5 Secret Hacks For Postponing Court Dates In 2019

5 Secret Hacks For Postponing Court Dates In 2019

Regardless of why it’s happening, court dates almost always suck. Who wants to sit around and wait for some lawyer to tell a judge that going two miles over the speed limit isn’t the end of the world?

You certainly don’t. Luckily, you don’t have to drop everything in your life just to entertain some jury who also couldn’t care less.

Postponing court dates is doable. You can make sure that the court works around our schedule, not the other way around.

So read on, because this guide has five effective ways to get you a court date extension.

Weddings are Great For Postponing Court Dates

This method requires either having very strange luck or a romantic partner with great timing.

Either way, marriage is considered a sacred ceremony, and you can get a court date extension in the event that your court date falls on or around the day of your wedding.

It’s unorthodox, but marriage is, in theory, something you’ll only do once in your life. Even the cold-hearted machine of government bureaucracy can be persuaded to look the other way in the name of true love.

If you are getting married soon, there are guides on choosing the perfect engagement ring for your spouse.

Just make sure you don’t play this card too often. Otherwise, people and the courts might start to notice a trend and wonder what’s up.

It’s also not frugal to stage a wedding every time you have a parking ticket you want to dispute.

Death in The Family

A death in the family is always tragic, and most organizations of any kind will recognize the human need to grieve. because of this, the death of a loved one is one of the most valid ways to reschedule a court date.

Depending on your closeness to that family member, you may also be the one in charge of sorting out their affairs.

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If they lived far away from your area you may also be required to fly out of town. This has the potential to get you even more time away from your court date.


One of the most perennial court continuance reasons is a classic for getting out of anything: being sick.

Yes, being sick is a good enough reason to postpone a court date for obvious reasons. For one, nobody in a courtroom wants to risk getting a disease because they need to hear your case.

Also, if the judge gets sick, that’s a web of legal inconveniences nobody wants to get caught up in.

In cases like these, you’ll have to get in touch with the court a while beforehand and prove that you’re sick enough to not be able to come into court that day.

You’ll also most likely be required to get in contact with the opposing legal counsel and come to an agreement on your continuance that way.

As far as how to postpone a court date, being sick is a reliable way to get out. But again, you’d have to be somewhat lucky to be sick near your court date, and faking it is ill-advised.

If you’re feeling extreme, making yourself sick is also not advised, because that is called Munchausen Syndrome, and will not be looked upon kindly by the court.

You’re Not Sufficiently Prepared for Court

For those who are constantly underprepared, you can rest easy knowing that this character flaw can get you a court date extension.

If you and your lawyer haven’t gathered enough evidence to make your case, the judge will take this into account, and extend the court case.

While this is great news in the short term, there are only so many times you can do this before the trial proceeds without your evidence.

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Although if you’d like to postpone your appearance in court, you can always hire a lawyer from this company to attend your court date for you.

The best part about hiring a lawyer to go to court for you is that you won’t even be postponing the court date. You’ll just be postponing your own appearance in court.

And if your case is strong enough, you’ll never even have to go to court yourself.

Scheduling Conflicts

Depending on the nature of your job, you’ll be able to postpone a court date no problem.

Just as an example, if a surgeon has a court date, but has to perform life-saving surgery, the court has no choice but to reschedule.

luckily, valid reasons to reschedule a court date aren’t nearly that hard to come by.

If you have a seminar or training to attend, talk to your employer. Your employer can convince the judge to reschedule your court day hopefully to a later date.

Don’t Let Courts Control Your Life

You have better things to do than let some court tell you where you need to be and when.

Furthermore, courts were invented to maintain the structural integrity of law and order. So don’t let them dictate your life. Postponing court dates are well within your rights, and nobody can take that away from you.

Once you’ve postponed your day in court, you can devote your time to all the other, more important facets of your life. Things like planning your wedding, or spending time with your kids.

If you ever want tips and tricks to improve these aspects of your life, and more, check out our lifestyle log.

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