirting boards, hyperlinks, and bookmarks for your PDF documents.

Other free transformar PowerPoint em PDF on the Internet

  1. Nitro

Nitro proclaims itself as a digital solution for documents and certainly offers several valuable resources not in its conversation program, which can be downloaded free of charge. Or Nitro software has the focus to move to how we integrate with documents.

However, it offers a basic conversation program, be like Nitro Pro and or Nitro Cloud. With an excellent reputation and more than 600 thousand companies such as Nike, Continental, and IBM using its services, or Nitro proves its popularity for many.

  1. dopdf

doPDF is easy to use. As an option to quickly create PDF documents from any document that it can print, or DoPDF is suitable precisely. The upgrade, novaPDF, allows you to convert all Microsoft Office documents using just one click of the installed file. Our site has a video that explains or how the program works to be duplicated correctly. However, the program does not have as many additional resources as Wondershare PDFelement. Still, it includes some simple elements, such as a predefined size page editor and scaled graphics modifiers.

  1. Smallpdf

This site is popular with those who do not want to download any additional software but prefer to use an online chat tool. Or make the site extremely simple, highlighting an area for you to send a PowerPoint file. However, you can upload all or work with a single click. That fermentation finished the conversation. You will then be presented as a download option, where or PDF will be downloadable. However, it is constantly worrying about sending personal documents for sites of this type, or SmallPDF, which guarantees complete privacy, guaranteed that it would carry out your conversation safely.

FAQ on transformar powerpoint em pdf

  1. How to save a document in PowerPoint?

No thumbnail panel of the slide, no skeleton side of PowerPoint, select or slide you want to save. Click on File> Save as (or Save a copy of your presentation to save not OneDrive or not SharePoint). Browse attached to pasta where you want to save your slide.

  1. How to save an image in PNG, not PowerPoint?

Click on the direct mouse button on the illustration you want to save as a separate image file, and then click on save as an image. A list to save as type, select, or desired file format.

  1. How to digitize a slide?

Before digitizing a slide, firstly, you should do it and clean it. As slides customarily are framed in boxes for years, they customarily are empowered. Since you want to digitize the image and not the print, clean the image with a small microfiber cloth.

  1. How to save a Photoshop image as a transparent background?

Click on “File” and deposit on “Save as”. If you want to save a photo in the background. Or transparent for the ideal to use the “PNG” format. However, if you prefer as a white background “JPEG” format. Confirm “Save”.

Conclution on transformar powerpoint em pdf

When you are looking for the best online PDF to PPT converters, you can try these free PDF to ppt converters that we recommend above. However, if you have any suggestions about them, you can leave a comment to let us know or contact us via email.

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