10 Key Reasons Why You Should Travel to Monaco

Travel to Monaco

Are you tired of the same day repeating itself? Are you looking for a vacation destination that makes your heart swell?

Monaco is the second smallest country on Earth, set between France and Italy. However, this is no ordinary travel spot.

Travel to Monaco if you want to enter a world full of beauty and adventure. If you want to learn about the things that set Monaco apart from the rest of the world, keep reading for the reasons you’ve been waiting for.

1. Great Lodging

If you’re going to visit Monaco, you’ll be surprised by the number of unique luxury hotels across the country. Since Monaco is a regular tourist destination, there are a wide number of top-rated travel connections that strive to find a hotel that suits your needs.

If you’re a fan of beautiful modern architecture, great service-hours, and nearly unlimited amenities, Monaco is the place for you. The hotels in its surrounding areas offer a variety of regional foods and treats that will immerse you even more into your adventure.

Still, don’t be misled, the prices for the most extravagant hotels in Monaco can be expensive. If you want to find a cheaper option for a stunning view of Monaco, try filtering past the first layer of advertised premiums directed toward first-time visitors.

2. The Rock of Monaco

The Rock is an essential tourist destination for Monaco visitors. The surrounding town is old and robust with culture and French cuisine.

Monaco is split into 4 quarters, with The Rock being the oldest. It is a pinnacle of royal history and includes a commanding view over the Mediterranean.

However cool it looks, if you visit Monaco’s The Rock at certain times of day you will notice slight reenactments of palace living. As a result, The Rock gives first-time visitors a chance to see a living history of one of Monaco’s best sights.

3. Cycling Adventures

Monaco offers many forms of trails for hiking, walking, and cycling. If you want to break a sweat and catch some sightseeing along the way, you can check out the wide number of ascension trails on your travel guide or online. Once you’ve checked out some basic trails, you can even visit some Tour De France training routes.

The mountains of Monaco have a versatile appearance. For example, some areas resemble the hills of Southern California, while others overlook the great Mediterranean coast. You can pick your path based on your taste for scenics.

4. The Beaches Are Worth The Travel

The Monaco principality experiences over 300 days of summer every year. If you’re looking for a European beach experience that overlooks the quiet and blue Mediterranean sea, you can find it at one of Monaco’s several man-made beaches.

The man-made beaches are divided securely between private and free sections. Each section offers its own amenities and entertainment, along with a unique view of the sea.

5. Ideal Weather

The weather in Monaco is different from other beach-side countries, as it doesn’t get blistering hot and rarely drops below 50 degrees in winter. The average temperature stays around 80 degrees.

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As mentioned above, the Monaco experiences sunny days for over 300 days a year on average. Meaning, it rarely rains a downpour and almost never will you experience a dark cloudy day on the beaches.

Monaco is classified as a Mediterranean climate with oceanic and subtropical influences. This essentially gives you the best of sunny European climate without the rain and humidity you may expect from other example areas like Italy.

6. Shop to Your Hearts Content

If you Live to Shop, you can shop in Monaco for weeks and still have more to visit before you go. Monaco is, in its own way, a window shopping capital. Brands like Prada and Hermes line the way through Monaco’s shopping districts.

The variety of fashion is partly due to the cross-influence of France and Italy. As a result, both husbands and wives will have an easy time finding something they like. For example, some of the highest-end car dealerships in the world exist in Monaco, making it attractive for men and women.

You can find tour-related tips for shopping in Monaco online. Once you’ve landed, try exploring Metropole shopping and Le Marche de la Condamine for extravagant finds.

7. The Best Food You Can Buy

You’re unlikely to find better food anywhere else, thanks to Monaco’s integration of French and Italian cuisine. Predictably, the extravagance of this tourist destination ensures that visitors will end up trying high-end cooking and grand food exhibitions.

If you’re staying in Monaco for a week or more, you will find that most hotels have excellent deals on top-notch cuisine. Moreover, Michelin Star awarded restaurants like Le Louis XV populate the map in Monaco.

For context, a 3 Michelin star restaurant like Le Louis is virtually world-renown. That is, if you’re looking for food that you can’t get anywhere else, Monaco offers some of your best deals.

You have outside influenced cuisine and Monaco traditional delicacies to choose from. If you want to try the traditional foods of Monaco, you’re likely to experience fresh kinds of seafood and elegant sauces. As this principality resides along the Mediterranean, you’re going to taste high-quality fish that you won’t find anywhere else.

8. Casinos and Entertainment

The Casino Monte-Carlo is world renown for its history and entertainment. Most major events take place in the Monte-Carlo area and range from sports and recreation to large spanning shows and operas.

Here are some of the examples of recreation you’re likely to come by

  • Outdoor sports complete with scenic tours
  • 100+ shops and mall crawl
  • Museums, art stores, and historical landmarks
  • Art houses, cinemas, and opera houses

Many Monaco attractions combine all parts of European culture. You won’t find a homogenous experience that leaves you bored, but rather one that experiments globally in order to show you a good time.

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9. Nightlife and Culture

The nightlife in Monaco can be dizzying and constantly changing. You’re likely to find many bars with strong Eastern influence along with historical drinking hubs along the way. You can visit places like Le Living Room to have a charming club experience without the uneasy mess of some U.S. clubs.

Many of the bars in Monaco are also cafes. In fact, if you stay in close radius to your hotel, you’re likely to find locations that work for your mornings and your nights.

Moreover, many of the bars you visit will also compliment the view. Like a lot of places in Monaco, you’re likely to find great food and drinks along with a serene visual experience.

Lastly, the combination of French and Italian influence gives Monaco a special blend of liveliness and cool regard at night. That is if you aren’t the partying type, there are options for you as well.

You can pay a visit to Cafe de Paris and Brasserie de Monaco for a more laidback yet beautiful adventure. Or, if you’re more daring, you can check out the Monte-Carlo and pick up drinks there as well.

10. Ease and Comfort

Monaco isn’t just about stimulation, there are plenty of spas and self-care resorts as well. These locations, such as Thermes Marins and Willow Stream, offer great care facilities for the moments when you want to lay back and relax.

Moreover, when you’re looking for things to do in Monaco France, you can ask to go on soft-spoken guided tours or go out on your own.

In simplest terms, if you want a calm and safe adventure it’s important that you do some research of your own. In other words, if you want to lay back after having a long-winded adventure, simply look for places that are rated as calm and forgiving on the senses.

Why You Should Travel to Monaco

Why wait on your dream vacation? When you travel to Monaco, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

After reading this article you’ve learned about some of the things that make Monaco special. Compared to other Mediterranean destinations, Monaco gives you everything you could want out of travel experience.

  1. You’re able to explore beautiful wide-spanning beaches
  2. You get access to some of France’s best cuisine and architecture
  3. You are offered non-stop access to some of Europe’s most popular tourist locations
  4. You get a private get-away experience.

Now that you know how great of a place Monaco can be, why not go there yourself? What’s stopping you from making the most of your days to come?

Don’t put off a much-needed vacation. Start looking into all the things that make Monaco worthwhile today! And don’t forget to bookmark our blog for more great reads.

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